9 unobvious mistakes of all losing weight

ABOUTNata Dunaevskaya, the founder of the nutrition blog and mother of two, who won the “wide bone”, told BeautyHack about the mistakes that beginners make when losing weight.

Are you passionate about PP baking

I am an opponent of PP baking and I do not advise you to get carried away with it if you keep track of your weight. It is composed of coarse flours, and there is no butter, margarine and sugar, but it is high in calories. Carrot cake, made according to all the rules of the PP, contains at least 300 kcal. If you end each meal with “healthy” baked goods, you won’t lose weight!

Prepare complex meals

The path to proper nutrition should be started with a simple and understandable menu: cereals, baked fish, boiled breast, fresh and stewed vegetables. Multi-component dishes take longer to digest and are often more high in calories.

Don’t count calories

Most people overeat heavily and do not realize it. It seems to them that the daily menu consists exclusively of healthy dishes. But even if this is the case, their total calorie content may exceed the permissible norm.

Skipping breakfast

I constantly hear from readers: “I can’t stuff breakfast in myself!” Skipping a morning meal can lead to overeating during the day. It is especially harmful for the figure not to eat during the day, but to receive a daily dose of calories during dinner: this disrupts metabolism (for more details about the importance of breakfast during weight loss, we wrote here).

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Do not eat during the day if you are visiting in the evening.

Many people limit themselves as much as possible in nutrition before a feast. The basic rule of losing weight: if you are invited to visit, be sure to have breakfast! Drink water throughout the day, snack, and don’t ignore lunch.

Dreaming of losing weight locally

They often write to me in direct: “There is no excess weight, but I would like to remove my stomach.” You cannot lose weight locally – with weight loss, the volume of the whole body decreases. If you want to work on one area, you still have to follow the diet and exercise regularly.

You neglect home treatments

Contrast showers, wraps (we wrote about the best wrapping products here), cupping massage and other home procedures improve blood circulation and make weight loss more effective. But they have contraindications – consult a specialist before starting a course.

Do not take into account real conditions

Consider the region in which you live when creating the menu! Mango on Koh Samui is very different in terms of nutrient content from what is sold in our supermarkets. The menu should contain more local fruits and vegetables – they are the healthiest.

Looking for excuses

If your other half does not share the principles of proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, this is not a reason to abandon them. You can cook PP dishes in parallel with the usual ones. Any excuse is a manifestation of laziness. Look for opportunities, not reasons.

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