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10 tips on how not to overeat during the holiday. And what to do when overeating?

Even for those who regularly monitor their diet, it can be much more difficult to resist temptations on feast days. How not to overeat during the holiday? Are there ways to avoid getting fat during the celebrations without serious restrictions? And what to do if you still overeat and now think about how to save your figure?

10 important tips to avoid overeating

If you are concerned with the question of how not to overeat, even before the feast, then this is already the first step to success. After all, it is uncontrolled absorption of food causes overeating and stomach problems… Here are some simple yet effective ways to avoid overeating:

1. Drink a glass of water 20 minutes before meals. Water provides a feeling of fullness, improves digestion and reduces appetite.

2. Eat a couple of tablespoons of bran 20-30 minutes before the celebration. Coarse fibers will slow down the absorption of glucose into the blood, thereby you will avoid unnecessary hunger throughout the evening.

3. During the day before the gala dinner, do not allow yourself to go hungry. Do not forget about a full breakfast and lunch, otherwise the risk of overeating increases significantly.

4. During the meal, give preference to dry wines, which contain a minimum of sugar. Also remember that the stronger the drink, the more calories it contains.

5. Another effective way to avoid overeating is eating vegetables. They contain fiber, which lasts longer in the stomach and gives a feeling of fullness for a longer period.

6. If possible, on the day of the feast (for example, in the morning), engage in strength training. They will provide you improved metabolism within 48 hours… Even if you exceed the amount of food eaten, most of it will be spent on replenishing energy reserves.

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7. Try to divert your attention from food to something else: conversation, entertainment, dancing. The less you are focused on the holiday table, the less temptation to intercept something harmful and overeat.

8. If you care about your figure, choose protein food whenever possible, (such as meat or fish) and avoid consuming fast carbohydrates and fats (potatoes, mayonnaise salads, pastries). You won’t gain weight if you stick with meat or fish and vegetables.

9. Don’t fill your plate completely with food. Use small portions, eat slowly, and chew food thoroughly. But also do not attract the attention of others with an empty plate, otherwise you will get tired of fighting off uncomfortable questions about dieting and weight loss.

10. And the last piece of advice on how not to overeat: listen to your feelings… As soon as you feel the first signs of fullness, it is best to put your fork and spoon aside. After all, the feeling of satiety always comes only 15-20 minutes after eating.

What if you overeat?

If, however, you have not managed to avoid overeating, there are some tips on how minimize its consequences:

  • If you feel that you have eaten too much, in no case do not go to rest – this will further slow down digestion. If possible, engage in active activities: walking, dancing, little physical activity.
  • If you overeat, drink a glass of kefir at night… It will promote better digestion and normalize the digestive tract.
  • Do not arrange for yourself the next day of fasting days. The body, when malnourished, slows down the metabolism, which means that you will only harm yourself. Eat normally, within your daily calorie intake.
  • It will be much more effective than hungry fasting days fitness workout… If you already exercise regularly, you can afford to increase the load a little. But don’t overdo it – otherwise you will lose motivation.
  • Drink plenty of water the day after you eat too much. This will help speed up your metabolism and improve your digestive processes.
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Overeating is the same stress for the body, like fasting. Always remember these simple but important tips on how not to overeat. And if suddenly it happened to you, try to reduce the risk of unpleasant consequences from overeating. reasonable physical activity and return to normal nutrition

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