Cabbage Soup Diet: Result in 7 Days

Ahead is a prom, a romantic date, a meeting of classmates or a corporate party, in general, a very important event for you, but you are worried that a few extra pounds will not let you feel fully armed with your beauty. There is a solution – the Cabbage Soup Fast Acting Diet! In just a week, you are guaranteed to lose a couple of kilograms and at the same time cleanse the body, because it has been proven that vegetables have a positive effect on our health, and vegetables of the Brassica family (cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower) completely prevent cancer.

But we must honestly warn you: cabbage soup will not help you lose weight permanently. The diet is fast-acting, but the result is fast-passing. And then there is one side effect … how to put it … in general, be prepared for increased gassing.

Approximate menu for 7 days on a diet on cabbage soup

Day 1

Cabbage soup, plus any fruit other than bananas.

Day 2

Cabbage soup, plus any other vegetables, including baked potatoes with butter for lunch (potatoes are prohibited on other days!).

Day 3

Cabbage soup, plus any fruits and vegetables.

Day 4

Cabbage soup, plus fruit (you can eat bananas, but no more than six pieces) and skim milk.

Day 5

Cabbage soup, plus six tomatoes and no more than 450 g of meat or fish.

Day 6

Cabbage soup, plus beef and vegetables.

Day 7

Cabbage soup, plus brown rice, fruit juice, vegetables.

Important: for all these 7 days, exclude bread, carbonated drinks and alcohol from your diet!

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Cabbage soup can include all types of cabbage – white cabbage, red cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower … Prepare soup with green paprika, green onions, tomatoes, can be canned, you can cook in low-fat meat broth, season with your favorite spices (salt, pepper, parsley , garlic, etc.). In general, every day the soup can be different, the main thing is that it is tasty.

Enjoy your weight loss!

Mila Kubay

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