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How is Krylov doing? “I didn’t have time to look back …” Quite recently, we went on a spring-summer diet together to get into vacation outfits, try on a new swimsuit and slay everyone on the beach … And now the days have become shorter, working days have turned gray and the hand is still reaching for the cherished chocolate bar. And what will happen in three months? Are we going to go on diets again, only New Year’s?

Stop! This will not work. Any nutritionist will tell you that the constant “swing” – lose weight, get thinner, lose weight again – does not lead to anything good. You can easily get diabetes or cardiovascular disease. Therefore, we pull ourselves together, level out the weight with the help of a good autumn diet, and as a bonus, we get excellent health, energy and good mood.

There are many diets for the fall, but they all differ in one feature: they are very soft. In the autumn period, the body stores up vitamins and minerals in order to survive the cold winter without illness and depression, and “tough” (and sometimes even cruel!) Diets literally wash away all the usefulness! In addition, “hard” diets “drain” water, and not fat, which, on the contrary, even accumulates in even greater quantities (with a margin, for the future). Therefore, we have selected for you the most effective, mildest, simplest and healthiest diets. And you choose and slim down!

Autumn diet for weight lossAutumn diet for weight loss

It’s not even a diet, but just a balanced diet. You can “sit” on this diet for 1-2 weeks, then you should take a break, but just do not pounce on buns!

Option 1: oatmeal in water with dried apricots, nuts and honey, a slice of grain bread, tea or milk.
Option 2: lean meat with vegetables or mashed potatoes, a slice of cereal bread, tea or milk.
Option 3: 100 g of cottage cheese with sour cream, a slice of grain bread, tea or milk.

Autumn diet for weight lossDinner
Option 1: vegetable salad or vinaigrette with vegetable oil, 1-2 slices of grain bread, 1 apple, compote or fruit (vegetable) juice (freshly squeezed).
Option 2: soup – vegetable, borscht or dairy, 80 g of fish, poultry or lean meat, steamed vegetables or potatoes, 1-2 slices of grain bread, 1 apple and freshly squeezed fruit or vegetable juice or compote.

Afternoon snack
2 apples or 1 banana.

DinnerAutumn diet for weight loss
Curd pudding or syrniki, you can with sour cream, salad, 1 slice of grain bread, tea or milk.

An hour before bedtime
1 apple and kefir or rosehip broth.

Pumpkin Autumn Diet

Pumpkin is a very healthy vegetable. Its pulp contains so much protein, fat and vitamins that it can be safely recommended to everyone. High content in Pumpkin Autumn Dietpumpkin vitamin E and fiber helps not only to lose weight, but also improves the appearance and health of skin and hair. The pumpkin diet can be followed for two weeks. During this time, you may well lose 7-9 extra pounds, and they will not return to you for a very long time (of course, if after the diet you will not eat fast food and chocolates!). The pumpkin diet menu is designed for 4 days, which will need to be repeated until 2 weeks have passed. During the diet, you can drink tea with lemon or coffee without sugar, in the evening it is best to drink green tea without additives or herbal infusion.

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1 day
Breakfast (same for all days): raw pumpkin and carrot salad with lemon juice, Pumpkin Autumn Dietpumpkin porridge with millet or wheat on the water.
Lunch: pumpkin soup with vegetables.
Dinner: pumpkin baked in the oven.

2 day
Lunch: vegetable borscht or soup, puff pastry pies with pumpkin or just fried pumpkin.
Dinner: baked apples with prunes.

Day 3
Lunch: soup with meatballs (according to any recipe) with pieces of pumpkin.
Dinner: pumpkin and pineapple salad with croutons.

Pumpkin Autumn DietDay 4
Lunch: vegetable soup or borscht, baked bell peppers.
Dinner: vegetable stew of pumpkin, bell pepper, carrots, zucchini and mushrooms with vegetable oil.

Autumn diet on apples

This diet is a great opportunity to lose weight, cleanse the body of toxins and improve the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. But you need to remember that not everyone is suitable for such a diet. So, sour and sweet and sour raw apples are contraindicated for ulcers, gastritis with  Apple dietincreased acidity and dyskinesia of the biliary tract. In order not to harm the vulnerable digestive system, it is better to bake or boil sour apples. Or there are sweet ones! But for people with low acidity, an autumn diet on sour apples will only benefit. And for those who suffer from colitis and urolithiasis, it will also be very useful.

Apple diet number 1 – fasting day. This is a “one-day” that will help you decide if a longer apple diet is right for you. You can eat 1.5 kg of apples per day and drink at least 2 liters of liquid (tea without sugar or mineral water  Apple dietwithout gas). But I must say right away that it is not so easy to sustain an apple diet. Apples stimulate the appetite, so it is not forbidden to combine them with other products. It can be kefir (1 liter per day) or honey (3 tsp per day).

Apple diet number 2
… This is a three-day diet, which differs from the fasting day in that animal proteins must be present in its menu. This can be lean, boiled meat (veal, beef or chicken), sea fish, or egg white. These products are distributed over three days as follows: on the first day – 100 g of meat, on the second – 150 g of fish, on the third – 1 protein. These foods should be eaten at lunch. In addition, before going to bed, they must drink a glass of kefir, and during the day it is allowed to drink mineral water without gas – up to 2.5 liters. Moreover, apples can be eaten in any quantity.

