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7 simple and effective ways to speed up your metabolism

If you want to lose weight and get beautiful shapes, then you need to solve an important question for yourself: how to speed up metabolism… With the wrong diet, it is very easy to disrupt the metabolism, and then the process of losing weight can be complicated several times. What rules should be followed to increase your metabolism and improve your figure?

How to speed up your metabolism?

1. Avoid a low-calorie diet

If you want to speed up your metabolism, forget about low-calorie meals forever. You will never improve your metabolism if you eat 1200 or fewer calories per day… In response to such severe food restrictions, your body will simply go into an “energy-saving” mode and store fat. How to lose weight, you ask? Calculate your daily calorie intake and eat according to that figure. In this case, you can both lose weight and maintain metabolism.

2. Do not take long breaks between meals

How many of us love to skip lunch because of a rush at work. Or, in general, arrange for yourself a full meal only by 8 pm. Just imagine, the body does not know what to expect from you: whether you feed it on time today or not. Why would he risk it if you can simply save energy and slow down the metabolism? You do badly to your body, he gladly reciprocates you. Therefore, if you are not your own enemy, then you should not be left without a full meal for more than 5 hours.

3. Love strength training

Do you think that dumbbells and a barbell are purely male attributes? You are wrong, girls need strength training just as much as men. The more muscle mass in your body, the better your metabolism. Muscle cells require several times more energy than fat cells. Sitting on a restricted diet without strength training will lose your muscles. Just imagine that by your inaction you yourself complicate the task of losing weight. It’s always important to remember that one of the key ways to boost your metabolism is through strength training.

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4. Drink water

Don’t you drink 2 liters of clean water every day? Then now is the time to start. Water speeds up metabolism, reduces appetite and hydrates the skin… You must drink 20 minutes before meals and at least 40 minutes after. Drinking water with food is not worth it, it can disturb digestion. It is important to note that when calculating two liters, only pure water should be taken into account: coffee, tea and juices do not apply to it.

5. Do interval cardio workouts

Cardio is not only a way to train your heart muscle, but also a great way to get rid of excess fat. However, if you want to increase the effectiveness of your aerobic activities, do them interval.… For example, while running every 5 minutes, accelerate to the maximum possible pace for you and keep it for a minute. And do these intervals throughout your cardio workout. Why is it important? Such explosive loads will cause your metabolism to increase, not only directly during exercise, but also for several hours after. Those. you will ensure yourself a fast metabolism even after training. Isn’t that great?

6. Have breakfast every day

Run away to work or school without breakfast, and arrange the first full meal for yourself by noon .. Sound familiar? If so, then it’s time to get rid of old bad habits. Breakfast is the most important meal that sets the tone for the whole day. A nutritious breakfast will help you activate all systems of the body and turn on metabolic processes. Forget about a sip of coffee and a piece of cookies. If you want to speed up your metabolism, start your day with healthy cereals such as fruits and nuts. Those with limited time in the morning can make themselves a smoothie with oatmeal, milk and banana and drink on the way to work.

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7. Eat protein foods

Meat, fish, cottage cheese and legumes should be the staples of your table. The protein they contain is muscle building tool, and we wrote in detail above about their importance in the process of accelerating metabolism. In addition, protein products (unlike carbohydrates) do not cause an increase in blood sugar, which means they do not provoke the creation of fat cells in the body. When playing sports, you need to consume about 2 g of protein per 1 kg of body weight. If you can’t get enough protein with regular foods, you can use protein shakes or bars.

By following these simple rules, you will not only speed up your metabolism, but also learn to eat a balanced and healthy diet. A good metabolism will help you cope with excess weight much faster.

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