Buckwheat guide: properties, types, how to cook properly

Needless to say, buckwheat is now the number one product. But, to our surprise, one of the most popular topics on social networks is not where to buy it, but really a must-have product for advanced healthy people? Like, a simple carbohydrate, from which they only get fat, which is definitely not good in a home regime. asked Leonid Elkin, a doctor of the highest category and author of his own weight correction method, and nutritionist Regina Doctor, what is the strength of buckwheat, how to cook it correctly and how much to eat so as not to gain weight. Spoiler: after the doctor’s words, the purchase of this cereal was included in our to-do list!

Able to surprise

The first surprise: buckwheat is not a cereal. This plant is from the buckwheat family, as well as, for example, rhubarb and sorrel. It is also generally accepted that this is purely our national porridge. And here is the second surprise: the homeland of buckwheat is North India, where it grows wildly. And there it is called “black rice”. In different countries, by the way, this cereal has its own name: in Italy – “Turkish grain”, in the USA – “deer wheat”. Some scientists believe that buckwheat was brought to the territory of our country from Byzantium. But it seems that they really appreciated it here: it is already impossible to imagine a diet without this domestic superfood.

Also, according to the nutritionist, buckwheat contains an easily digestible protein, and its content in this cereal is higher than in other cereals. Plus she is a storehouse of B vitamins.

– You can safely eat buckwheat for breakfast, lunch, and even for dinner, – says Regina Doctor and explains: – This is a porridge with a low glycemic index – salvation for people who are monitoring weight or are in the process of losing it, for people with insulin resistance and diabetes mellitus. It is a must in baby food. Plus buckwheat – that it saturates perfectly thanks to the protein component. If you also season the porridge with unrefined vegetable oil – olive, almond, cedar, you will get a really tasty and healthy product.

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Leonid Elkin

doctor of the highest category, surgeon, integral medicine doctor, author of his own weight correction method

– And also there is no gluten in buckwheat, people with its intolerance can eat it. And no sugar, so it is good for those suffering from diabetes, obesity, the doctor adds.

– Buckwheat, as we said above, does not belong to cereals and, therefore, is devoid of all their shortcomings. It mainly contains complex carbohydrateswhich are slowly processed by the body. And it also contains a huge amount of useful minerals, trace elements, vitamins.

  • TOaliy promotes the removal of excess fluid from the body and helps in weight loss. No wonder buckwheat is considered a dietary product!
  • Iron – we talked about its importance above.
  • Magnesium – a trace element that fights against anxiety, irritability, depression (that is, with all the feelings that people can experience in the fast life of a metropolis or difficult situations). In addition, with a lack of magnesium salts, numbness of the limbs may occur. And with this, buckwheat porridge, as well as bitter chocolate and water with gas, help to cope with this.
  • Due to lack of vitamins group B chronic fatigue syndrome usually develops, they are in sufficient quantities in buckwheat.
  • Copper, which penetrates the body with buckwheat, is also important for our life: it promotes the absorption of iron, has a pronounced anti-inflammatory property, maintains the structure of bones, makes nails strong, and skin and hair healthy. They are also responsible for this amino acids (arginine and lysine), they are also included in this cereal.
  • Meanwhile folic acid necessary for the proper functioning of the blood, as well as for the functioning of the heart and blood vessels.
  • Cellulose in this cereal it works well on the gastrointestinal tract.
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What is buckwheat

There are different types of buckwheat. Core whole or slightly split grains are the most common form. It can be fried or steamed. You can cook porridge from it.

Done – the second most popular species. Represents crushed grains, as well as residues from processed cereals. From it, porridge cooks faster and turns out to be smoother, like mashed potatoes. Usually, dishes are prepared from the product for children or the elderly.

Green buckwheat in recent years, fell in love with all fans of healthy lifestyle. These are the same unground, but without heat treatment. At the same time, it retains all the beneficial qualities of cereals to the maximum extent, and also helps to cleanse the body. It takes much longer to boil, 35-40 minutes, some people use it undercooked or sprouted.

Buckwheat flour commonly found on shelves in health food stores. This is the same buckwheat, but ground as much as possible, so it’s just as useful. From it you can bake bread, fry pancakes.

How to cook it

To preserve the beneficial properties of buckwheat, it must be boiled in water, not milk. If you cannot eat buckwheat without milk, then it is advisable to at least dilute the milk with water. It is better to steam buckwheat with boiling water, but not fry.

But you can add a little vegetable or butter to buckwheat. So your dish will be tastier and at the same time will not lose vitamins and minerals. Only add oil to ready-made porridge.

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