8 foods to strengthen your teeth

Zhealthy gums and strong teeth are the key to a beautiful smile! Most products negatively affect its condition, causing an unpleasant odor, disease or enamel sensitivity.

Maintain oral health with foods that include vitamins to strengthen enamel and prevent plaque. Our selection contains examples of products that will help you avoid problems with your teeth and gums.

Cashew nuts

The cashew nut contains various vitamins, zinc, phosphorus and other equally important elements for teeth, gums and the whole body. Cashews have a unique antibacterial property that not only destroys enamel-damaging bacteria, but also relieves toothache.

Cashews are not the only nut that has a positive effect on the oral cavity. For example, almonds, walnuts (read about the dangers and benefits of walnuts here) or pine nuts are also rich in vitamins and minerals that strengthen and preserve the beauty of teeth and gums.


8 foods to strengthen your teeth

Harmful sweets (how to make healthy sweets at home, see here) should be replaced with dried fruits – especially prunes, which are good for the oral cavity. The fact is that the active substance found in prunes slows down the growth of bacteria and destroys them. In this way, it fights caries and prevents the formation of tartar.


8 foods to strengthen your teeth

Fish is rich in iodine, calcium and phosphorus – they strengthen the gums and help prevent dental diseases. How many times a week should you eat fish, read here.

You can eat freshwater or sea fish in any form: baked, boiled or fried. Fish, baked to soften the bones, practically does not lose minerals and vitamins, so it is especially useful for the teeth.

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Other marine products such as shrimp or seaweed are also beneficial for caries prevention and enamel protection.

Green tea

8 foods to strengthen your teeth

Green tea can help with bad breath. The drink eliminates bacteria and germs – the causes of odor. Green tea also strengthens teeth: Japanese scientists have found that those people who drink the drink 2 times a day do not use dentures in old age.


8 foods to strengthen your teeth

Hard vegetables and fruits have a massaging effect. It improves blood circulation in the gums and gently removes plaque.

Raw carrots are a source of beta-carotenes (responsible for the strength of bones and teeth), vitamins B, D, E and fluoride. In the process of chewing, not only the gums are massaged, but also saliva is released, which washes out bacteria.


8 foods to strengthen your teeth

Dairy products are good for your teeth, but you should pay special attention to the types of hard cheese. Cheese maintains the pH balance of the oral cavity, which affects the health of tooth enamel and slows down the process of calculus formation. Calcium, which is rich in cheese, strengthens the teeth.

To keep your teeth in good condition, do not forget about hygiene, and what mistakes we can make in oral care, read here.


8 foods to strengthen your teeth

Many are afraid of fresh onions, because after eating it, an unpleasant smell from the mouth remains, but parsley or green tea, the effect of which was described above, will help to kill it.

The action of onions is aimed at destroying a wide variety of microbes, because it is saturated with natural antibacterial substances. By ridding the oral cavity of harmful microorganisms, we strengthen the health of teeth and gums.

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8 foods to strengthen your teeth

You may not have known that kiwi is a rich source of vitamin C. One large fruit contains the daily requirement of vitamin C, which is responsible for the health of the gums.

Add kiwi chunks to oatmeal, fruit salad, or smoothies.

Text: Diana Snetkova

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