10 foods that prevent you from losing weight

Nutritionist Olga Kashina told BeautyHack why you shouldn’t eat yoghurts while losing weight and it’s better to give up honey.

Olga Kashina

Olga Kashina


Products with flavor and aroma enhancers

All Group E supplements (sodium gluconate and others) block metabolism and are addictive. The result is fluid retention and slowing down of the weight loss process. Taste enhancers are found in fermented milk products, mayonnaise, semi-finished products. They need to be completely excluded from the diet or prepared on their own – there are many recipes for turkey sausages and homemade mayonnaise.

Carbonated drinks

100 ml of a sweet drink contains 15 grams of sugar (the chemical composition is a separate topic of conversation), which corresponds to three teaspoons! Pure carbonated water is allowed no more than two glasses a day. Gas contributes to blockage of blood vessels and impaired venous outflow.


Croutons are often used as a snack. They contain E group supplements and trans fats – “empty” calories that are converted into adipose tissue! These foods should be excluded from the diet of anyone who cares about their figure – they always lead to weight gain.

“Healthy” fast food

With repeated heat treatment of products, trans fats are formed in them! Whole grain rolls and beef are heated several times, and you end up consuming fat instead of a complex carbohydrate with protein. “Healthy” fast food is a product of the risk group for weight loss.


Pay attention to the composition! Products with fillings contain at least 12 g of sugar per 100 ml (equivalent to 2.5 spoons). Such yoghurts are simple carbohydrates that lead to an insulin spike in the blood. Alternative – a product without fillers or for diabetic nutrition.

10 foods that prevent you from losing weight

White rice

Refers to foods with a high glycemic index – increases blood sugar levels. White rice is devoid of an outer shell, which makes it more nutritious and dangerous for the figure – it is digested too quickly. You can eat it no more than twice a week.

Sweet group of fruits

Bananas, grapes, peaches, nectarines, persimmons contain a lot of sucrose. It is better for those who are losing weight to choose fruits with fructose: citrus fruits, apples, kiwi, pomegranate, pineapple. These fruits are indicated for diet therapy, but their consumption should also be limited – an excess of fructose stimulates the production of insulin. Norm: 300-400 grams per day.

Dried fruits

I attribute dried fruits to the group of fast carbohydrates – they are instantly absorbed and contain sucrose. Often they are EATED with nuts – it is forbidden to do this! In response to the intake of a simple carbohydrate, insulin is always produced, which “transports” the fats that are rich in nuts into adipose tissue. Dried fruits are acceptable in the morning.


Honey is much healthier than refined sugar, but it contains a huge amount of sucrose – when losing weight, it is contraindicated.


Semolina is high-calorie and has the ability to swell. This fills the stomach and stretches it out. Semolina is prohibited on diets.

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