10 useless foods you eat

TOWhat yoghurts are there, why is fatty butter better than “light” butter, what is added to fitness bars? Nutritionist tells Albina Komissarova

Albina Komissarova



The first useless product on the list. Remember, the fitness, health and benefit brands are just brands. These promises often hide sugar and unhealthy fat.


In color packets with “natural apple” or “fresh orange” fruit vitamins are no longer there, but there are sugar additives. Switch to homemade smoothies – they will discourage the love of juices.

Yeast-free bread

Are you sure that dietary “yeast-free” is better than plain fresh bread? I will reveal to you the marketing course of bakery companies. At high temperatures, yeast becomes inactive anyway – it simply dies. There is no sense in buying bread without yeast!

Brown sugar

Its use is a world myth. Most often in front of you is colored white sugar. Even if you are sure that you are buying “quality” cane sugar, remember: it contains the same amount of calories as ordinary refined sugar.

Instant oatmeal

The most useless product in the groats department. In pursuit of the fashion for healthy breakfasts, people go the fast track – they buy bags with “no boiling” or “just pour boiling water” icons. First, this oatmeal is already steamed. Secondly, it always contains additional sugar. Such porridge is not slow, but harmful fast carbohydrates.


If you cannot live without yoghurts, remember: the composition should not contain any sugar, molasses, or flavorings. Another sign of a useless product is a long shelf life (talking about preservatives). Choose yoghurts that “live” no more than five days – I consider them useful.

Glazed curds

Do you think glazed curds are a good substitute for dessert, referring to the curd inside? There is no benefit of cottage cheese in the curds, but there is a large amount of fat and sugar. You need it?

Light butter

Spreads and fat-free options for butter do contain fewer calories. However, these briquettes contain a lot of trans fats, which have a bad effect on health, heart function, and increase blood cholesterol levels.

Muesli in bars

Do not substitute muesli bars for candy. There is no alternative – usually the bars contain sugar, high amounts of fats and carbohydrates. It turns out a calorie bomb.

Milk chocolate

Doctors talk about the benefits of a couple of slices of chocolate in the morning, and now, you are already reaching for a milk bar. We are talking only about dark chocolate – healthy and wholesome, with a high content of cocoa. Milk chocolate has no beneficial properties, treat it like a useless product.

Text: Dilyara Telyasheva

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