Astrodiet: nutritional features for each zodiac sign

ABOUTt nutrition depends not only on our figure, but also on our well-being. However, what suits one person is completely contraindicated for another. It is possible to determine the products important for the body by a complete examination in the clinic or by referring to astrology, or rather to the increasingly popular astrodiet. In this case, the specialist calculates the regimen and diet based on the date and time of birth (that is, he refers to your personal natal chart). At the same time, despite the individual approach, each zodiac sign has several similarities. They helped us to define professional astrologer Inna Lyubimova (@ lubimova.astrolog).


Aries are under the influence of Mars, which fills them with irrepressible energy. In order to keep the body in harmony and “grounded”, they are recommended to include meat (except lamb) and cereals in their diet. At the same time, the representatives of the signs should not disturb their nervous system with additional energy drinks, including coffee, spices and herbs.


Taurus is patronized by the planet Venus, which from early childhood forms their good taste and … lays a love for sweets. It can be extremely difficult for sign representatives to deny themselves a dessert. To keep the body in good shape and feel good, it is better to replace cakes and pastries with healthy foods. You also need to try not to overeat and walk more in nature.


It is important for Gemini to pay attention to foods rich in complex carbohydrates. Especially useful for their patron planet Mercury, which is responsible for active mental activity, cereals and cereals. Another tip for the sign is to make breakfast the main meal of the day and choose light meals for dinner. This will help you feel good during the day and fall asleep quickly in the evening.

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Cancers are under the auspices of the Moon, which affects not only their mood, but also their health. In order to be vigorous and energetic, representatives of the constellation should adhere to proper nutrition and choose only fresh products. The diet should contain as much greens, vegetables and seafood as possible.

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Leos are patronized by the Sun, so the main meal for them is desirable in the daytime. In addition, it is better for the representatives of the sign not to become vegetarians and even more so vegans. To maintain energy in the body, proteins must be present in their diet. Duck and rabbit meat should be given special preference.


For their well-being, Virgos should adhere to a clear meal schedule that should not be changed even on weekends. The diet should be rich in various ingredients, the presence of dairy and fermented milk products, cereals, cereals and fruits is mandatory. Another important point is to sit down at the table only in a good mood.


Libra, like Taurus, is influenced by Venus. This means that they love a beautiful presentation of food and can hardly refuse desserts. But astrologers advise limiting yourself to sweets and giving preference to proper nutrition. The diet should contain lean meat, fish and cottage cheese. Also, to keep the figure in good shape, Libra should replace all types of coffee and carbonated drinks with plain water.


For Scorpios, under the auspices of Pluto, it is important to always be in harmony with themselves and the world. And the correct diet will help with this! According to astrodiet, representatives of the constellation are better off refraining from hot dishes and spices. But they will benefit from seafood and lean meat, vegetables and herbs. Also, Scorpios should be careful about their meals, and even more so they should not eat on the run.

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Sagittarius, under the influence of the planet Jupiter, love everything new and unknown. And this applies not only to their lifestyle, but also to their eating habits. It doesn’t cost these people anything to try the most exotic dish in a restaurant or to eat exclusively local delicacies for the whole vacation. However, according to astrodiet, representatives of the sign should know when to stop and give preference to vegetables familiar to their region. Sagittarius should also replace sweet or flour desserts with berries (especially blueberries and blueberries will be useful for them).


Capricorns under the auspices of Saturn are conservative in life and ascetic in food. They can sit on one buckwheat for a week simply because they do not see the point in eating other dishes, or forget about themselves, giving all their energy to work or family. But in order to maintain health and shape, representatives of the sign need to be more attentive to their diet and eat balanced. It is also worth not neglecting meat dishes and drinking more water.


Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, who endows them with innovative thinking and a desire for change. Representatives of this constellation love to try the most extraordinary dishes and combine seemingly incompatible foods. However, they should stick to proper nutrition. Lean meat, fish and cereals must be present in the diet.


Pisces are influenced by Neptune, making them dependent on their environment. Representatives of the sign should learn to control emotions and sit down at the table only with loved ones. But the most important thing is to follow a clear diet. From food for Pisces, seafood and seaweed are especially useful. They should also refrain from carbonated drinks.

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