5 principles of Margarita Lieva, thanks to which she has dream legs

REdaktsiya lifted her jaw from the floor at the sight of the last photo of the co-owner of BeautyHack and, taking advantage of the position, interrogated Margarita with passion: what does she do to (having three children, for a minute!) look like this. Spoiler alert: no miracles – to have such a body, you really have to work on yourself.

Principle 1: Separate Feeding

Lieva’s food is without strict restrictions: she eats everything, but in moderation. But empirically verified rules still exist.

– I try to separate the products. Complex carbohydrates – in the morning, protein and vegetables – for dinner. I do not mix cereals and pasta with animal protein, fish and meat only with salad. If you want pasta, I eat it, but season with olive oil. I don’t like sauces at all, they have too many ingredients, they are fatty, often contain sugar. I prefer a simple way of processing: steamed fish or, in the case of steaks, fried on both sides over high heat. Harmful, it happens, too. And if you want to strongly – I do not deny myself.

Margarita also has desserts in her diet, but she still tries to minimize them.

– I have no dependence on sweets. I love ice cream and fruits, although they contain natural, they also contain sugar. I try to eat them in the morning, therefore.

And necessarily every day – a variety of leafy greenery and 2 liters of clean water without gas. Juices, by the way, are also not in use – they do not quench thirst, and vitamins in them do not last long, are meaningless.

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Principle 2: sport with and without rules

Here is the question of physical activity without compromise.

– At least four times a week in the morning I am in the gym, – says Rita. – In the summer I run, in the winter I do functional training. If in Moscow – I go to EncoreFitness, try a new load – it shakes up the muscles great, makes them work in a new way. One thing is important: it doesn’t matter what time you went to bed the day before, how you slept and how tired you are – no excuses are accepted.

Principle 3: don’t eat dairy

Do not immediately exclude milk from the diet: Margarita was tested, which showed intolerance to cow protein. Therefore, now – black coffee and matcha with vegetable milk.

Principle 4: regular massages

– I take the course twice a year – I do manual massage in the “Palms” studio with Lyudmila Azarova. Plus wraps, all of this in combination helps to keep the skin toned.

Principle 5: sauna once a week

A chic old-school habit – a real Russian bathhouse.

– I definitely go to warm up my muscles after each workout, but once a week – a full-fledged procedure with trips to the steam room, brooms, jumping into the pool or ice water. Perfectly tones the skin!

Between trips to the steam room – scrubs with salt and honey according to the best grandmother’s precepts. An ideal spa treatment not only for the body, but also for the soul!

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