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The buckwheat diet is one of the most popular diets today. Around it, controversy does not subside not only in Runet, but also on English-language sites. Of course, women all over the world want to lose 5-10 kg of excess weight, and for this they are ready to grab at straws and endure all sorts of hardships, for example, there is one buckwheat for two weeks. But is the buckwheat diet as good as it is said about it? “Culinary Eden” has collected all the pros and cons of this method of losing weight.

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The first thing to be aware of when planning to lose weight on a buckwheat diet is that it does not belong to medical nutrition systems, and there are no guarantees of its effectiveness and safety. Even the author of the buckwheat diet is unknown; it has long since moved to the section of folk art. After a little investigation, we found out that the buckwheat diet of Dr. Wolf Abramovich Laskin was taken as the basis for this weight loss system, but he developed it for a completely different purpose – for the treatment of severe forms of cancer. Dr. Laskin believed that it was possible to fight tumors with high doses of quercetin and a complete rejection of sugar and fat. He recommended to his patients a long – from 2 to 6 months – course of buckwheat and rosehip tincture, and when the condition improved, vegetables, fruits, lean meat and fish could be introduced into the diet. In addition to the high content of quercetin, these foods are low in calories and relatively poor in proteins, which forces the body to rebuild metabolism and switch to the so-called endogenous nutrition, from which tumors slow down and completely stop growth. Unfortunately, for some reason, Dr. Laskin’s methods were not effective for everyone, but they helped to completely cure more than 30 patients with severe forms of cancer.

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sprinkled buckwheatKnowing the history of the buckwheat diet, think again whether a person who has no health problems other than excess weight should experiment on his body without any guarantees of safety. And if you come across a mention of Dr. Laskin’s buckwheat diet in the context of weight loss, in no case trust this source.

So, back to the buckwheat diet for weight loss in buckwheat in a saucepanin the form in which it exists in modern medical literature and the worldwide network. The basic principle of the buckwheat diet is to eat only steamed buckwheat for 1 or 2 weeks. Separately, it is indicated that buckwheat should be cooked in a special way: do not cook, but pour 1 glass of cereal with 2 glasses of boiling water and leave for several hours. The meaning of such a restriction is not entirely clear, since buckwheat is sold already fried, and vitamins that can be killed by cooking are already absent in it, and B vitamins are almost not destroyed during cooking. Soaking would be fair for green unroasted buckwheat, but no source even mentions its existence. This is doubly strange, since green buckwheat can be sprouted and supplemented with buckwheat porridge with this superfood.

boiled buckwheatAs for salt, different sources disagree: some are categorically against salt, others allow you to salt buckwheat to taste. It is also alarming that not a single source found by us gives recommendations to wrap a pot of buckwheat well. There are also authors who advise draining the liquid if it remains. It is unlikely that these advisers themselves prepared buckwheat according to their recommendations, because in the heat and with the indicated proportions of cereals and water – 1: 2 – there will be no excess liquid, and if it remains, then the buckwheat is not yet ready, you need to wrap it up again and leave it alone , and not choke on half-baked cereals. With these minor subtleties, known to any good housewife, you get a delicious crumbly porridge that you can happily eat without butter, sugar and sauces. Interestingly, foreign sources recommend mashed buckwheat porridge with a blender – this way it becomes like the usual oatmeal.

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It is recommended to adhere to a strict buckwheat mono-diet for 3-4 days: eat as much buckwheat as you like and drink plain filtered water or unsweetened tea. Then you should supplement the diet with low-fat kefir – no more than 1 liter per day. This combination of foods will help prevent problems with the gastrointestinal tract, provide the body with proteins and fats, and, which is also important, at least somehow curb appetite. Due to its low calorie content (about 600 kcal per day) and the absence of salt, the buckwheat-kefir diet will quickly remove excess fluid from the body and get rid of several kilograms of body fat.

buckwheat grainFor a week of such a diet, something bad is unlikely to happen to a healthy body. On the contrary, the walls of blood vessels and the heart muscle will be strengthened, immunity will increase, high blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels will decrease, and the condition of the skin and hair will improve. If weakness or dizziness appears due to low blood sugar levels, you can eat a spoonful of buckwheat honey or dissolve it in water with a few drops of lemon juice.

buckwheat in a plateIf you decide not to limit yourself to one week, but to extend the buckwheat diet for the second week, then be sure to supplement your diet with vegetables, fruits, herbs, juices, nuts, unsweetened yogurt, dried fruits, bran. Give preference to radishes, radishes, turnips, parsley, sesame seeds, lemons, apples, apricots, and raisins. Continue drinking plenty of still water or unsweetened tea. In the morning before eating, drink a glass of hot water with lemon juice and honey – this activates the stomach and intestines. When you want something spicy or salty, season the buckwheat with a few drops of good soy sauce. When the feeling of hunger overcomes at the wrong time, drink warm water, kefir or yogurt. Avoid any baked goods, even black bread, and refrain from sugar, salt and appetite-whetting spices. Any alcohol, of course, is prohibited. If you are not satisfied with the result of the 2-week buckwheat diet, repeat it no earlier than a month later.

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buckwheat in a jarAttention! The buckwheat diet is contraindicated for pregnant and lactating women, as well as those suffering from gastritis, stomach ulcers or duodenal ulcers. Diabetics should consult a doctor before starting a buckwheat diet.

With a reasonable approach, a buckwheat diet can quickly save you a few extra pounds, but overwork can lead to serious health problems.

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