7 breakfast mistakes that keep you from losing weight

Z Do you eat instant porridge or skip this meal altogether? World Bodyfitness Champion Yulia Ushakova told BeautyHack about her biggest breakfast mistakes.

  1. Do not eat breakfast

Breakfast is absolutely not to be skipped – this is the main meal, your metabolism depends on it during the day. You should consume more calories than at lunch and dinner: this will boost your metabolism and get a boost of energy.

  1. Rest after breakfast

A common mistake is not being active after a meal. Have you eaten? So the energy needs to be spent. Having a hearty breakfast and lying on the sofa is a direct way to gaining excess weight.

7 breakfast mistakes that keep you from losing weight

  1. Instant porridge

The classic sports breakfast is oatmeal in the water: cereals contain complex carbohydrates that will help you stay full and energetic for at least four hours. Do not forget that you need to cook the right oats for 15 minutes, and not pour boiling water over instant porridge. There are more calories in the ground cereal. If you are tired of oatmeal, replace it with wheat or barley.

  1. Fats + fast carbohydrates

The most dangerous combination for a figure is animal fats and fast carbohydrates. When we eat a white bread sandwich with a slice of cheese or a casserole of fatty cottage cheese and white flour, the body produces insulin. Because of this, the fat goes into the subcutaneous fatty tissue – right on your sides.

7 breakfast mistakes that keep you from losing weight

  1. Leave a calorie reserve for dinner

If you go overboard on carbs in the evening, don’t blame yourself and cut your breakfast down to a cup of coffee. It’s a vicious circle: if you don’t get the energy you need at breakfast, then you’ll want to “break” at dinner.

  1. Ignore fats

The word “fats” must be loved. The right polyunsaturated fats in nuts, flaxseed and olive oil, egg yolks and dairy products trigger the desired fat metabolism. If we do not gain the necessary fats in the morning, then we will want sweets in the evening.

  1. Overeat

If we eat a large amount of food at one meal, the metabolism slows down, the body processes breakfast for a long time: you run the risk of stretching the stomach.

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Yulia Ushakova’s breakfast:

In the morning, I boil oatmeal and fry a two-egg omelet in a skillet without oil. Egg white is easily digested in the morning and maintains muscle tone. I allow myself a loaf of butter to get the fats I need.

Text: Dilyara Telyasheva

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