5 breakfasts to help you lose weight

ABOUTThe founder of the healthy snacks brand (@public_bionova) Alexandra Gudimova told how to make the best pn-pancakes and shared a recipe for delicious toasts.

Alexandra Gudimova

Founder of Bionova

“In order to lose weight, you need to eat right, and do the main emphasis in the diet for breakfast! Many people think that you can eat everything in the morning. Not certainly in that way. I recommend everyone to give preference to healthy products, regardless of the time of day. I share my “TOP” -5 breakfasts that help to lose weight. “

Sugar Free Granola

5 breakfasts to help you lose weight

Crispy crunches baked at low temperatures are a tasty and healthy start to the day. Oatmeal, wheat flakes and bran are a source of fiber, while nuts or freeze-dried berries are loaded with vitamins and minerals.

Choose the “correct” granola, which contains no sugar and its substitutes: glucose, molasses, honey. Read the label! Palm oil should not be included in the ingredients. Between candied fruits and freeze-dried berries, choose the second option – it is more useful.

You can add milk, yogurt, freshly squeezed juice to granola. But you can make a parfait based on it: mix chia seeds with coconut milk (for those who like sweeter, you can add coconut sugar or agave syrup), put crunches on top, then frozen berries whipped in a blender. Done!

Avocado toast

5 breakfasts to help you lose weight

The avocado fruit contains a huge amount of vitamins and minerals: folic acid, magnesium, vitamins A, K, C, E, B. It can be used to make an excellent breakfast – suitable for everyone who monitors weight.

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Choose whole grain breads for toast. Dry lightly in a skillet, then spread over the mashed avocado pulp. Place the tomato and half an egg on top. Serve with basil leaves.

Protein porridge

5 breakfasts to help you lose weight

Breakfast oatmeal is a classic! But she is a little annoying in the standard version. By the way, did you know that real whole-grain oatmeal takes at least 30 minutes to cook? Option for the “hurry” – flakes.

When choosing them in a store, study the composition: it should not contain refined sugar, but bran should be present. The ideal option is the presence of protein and a prebiotic, for example, inulin, among the ingredients. Such a breakfast will energize for a long time and leave a bright aftertaste for the whole day.


5 breakfasts to help you lose weight

The option is suitable for those who do not run anywhere in the morning. To make my favorite cheesecakes, you will need:

Cottage cheese – 200g
Egg – 1 pc.
Rice flour – 2 tablespoons
Coconut sugar – 2 tsp

Mix all the ingredients, shape into balls and make pancakes out of them. Fry over high heat for three minutes on one side. Turn over, reduce temperature to low, and cook for another 10 minutes. Use fresh berries for decoration.

Banana Pancakes

5 breakfasts to help you lose weight

You will need almond flour, vegetable milk, banana, agave syrup, baking powder, and walnuts.

Mash the banana into puree and mix with the rest of the ingredients. Mix well. Fry in a well-heated skillet until golden brown.

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