18 foods that cannot be eaten after 18.00

INrach-nutritionist Oksana Matiyuk (@oksana_matiyuk), told why in the evening it is impossible to eat cottage cheese and boiled red meat, it is better to give up fruits and not drink a lot of water.

Product number 1: curd

Cottage cheese is a protein and low-calorie product (5% cottage cheese – 121 kcal per 100 g). He has a low glycemic index – 30. It would seem, why not? Curd is a product with a high insulin index (120). After you eat it, the level of insulin in your blood rises – this is a direct command for the brain to stop the breakdown and start storing fat.

Product # 2: whole milk

Milk and fermented milk products are not the best options for an evening meal. They contain a lot of milk sugar – lactose (lactose intolerance, for example, is not such a rare occurrence). Bloating and other unpleasant gastrointestinal symptoms are not the best sleep companions. Just like cottage cheese, fermented milk products have a high insulin index. No kefir for the night!

Product # 3: sweet fruits

If you don’t have stomach problems, you can afford grapefruit or any other unsweetened fruit at night. Peaches, grapes, mangoes and other “carriers” of large amounts of fructose are prohibited. By the way, it is also better not to eat apples after 18.00 – they increase the acidity of the stomach and provoke appetite.

Product # 4: nuts

18 foods that cannot be eaten after 18.00

Nuts are an excellent source of vegetable fats. They are great as a snack or to complement your morning porridge. In the evening, it is better to refuse them – too “fat” pleasure.

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Product number 5: dried fruits

Dried fruits are generally insidious comrades. Despite its small size, these are whole fruits, retaining the same amount of sugar as fresh ones. One apricot weighs about 30 g. Its calorie content is about 48 kcal. The weight of dried apricots is about 3 g. Can you imagine how much sugar you get by eating even 15 g of dried fruits? Their time is the first half of the day.

Product # 6: red meat

Red meat cannot be eaten in the evening under any “sauce”: neither boiled, nor baked, nor grilled. It contains a lot of tyrosine, an alpha amino acid that triggers the release of adrenaline into the bloodstream. This, in turn, leads to nervous excitement. You may not go overboard with calories, but you are unlikely to get enough sleep.

Product number 7: smoked meats and sausages

18 foods that cannot be eaten after 18.00

Even when it comes to smoked fillets. These foods contain teramine, which stimulates the production of norepinephrine. The result is the same as after eating red meat: nervous excitement.

Product # 8: dark chocolate

Sweets are generally contraindicated in the evening for those who are watching the weight. But especially chocolate. It contains caffeine, which has a stimulating effect on the nervous system. But in the morning it is quite possible to allow yourself a few pieces to “wake up”.

Product # 9: black tea

18 foods that cannot be eaten after 18.00

The same story as with chocolate. Black tea contains caffeine. And in such concentration, which is enough to arrange you a sleepless night.

Product number 10: porridge

Even whole grains are a source of carbohydrates. Yes, they are slow, yes, they are required in the diet, but their time is morning and lunch. Everything that your body does not have time to spend (and by the evening and at night the metabolism slows down), it transforms into adipose tissue.

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Product number 11: pp-baked goods

18 foods that cannot be eaten after 18.00

PP-baked goods – a box with a “surprise”. And he is not as pleasant as he seems. Sugar and white flour are not used in the preparation of pn-baked goods. But it is not much inferior in calorie content to the usual one. For comparison: the energy value of pp-cheesecake is about 200 kcal, the usual one – about 271 kcal. Sweeteners are added to baked goods, the dangers of which all nutritionists are talking about today. And there is still flour, even whole grain flour.

Product number 12: products marked “Fitness”, “Light”, fat-free foods

In 90% of cases, the mark “Fitness” is a marketing ploy. If you read the composition of such a product, it will not please you: sugar, food colors, trans fats, stabilizers. Their caloric content, as a rule, is not inferior to the energy value of conventional products.

Product # 13: pickles

I understand that it is difficult to give up mother’s barrel cucumbers and pickled tomatoes. But this must be done if you do not want to see the “beekeeper” in the mirror in the morning. Pickles retain liquid, provoking the appearance of edema.

Product number 14: sauces

Give up sauces – all without exception. Even if they are not too high in calories, they can provoke appetite. Tkemali, for example, is not so harmless – there is a high probability that after this sauce you will want to eat.

Product # 15: alcohol

18 foods that cannot be eaten after 18.00

Even a good dry wine is on the “black list”. Firstly, alcohol is a high-calorie pleasure, and secondly, it increases appetite. About the compatibility of alcohol and sports, you can find out here

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Product number 16: onions, garlic, spices

Do not use these foods for dinner. They whet the appetite – because of this, you can go over the daily calorie intake.

Product # 17: Whole Grain Pasta

18 foods that cannot be eaten after 18.00

This is a great option for lunch or breakfast. Slow carbohydrates do not spike blood insulin and provide long-term satiety. You don’t need to eat them in the evening – as in the case of cereals, an excess of carbohydrates is transformed into fat.

Product # 18: water

Of course, if you feel thirsty, drink. But take a few sips. A large amount of fluid at night is the cause of swelling in the morning.

Interview and text: Natalia Kapitsa

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