10 healthy drinks you need in the heat

TOHow to quench your thirst on a summer day with benefits for the body? Unfortunately, some drinks from the store, such as soda, relieve thirst only for a short time, after which the urge to drink is felt with renewed vigor.

Summer drinks made at home will help maintain water balance and get rid of thirst. BeautyHack tells you how to make them yourself, and which ones you should pay attention to in the store.

5 best drinks from the store

When you don’t have the ingredients to make homemade lemonade, or you’re in a rush, pick from this list of the right drinks.

Drinking water. Yes, the easiest and surest way to quench your thirst and not harm your figure is to take a sip of cool clean water. In the hot season, we sweat a lot, and along with sweat, the body also spends useful salt reserves. Therefore, experts recommend adding a pinch of sea or table salt to the liquid. You can find out a few outdated myths about water here.

Kefir. A fermented milk product is also safe for your figure if you give preference to a non-fat drink. And most importantly, kefir has a positive effect on digestion and quenches thirst well, thanks to organic acids in its composition.

Try other sour-milk drinks like tan, ayran or classic plain yogurt – they also work well for thirst.

10 healthy drinks you need in the heat

Green tea. Hot green tea will help quench your thirst in the heat. The fact is that its use dilates blood vessels and increases sweating, so excess heat comes out along with sweat. Read about the benefits and dangers of green tea for women at the link.

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10 healthy drinks you need in the heat

Kvass. Cold kvass is an indispensable drink in the heat, which effectively quenches thirst, and is also good for digestion. It contains useful trace elements and vitamins. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to find natural high-quality kvass on grocery shelves without dyes and flavors.

10 healthy drinks you need in the heat

Berry juice. When you’re out in the heat, remember to quench your thirst to prevent dehydration. Berry juice without sugar and dyes is rich in vitamins and mineral salts, so it perfectly refreshes and gives strength. Read about which berries are especially useful in summer here.

10 healthy drinks you need in the heat

5 of the best homemade drinks

Make a smoothie or homemade lemonade to take with you on a hot summer day. Quick summer drinks can be made with ingredients at hand.

Mojito. A refreshing soft drink that is very popular and easy to prepare. For a mojito, you will need soda water, half a lime and lemon, a few strawberries, and fresh mint leaves.

Mash the lemon wedges at the bottom of the pitcher, cover with soda and leave to infuse. Cut the lime into large pieces and add to the lemon and water, put the chopped strawberries and mint leaves there, lightly kneading them with a spoon. Just don’t mash the ingredients. Now stir the contents, add ice and top up the mixture with sparkling water to the desired volume. If desired, add a tablespoon of syrup to enhance the flavor.

10 healthy drinks you need in the heat

Grapefruit smoothie. Refuel with vitamin C and cool off in the heat with a grapefruit and honey smoothie. Also, a plus of this citrus fruit is that it promotes weight loss (read about other drinks that reduce appetite and weight here).

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To prepare a drink, peel fresh fruits, cut them into cubes and beat together with honey in a blender until smooth, then add a few tablespoons of the resulting puree to a glass of clean water, stir thoroughly and enjoy the drink.

10 healthy drinks you need in the heat

Fruit tea. Healthy fruit tea will also quench your thirst well, and it won’t take you more than five minutes to prepare it.

Remove the zest from the orange and lemon and squeeze the juice out of the pulp. Then brew black tea with mint and citrus zest, pour citrus juice into it and cool the drink to room temperature, then add ice.

10 healthy drinks you need in the heat

Fresh watermelon. How to make a sweet drink without added sugar? Cut the ripe pulp from a large berry and remove the seeds from it, put everything in a blender and add lemon juice to the watermelon, then pour the resulting mixture into glasses and garnish with watermelon slices.

10 healthy drinks you need in the heat

Lassi – a popular Indian drink that is consumed when they want to get rid of their thirst.

To prepare an exotic lassi, you need: curdled milk or fermented baked milk, chilled water, ground cardamom seeds and ice cubes if desired. Combine all ingredients (except ice) in a blender until foam forms and serve with ice cubes.

10 healthy drinks you need in the heat

Text: Diana Snetkova

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