10 dinner mistakes that stop you from losing weight

NSWhy is cheat meal better for breakfast and lunch? How to have dinner if you don’t have time to cook? How Much Protein, Fat, and Carbohydrate Should You Have in Your Evening Meal? Trainer and Nutritionist Polina Vysotskaya – about kefir instead of dinner, late snacks and meals before and after workouts.

Polina Vysotskaya

trainer, nutritionist, Instagram profile creator with healthy lifestyle tips and PP recipes (@ pugovi4ka_food)

You skip dinner

Many girls who lose weight or trying to “keep in shape” refuse dinner altogether. Maybe it’s the old myths about food after 6 or just personal speculation. You definitely shouldn’t go hungry in the evening!

The ideal dinner for your digestive system is cooked vegetables, a light protein product (white meat or fish), and a small side dish (like bulgur or buckwheat). For those who are losing weight, this option is also suitable.

You eat what you have to due to lack of time

If it is not possible to cook a full dinner, salad will come to the rescue. Chop vegetables, add chopped chicken and cheese, season with yogurt and herbs. Together with a slice of bread, you will get a good dinner without wasting time on cooking.

Instead of supper – kefirchik

The most common problem for me as a coach. A girl, coming home from work and training, replaces dinner with a glass of kefir. Kefir will give you a feeling of fullness for a short time, and you will go to bed hungry. This drink can be drunk before bedtime, but in no case should it replace dinner.

If you drink kefir to improve digestion in addition to the main meal, remember: the benefits for the intestines are only in fresh kefir (that is, you discovered it today). “Yesterday’s” kefir, on the contrary, “strengthens”. However, people with high acidity, gastritis and ulcers need just this and in a very limited amount.

You are excluding one of the macronutrients

I have been campaigning for 3 meals a day for a long time (provided that the gastrointestinal tract is healthy!). And of course, with such a diet, absolutely every meal should include both proteins and fats with carbohydrates. It doesn’t make sense to remove carbs from dinner if you don’t get them for breakfast and lunch. Dinner is the same balanced meal as lunch with breakfast. Fats will keep you feeling full, protein will serve as a building block, and carbohydrates will replenish energy balance and help you fall asleep faster.

Dinner, ideally, should contain 20-30% of the calories from the daily diet. BJU will depend on a number of conditions: when there was a workout (and whether there was any), what you ate during the day, your level of activity.

Complete separation

Along with the exclusion of dinner, there is the opposite situation – I call it “complete separation.” When you drank empty coffee for breakfast, for lunch you ate a couple of lettuce leaves with a slice of chicken, and for dinner … wash down a chocolate bar with borscht. This greatly affects the digestion and hormonal system – there will be no question of any health and a beautiful figure with such a diet.

In this case, it is not even the rejection of a specific product that is important, but its quantity and quality. A single piece of chocolate may not play any role. But a whole bar of chocolate will add extra inches at the waist. There are no forbidden products, there are more useful alternatives. For example, it is better to eat fish fillets than fish sticks – choose foods that have not been processed.


We often try to stifle hunger with 1-2 cups of tea. The idea is not the worst, but it is worth considering the possibility of edema. If you have a feeling of puffiness and puffiness in the morning, eliminate the liquid 2 hours before bed. Ideally, the daily fluid intake (1.5-2 liters) should be drunk evenly throughout the day, leaving most of it in the morning and afternoon.

Late dinner time

The best time for dinner is 3-4 hours before bedtime. If you’re feeling really hungry before bed, make some egg whites or a protein shake. Such food will not be heavy, will give satiety and will go to the restoration of the body.

Sometimes dessert is superfluous

If during the day you did not get the KBJU, you can afford a small dessert after dinner. After 18:00, it does not become more high-calorie compared to the same dessert at 12:00. If you have no idea how many macronutrients you consume, I advise you to skip dessert at the end of the day.

You overeat for dinner during a cheat meal

Cheat meals are ideal at lunchtime. Unusually high-calorie food intake makes the digestive tract harder, so if you allow yourself everything for dinner, you can get unpleasant heaviness and indigestion. Plus – restless sleep.

You don’t eat dinner after training.

If your workout is in the evening, you should definitely have supper after it. This meal should contain slow carbohydrates, protein, and fiber. Avoid fat as much as possible before and after training. I talked about how much time you need to spend in the hall here

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