Bee pollen, cayenne pepper and not an ounce of soy: all of Hollywood in quarantine lives according to these precepts of nutritionist Kimberly Snyder

Kimberly Snyder, a nutritionist for Hollywood stars and author of the best-selling book Perfect Beauty, gained a second popularity during the quarantine. Actresses and singers, locked at home due to the pandemic, began to cook according to her recipes. Reese Witherspoon recently made Kimberly’s favorite green smoothie live – it’s responsible for the healthy glow […]


How to stop scolding yourself for the “wrong” diet: 5 ways to find a middle ground in your relationship with food editor Natalia Kapitsa – about the rules for the safe consumption of sweets and other foods harmful to the figure. The evolution of my relationship with food looks something like this: I eat everything – I only eat healthy food and I don’t get pleasure from this – I eat consciously. When I was […]


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Slimming pumpkin Perhaps one of the most versatile vegetables for dietary nutrition is pumpkin, because you can cook a lot of low-calorie meals from it. Slimming pumpkin can be prepared in many different ways, including pumpkin soups, pumpkin porridge, side dishes, stews, pumpkin main courses, salads, snacks, casseroles, desserts, pumpkin pies and pumpkin juices. › […]