Adele dropped 45 kg on a sirtfood diet: experts talk about how it works and why it is criticized

Duntil now, no one really knew about the sirtfood diet, but it was developed almost 5 years ago! Thanks to her, before the wedding, Prince Harry lost weight and got back in shape on the eve of Oscar Gwyneth Paltrow. But this power system really became popular after the images of the incredibly built Adele got on the web. During a vacation in the Caribbean, the singer met fans. And in between times she said that she managed to lose 45 kg in a year and a half. And without much effort. It’s all about Pilates and foods that activate the body’s production of sirtuins.

BeautyHack editor Tatyana Chernikova took a closer look at what this newfangled diet is and whether it is worth following.

Igor Borshchenko

Candidate of Medical Sciences, neurosurgeon, developer of positional gymnastics – the “Smart Spine” system, author of the book “Fitness through the Eyes of a Doctor”

Sir is a gene with the poetic name Regulator of Silent Information. That is, proteins that are associated with this gene – sirtuins – affect how our genome works. It was found that the increased activity of such genes and their proteins coincides with an increase in the lifespan of experimental organisms – yeast, worms, drosophila flies. The desire to prolong human life led scientists to search for what activates sirtuins, and they found that resveratrol, a substance found in red wine and more, produces effects similar to stimulating sirtuins, with effects similar to calorie restriction. And as you know, reducing the calorie content of food prolongs the life of worms and even monkeys.

– A diet containing substances similar to resveratrol is called the Sirt diet, and in general, this is the well-known Mediterranean menu. However, as is often the case, what works on worms may not have the desired effect on humans. So far, the scientific evidence for the effectiveness of the Sirt diet is controversial. But we have no time to wait for absolute scientific results and the resolution of scientific disputes, so various diets appear and disappear again.

Eat all the tastiest and thinner

After the publication of the news about Adele’s weight loss, the number of searches for an unusual diet soared by 100%. It turned out that two nutritionists from Great Britain, Aidan Goggins and Glen Matten, came up with it specifically for their clients, professional athletes. The new diet helped footballers, racers and maritime regattas to reach peak shape in a short time, increase endurance and cope with stress. It also turned out that the diet works as a successful anti-age program.

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Rebuilds and speeds up metabolism, removes toxins, repairs damaged cells and slows down aging.

And all this is thanks to the enzymes of the sirtuin group, which have already been dubbed “genes of youth and harmony.” These enzymes are produced only from certain foods. And the best part is that these are not some expensive exotic fruits or berries that are difficult to find in a small town. No, they are in almost every kitchen. By the way, sirtfoods got their name by analogy with superfoods.

Adele dropped 45 kg on a sirtfood diet: experts talk about how it works and why it is criticized

When Aidan and Glen released a weight loss book in 2015, it sold out in its first week. Still, the cover featured wine and chocolate – something that is prohibited in most diets. Nothing complicated was required from its adherents.

What the menu consists of

The program is split into two parts:

toughwhen it is necessary to follow the regime. In the first three days, only one dish with sirtfoods is allowed. For example, eat 200 g of buckwheat and 100 g of celery for lunch or 150 g of tofu and 200 g of caper salad and leafy greens. For breakfast, afternoon tea and dinner – just a glass of green drink. Ingredients: kale, arugula, parsley, celery, apple, lemon juice, matcha powder and water. You can consume no more than 1000 calories per day.

The next four days, it is necessary to reduce the intake of the drink to two times a day, and eat sirtfoods twice a day. The calorie content increases to 1500 kcal. At this time, the body gets rid of fat deposits, while maintaining muscle mass;

softwhen you can give yourself indulgences. This stage lasts two weeks, it is advised to add olive oil, nuts, red onions, parsley, strawberries, coffee and chocolate to the diet, which accelerate the metabolism. The number of meals from sirtfoods increases to three times a day, but a green drink is allowed to be drunk only once a day. You can pamper yourself with 500 g of lean red or white meat and whole grain bread. But only once a week.

