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10 surefire ways to kill your metabolism

The word “metabolism” invariably accompanies most articles on weight loss. Everyone knows that a good metabolism (metabolism) contributes to quick weight loss… The faster your body processes the food you eat, the less risk you put on those extra pounds. However, fast metabolic processes are not only a good help in losing weight, but also the health of your body.

The metabolism can not only be accelerated, but also slowed down. So, which can slow down the metabolism?

How can you slow down your metabolism?

1. Do not exercise

If you want to slow down your metabolism, then forget about training. Especially about strength and HIIT programs. As you know, losing weight are advised to go in for sports not only to burn the notorious calories, but also to speed up the metabolism, since the intense physical activity activates metabolic processes in the body… Regular exercise helps speed up your metabolism, but if you’re not interested in it, you can eliminate sports from your life.

2. Eat little protein

More calories are spent on assimilation of protein by the body. Plus, protein is the main building block for your muscles. No amount of exercise will help you gain muscle mass if you don’t consume protein. But how does this affect metabolism? At rest muscle tissue burns more caloriesthan fat tissue, so with a high percentage of muscle mass, your metabolism will be faster. This means that if you want to slow down your metabolism, forget about protein and lean on carbohydrates.

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3. Don’t get enough sleep

If you want to slow down your metabolism, then forget about prolonged sleep. When you do not get enough sleep, your body begins to vigorously produce hormone cortisol (stress hormone) that breaks down muscles. Therefore, regular lack of sleep entails a decrease in muscle tissue, which means a slowdown in metabolism. Sleep less than 7-8 hours – guarantee yourself a slow metabolism.

4. Sit on low-calorie diets

Another surefire way to slow down your metabolism is to practice low-calorie diets (eating more than 20% of your daily calorie deficit). Why do low calorie diets slow down your metabolism? When you limit your food intake, it does not start burning fat at triple the rate you might think. On the contrary slows down metabolism, in order to save resources for further life in conditions of low consumption. And the more you restrict your body in food, the more it resists and slows down the metabolism.

5. Don’t consume enough water

Metabolic processes proceed with the direct participation of water, therefore, with its insufficient intake into the body, the metabolic rate decreases. First of all, water is used to maintain vital organs: liver, kidneys, brain, and metabolic processes – only on a leftover basis… Therefore, another way to slow down metabolism is to reduce water intake (recall that the approximate daily intake per person is 1.5-2 liters of water).

6. Do not consume fiber

The body spends additional energy to process fiber, and it is absorbed slowly, which helps to maintain optimal blood sugar longer term. Therefore, if you want to slow down your metabolism, then reduce your intake of foods containing fiber: fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts, seeds. By the way, bran is the record holder for fiber content.

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7. Do not eat breakfast

Morning food intake affects metabolism very seriously. In the morning your body just wakes up, and with it all metabolic processes awaken. The main purpose of breakfast is replenish energy after a long absence of food and prevent the body from starting the process of catabolism. Breakfast should provide energy for several hours in advance, which will help you wake up your metabolism. But if you have the opposite goal, namely to slow down your metabolism, then you can safely skip breakfast.

8. Constantly arrange fasting days

The favorite pastime of many losing weight is to arrange unscheduled “eating” days for themselves, and in order to reduce the consequences for their figure, then arrange fasting days… If you think that in this way you will lose weight better, then you are mistaken. But to shock the body and provoke a slowdown in metabolism from such changes is quite likely. The body gives off excess only in more or less stable and even conditions, and not when “the day is empty – the day is thick.”

9. Drink alcohol

When alcoholic beverages are consumed, even in small doses, the body not only slows down its metabolism, but also stops burning fat using energy from muscle tissue. In addition, alcohol reduces production growth hormone testosteronewhich directly affects the rate of muscle growth. So alcohol consumption is very strong in slowing down the metabolism.

10. Skip meals

Skipping meals also inevitably slows down your metabolism. Very frequent meal breaks can be during the working day, when it is difficult to break away from the production process. But when food does not enter the body for a long time, it includes energy saving process and slows down the metabolism. If you regularly practice long breaks in food and skipping meals, then a slow metabolism is provided for you.

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If you want to slow down your metabolism, then you can follow these tips. But if you want to lose weight, then try to work on accelerating metabolic processes.

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