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Unusual restaurants of the Earth. Part 2. Moscow What can Russia offer to fans of amazing restaurants? It should be noted that, unfortunately, so far unusual catering points are found mainly in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Let us explain: undoubtedly, they are in other cities, but there is very little information about them. The establishments […]


Breakfast, lunch and dinner: 5 life hacks, how to take a break from “cooking”, spending a lot of time in the kitchen (+ a useful recipe)

Christina Chernyakovskaya is a culinary therapist. It helps people understand their cooking preferences, eating habits, favorite ingredients, and how they view food in general. Right now, during the pandemic, Christina s help was very necessary. We found ourselves in a situation where we have to spend most of the day in the kitchen, and not […]


Gourmet Travel Notes

Estonia: gourmet travel notes Estonia is a small country on the northeastern coast of the Baltic Sea. Until 1991, it was one of the Soviet republics and, while it was part of the USSR (since 1940), it was considered “Soviet abroad”. Everything there has always been a wonder to the common Soviet worker: cozy, cute, […]