Anna Peskova and her 10 self-tested dietary rules for slimness

Actress Anna Peskova told BeautyHack why she needs a food diary, why she needs to pamper herself and stop starving.

Anna Peskova


Privalo # 1: start a food diary

It can be either an application for a phone or a simple notebook, notepad, notes on a computer – as it is more convenient for anyone. Most importantly, honestly and truthfully record absolutely everything you eat during the day. And the main meals, and snacks, and what was eaten during the “race” to the workplace. It is better to analyze the data in two weeks. Are there fruits, vegetables, cereals, protein products in the diet? Are you drinking enough water? Are there a lot of sweets (including drinks), fast food, chips?

If you really like some “unhealthy” foods, but understand that you eat too much of them, do not give up abruptly. This will provoke stress, which will lead to an eating disorder. Better to gradually reduce their number: buy not a whole cake, but a piece. Do not eat the whole pack of chips, but a couple of them.

Rule # 2: pamper yourself

You can’t always deny yourself everything. Sooner or later, a relapse will occur, and you will eat more than you would have eaten by consuming your favorite dish periodically. I don’t like sweets. But I will never deny myself a dessert for breakfast, if the body asks for it. Strong bans are a direct path to depression, bad moods and overeating.

Rule # 3: skip dieting

All diets are temporary. When they end, you return to your usual diet, and, therefore, weight. It turns out that the diet should become a way of life. Instead, focus your efforts on developing the right eating habits that will help you maintain your health and beauty for years to come.

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Rule # 4: don’t eat what you don’t like

Do not force yourself to eat what you don’t love, even if everyone around you says it’s good. No need to choke on chicken breast, which is not on the list of gastronomic favorites. It is better to choose what will promote the production of serotonin.

I don’t eat seafood, especially raw. And so as not to talk about oysters, I bypass them. But I will eat ordinary fish with vegetables with pleasure.

Rule # 5: don’t starve

Eat small meals often. Strong hunger should not be allowed! This provokes overeating. The full signal is sent to the brain 15 minutes after the stomach is full. With severe hunger, a person practically stops chewing, sweeping away everything in his path. The result is a calorie surplus.

Rule # 6: snack

If you find that you won’t be able to eat a full meal, bring some simple yet nutritious foods. I have such an occasion with me: water, an apple, nuts and baby food. It’s delicious and healthy! For example, on the set for 12 hours of work, we only have one hour break for lunch, when they bring good food: salad, soup, second. There is always tea, coffee, water, cookies, sandwiches throughout the day. Snacking in this way every day will have a negative impact on your health and weight.

Rule # 7: separate carbs and proteins

The habit of eating protein and carbohydrates at different meals is good. And useful for the figure. I am not advocating giving up carbohydrates! All micro and macro elements should be present in the diet in full. Try to eat meat or fish separately, garnish separately.

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Rule # 8: Drink Water

Before meals, 15-20 minutes before, be sure to drink 1-2 glasses of water. If you are preparing dinner at home or ordering it from a cafe, ask to bring it before serving. This will help you eat less and improve your metabolism.

Rule # 9: Eliminate store-bought sauces

We can make many familiar products from stores at home: it will be both healthier and tastier. There is too much sugar, preservatives and other harmful substances in ready-made sauces. For example, in classic ketchup, there are as many as 3 tablespoons per 100 g. Making the sauce is very simple: tomato paste with spices, yogurt with herbs – fantasize!

Rule # 10: Choose Quality Products

If oatmeal, then not instant, but one that needs to be cooked for 15-20 minutes. If vegetables and fruits, then seasonal. If the fish is only fresh, not frozen. Give up semi-finished products and canned food. Minced meat is made from a piece of chilled meat for a couple of minutes, and it takes another three minutes to mold cutlets from it. Matter of habit!

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