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Adele dropped 45 kg on a sirtfood diet: experts talk about how it works and why it is criticized


  • the diet includes chocolate (with at least 85% cocoa beans), dates, dark berries, red wine (better Pinot Noir);
  • if you calculate the content of vitamins and trace elements in dishes, you can stick to a diet for more than one month;
  • suitable for type II diabetes – sirtuins are able to correct insulin resistance.

… and disadvantages

  • a meager menu that requires endurance from those for whom smoothies and vegetables are not enough for snacks;
  • limits the consumption of meat, which is difficult for those who feel uncomfortable without chicken breast and steaks;
  • many contraindications: pregnancy, exacerbation of chronic diseases, allergy to green vegetables.

Experts advise not to abuse such a diet.

Despite its popularity and excellent results among adherents of the sirtfood diet, it is heavily criticized around the world. Especially in the home country of the authors of the program, Great Britain. The dietary community has called it inconsistent with the basic principles of the National Health Service’s Nutritional Guidelines.

BeautyHack asked the opinion of Russian experts and found out how many kilograms you can lose weight in a month without harm to the body.

Opinion FOR

avatar Leonid Elkin

Leonid Elkin

Doctor of the highest category, surgeon, doctor of integral medicine, author of his own method of weight correction

– I think this diet is organic and literate. Its creators studied in detail the beneficial properties of resveratrol, a biologically active substance found in grape skin and in red wine. When stimulated with certain foods, it regulates the aging process and prevents age-related diseases. The fact is that they trigger the production of sirtuins – special enzymes. The diet got its name from them. They increase the resistance of skin cells to free radicals, UV radiation and other environmental factors.

– In addition to resveratrol, there are a number of foods that stimulate the production of sirtuin: buckwheat, capers, celery, chili, dark chocolate, coffee, olive oil, green tea, different varieties of cabbage, garlic, dates, arugula, parsley, red onion, soybeans, red wine, dark berries (cherries, strawberries, blueberries, currants), turmeric, walnuts.

Such a diet is quite short-term and was originally intended to correct weight and improve the body’s health. But do not rely only on the action of sirtuins, be sure to add physical activity. Adhering to such a diet, a person can lose 3.5 kg. in a week. For example, my patients lose more in 1.5-2 years, but this is not a diet system, but a complex work. It happens that a patient comes to me with a weight of 145 kg, and after 1.5-2 years he becomes slimmer up to 75 kg. And this is normal, especially when other specialists (doctors, nutritionists, etc.) are involved in weight correction. I consider the optimal weight loss in a month to be up to 1.5 kg.

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avatar Dr. Regina

Dr. Regina

Nutritionist, therapist, nephrologist, founder of the ReginaDoctor School of Health, a member of the International Association of Dietitians ICDA, a practicing physician, author of the books “Healthy food in a big city” and “I don’t like sweets”

– Due to the acute deficiency of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, there is a risk that adherents of the sirtfood diet will seriously suffer from the body. Such a diet is especially dangerous for women. Their hormonal balance may be disturbed, the menstrual cycle will disappear or be interrupted. And the negative consequences of this will have to be treated for a long time.

– The composition of such a diet and its effect on health are now only being studied, the results are not yet ready. So I would not recommend choosing it for weight loss.

As for the weight that can be lost without harm to health, then everything, of course, is individual. Our programs involved patients who even lost 15 to 20 kg in two months. At the same time, everything always goes comfortably, without severe restrictions and the loss of nutrients important for the body. On the contrary, we try to replenish and enrich the diet with the necessary proteins, fats, carbohydrates and vitamins. But, if weight restriction is due to a severe calorie deficit and a strict ban on flour and sweets, the body will experience stress, this is not physiological for it. As a result, this can turn into unpleasant consequences. For example, dysfunction of the gastrointestinal tract, upset stools, poor digestion of food. In addition, if the patient has not eliminated food addiction, the kilograms can return just as quickly.

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