Blacklist: High-calorie “diet” foods

TODo you drink a latte with coconut milk every day and think that there are practically no calories in dried mushrooms? If so, don’t be surprised why your favorite jeans still don’t fit at the waist. BeautyHack and personal trainer Julia Mayevskaya (@julymaevskaya) have compiled a list of dietary products that you need to be careful with.


The calorie content of canned green peas is about 60 kcal per 100 g. It would not seem that much. But if you calculate the energy value of a can, which can easily be eaten in one sitting instead of a salad, you get more than 300 kcal, and this is a full meal. The energy value of boiled beans is 123 kcal, lentils – 116 kcal. They are healthy and tasty foods and a valuable source of plant protein. But it’s better not to get carried away. A list of 50 foods under 100 calories is here.

Dried fruits

Dried fruits – many use them as a snack and replace sweets with them. A spoon of tar. Dried fruits are high-calorie foods. Attention to numbers! The energy value of plums is 46 kcal, prunes – 240 kcal. When dried, it is almost pure sugar. They are of little use.

Dried mushrooms

First, mushrooms are hard to digest food. It is better to refuse them in the afternoon. Secondly, dried mushrooms have a high calorie content. The energy value of dried boletus boletus is 325 kcal (almost like in fatty meat).


Salmon is a tasty and healthy fish. Nutritionists advise to include it in the diet. Salmon is a source of easily digestible protein and Omega-3, which are necessary for maintaining the normal condition of skin, hair, nails. The calorie content of this fish is 219 kcal. An average salmon steak weighs about 200 g. This means that you consume almost 500 kcal per meal – excluding the side dish and “compote”.

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Sugar Free Corn Flakes

All quick breakfasts have nothing to do with healthy eating. Even if they are marked “fitness”. The energy value of sugar-free corn flakes is 372 kcal. What is included in their composition is a moot point. Homemade granola is a great alternative to breakfast cereals.


Are you surprised? This product is in the diet of every athlete. But most often they eat eggs without yolk. The calorie content of the latter is 352 kcal. The energy value of a hard-boiled egg is about 152 kcal. Limit yourself to two a day!

See the idea for a quick protein meal here.

Coconut milk

Many adherents of proper nutrition exclude cow’s milk from the diet, replacing it with plant milk. “Milk” (especially at night) provokes edema, retaining water. If you are replacing your usual latte with a coconut one, be careful. The calorie content of coconut milk is 230 kcal per 100 g. Now calculate the energy value of a 300 ml latte!

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