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Apple diet number 3… Diet for a week. It is in many ways similar to a three-day diet, only you can consume 2 times more protein. This means that you can eat 200 g of meat, 300 g of fish or 2 protein per day, just not immediately, but dividing it into two meals (lunch and dinner). In addition, every day, be sure to eat 2 carrots or 200 g of freshly squeezed carrot juice and 1 tomato. Apples – unlimited.

 Watermelon dietWatermelon diet

This diet is perhaps the most enjoyable of all. It is not only delicious, but also very effective. For 1 day spent on this diet, you can lose 1-2 kg. Watermelon contains many useful substances: vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B9, C, E, PP, micro- and macroelements, as well as natural sweet substances (fructose, sucrose, maltose, glucose), lycopene, pectins and fiber. All these substances contribute to weight loss and overall health of the whole organism. This diet is designed for 4 days, during which you can lose up to 6 kg of excess weight. In addition to the watermelon itself, it includes cottage cheese and rice. Rice does not allow your intestines to mess around, and cottage cheese is a source of protein and calcium.

First breakfast: 3 slices of watermelon, 150-200 g low-fat cottage cheese.

Lunch: 1-2 slices of watermelon.

 Watermelon dietDinner: 3 slices of watermelon, 1 bowl of rice porridge in water (preferably without salt).

Afternoon snack: 1-2 slices of watermelon, 50 g fat-free cottage cheese.

Dinner: 1 slice of watermelon, 1 bowl of rice porridge in water (no salt).

After 4 days, take a break for a week. At this time, it is advisable to eat low-calorie steamed foods. Then spend 4 days on the watermelon diet again. The result will surprise you!

Swiss dietSwiss diet

The author of this diet is Dr. Demol, a renowned nutritionist. The diet is easily tolerated and can be followed almost every month for one week. With the Swiss diet, you can lose 3-4 kg. The author recommends that you strictly follow the instructions, but allows you to combine options for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

First breakfast
Option 1: 1 stack. milk, 1 boiled egg, 50 g of black bread.
Option 2: 1 cup of coffee with milk, 2 soft-boiled eggs, radishes, 100 g of wholemeal bread.
Option 3: 1 cup of coffee with milk, 100 g of low-fat ham, 50 g of black bread.

Option 1: 1 apple, pear or peach.
Option 2: 100 g of freshly squeezed vegetable juice.
Option 3: 100 g of any berries or fruits.

Swiss dietDinner
Option 1: 1 stack. vegetable juice, 250 g of boiled chicken, 100 boiled potatoes with herbs, 100 g of green salad.
Option 2: 1 stack. carrot juice, 200 g of boiled fish, 100 g of boiled rice, a salad of carrots or cucumbers.
Option 3: 1 stack. kefir, 200 g of steak, 100 g of boiled beets, 100 g of boiled carrots.

DinnerSwiss diet
Option 1: 100 low-fat cottage cheese, green salad, 50 g of black bread, 1 stack. tomato juice.
Option 2: 100 g of jellied fish, salad or chicory, 50 g of black bread, rosehip broth.
Option 3: 100 g of curd cheese, radish salad, 50 g of black bread, fresh herbs, unsweetened tea.

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Vegetable Autumn Diet

Adhering to this diet, you will heal your blood vessels, establish the smooth functioning of the digestive tract and quietly lose a few pounds. There are many options for a vegetable diet, but they all have one thing in common – vegetables must be fresh. That is why such a diet is optimal in early autumn. The counters are full of fresh ones – not imported! – vegetables, and carrots from their own garden are waiting to be cured deliciously. Vegetable Autumn DietThis diet will saturate your body with vitamins and minerals. All vegetables are suitable for a vegetable diet, with the exception of potatoes. The principle of building the menu for the autumn vegetable diet is simple: you take 1.5 kg of any raw vegetables and divide them into 5 servings. Everything! You need to eat only when you feel hungry (it is hunger, and not the desire for something to eat, looking at the monitor or reading a book!). Try to diversify your menu as much as possible. It can be different types of cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes, green beans and peas, radishes, turnips, carrots – in general, everything that can be eaten raw. Be sure to eat greens every day – this is a storehouse of micro and macro elements. And don’t forget the fruit! Although the diet is called a vegetable diet, there is nowhere without fruit. They contain healthy sugars that the brain needs to function. The vegetable diet is the longest, you can “sit” on it for a whole month. In a month, you can easily get rid of 5-6 kg of excess weight. Few? But without prejudice to health. If you are tired of raw vegetables, then you can boil vegetable soup in water without salt. Any ingredients. And if it’s very hard without salt, then add seaweed in any form (canned or dried) to salads and soup. Vegetable diet options involve adding kefir or proteins (meat, fish or eggs) to the diet.

Vegetable Autumn DietAs you can see, most fall diets are more like recommendations for healthy eating than habitual torture of the body. And this is correct, because you cannot scoff at yourself … The autumn diet will help your body to reorganize to a new regime of the day and new weather conditions. The latest “live” vitamins will strengthen your immunity and will not let you unstuck in the season of the general flu and other colds. And if you feel that after a diet you do not want to return to buns, dumplings and hot dogs, then this means that you are on the right path to a healthy lifestyle and nutrition. How to eat in the fall, what foods are better to choose, how to cook in order to preserve the maximum amount of nutrients – we will talk about all this in the next article.

Eat right and be healthy!

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