All inclusive: 10 food rules at all inclusive resorts

Hwhat to do if you allowed yourself junk food, what dishes are the most dangerous at the buffet and how not to succumb to the temptation to constantly snack, why you should not give up dessert, what food to choose at the resort for children – blogger Tatiana Rybakova about these and other healthy lifestyle hacks that will help maintain health and shape.

How do I eat during flights, and what helps to cope with jet lag

When traveling, I do not adhere to a special diet, I look at food from the point of view of benefits and always pay attention to the local cuisine. I stick to a healthy diet, but if there is an opportunity to try something interesting and traditional, I will definitely do it, even if the food is not very dietary. The main thing is to maintain a balance.

Recently I was in Korea – it’s just a gourmet paradise. The cuisine is very diverse – first they bring kimchi (all kinds of salinity and pickling), then soups, main dishes – rice and noodles with toppings. I really liked the national Korean dish bibimbap – it is rice with a huge amount of sprouts, vegetables, meat or seafood.

The main rule to help you cope with jet lag is to drink more water. I also take melatonin with me to restore the natural balance of hormones and tune in to the regime of a new country.

Cut down on fatty foods – I try not to eat at all on the plane, but if the flight is long, then I choose lean fish, meat or vegetables.

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All inclusive: 10 food rules at all inclusive resorts

Basic food rules at the resort all inclusive

Variety and moderation are basic health rules that apply to all food groups (especially on vacation).

Correctly “fill” the plate during the meal on the buffet – it must necessarily contain lean protein, eggs, fish, seafood. Put the salad on half a plate, but check with the waiter what it is seasoned with – often the sauce can add a lot of calories even to a light dish.

All inclusive: 10 food rules at all inclusive resorts

Always carry a bottle of water with you to stay hydrated (this is a common problem in these resorts). Drink it before meals, and if you allow yourself alcohol, increase the amount of water.

How to follow a diet and not give in to the urge to constantly snack

If you formulate your diet correctly, you will not feel hungry.

Do not forget that high-quality food satiates much better – there is simply no point in “nibbling”.

All inclusive: 10 food rules at all inclusive resorts

What is there in the heat and on the beach

Be sure to cut back on your alcohol intake. You can afford natural ice cream (for example, matcha green tea ice cream is very popular in Korea – this is a very tasty and low-calorie dessert).

For the heat, fruits (especially citrus fruits), vegetables and nuts are perfect – you can eat them on the beach.

All inclusive: 10 food rules at all inclusive resorts

Pay attention to seasonal fruits and berries in the country where you are. In Asia, it is definitely worth eating local fruits, even the most exotic ones – let it be a little gastronomic adventure! During my last trip, I visited the Korean island of Jeju, which is famous for the abundance of varieties of tangerines – I did not miss the opportunity to try.

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I believe that a person needs to eat at least 400 grams of vegetables a day – be sure to include them in your diet on vacation. Lettuce and greens should also be on your plate. If you have digestive problems and an abundance of fiber makes you uncomfortable, choose cooked vegetables instead of raw ones.

All inclusive: 10 food rules at all inclusive resorts

If you go to Korea, be sure to try the local dish – quick fried vegetables. This is not only very tasty – this way of cooking preserves almost all vitamins (besides, Koreans do not abuse oil).

Avoid feeling thirsty – if you are very thirsty, then the body is already dehydrated. Drink constantly throughout the day, at least one and a half to two liters of water.

All inclusive: 10 food rules at all inclusive resorts

The most “dangerous” dishes on the buffet

All inclusive: 10 food rules at all inclusive resorts

Fried foods and sweets – on vacation, it is especially advisable to limit yourself to them. Changing time zones and the stress of flights do not affect the body in the best way – help it with healthy and healthy food, and you can avoid swelling, heaviness in the abdomen and other unpleasant “side effects” from the vacation.

What to eat for breakfast and dinner?

I usually choose porridge, toast with fish and avocado, eggs. Often in hotels you can find national cuisine for breakfast, but keep in mind that the dishes can be heavy on the stomach (this was the case in Korea).

All inclusive: 10 food rules at all inclusive resorts

By the evening, you will spend a lot of energy – you need to replenish it, but with healthy food (fortunately, there is a huge choice in all inclusive hotels). Place vegetables and lean protein (white fish or turkey) on a plate for a balanced meal that will satisfy your first hunger.

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All inclusive: 10 food rules at all inclusive resorts

After a full dinner, you can indulge in a small dessert – it will be a wonderful end to a day during which you spent a lot of calories. Although I am impressed by the Korean approach – the lack of a culture of eating desserts after the main meal.

All inclusive: 10 food rules at all inclusive resorts

It is not worth giving up sweets completely – with an active lifestyle, you can and should eat it at any time, there is nothing wrong with that. But if you overuse sweet and salty before bed, chances are good that you will experience puffiness in the morning.

What should children choose at the buffet?

Observe the normal diet for a child – the variety of dishes in the all inclusive system will help with this. But fatty and sweet (especially if it is very hot) should be minimized.

All inclusive: 10 food rules at all inclusive resorts

Now even in Asian countries it is possible to feed a child with safe and familiar food. In Korean hotels, I noticed that mothers feed their babies with fresh vegetables, steamed meat and fruits, and for little European guests they offer different types of cereals (not just rice).

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