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Catalan Tomato Breakfast, Bacon Corn Fritters and Two More Easy Weekend Recipes

With the experts at Elementaree Quick Home Cooking Service, we’ve put together four quick recipes that the whole family will love.

Catalan breakfast with tomatoes

The ideal of this breakfast is its simplicity – easy to cook and delicious to eat. Fans of Barcelona will be reminded of breakfast at the hotel and fragrant “pantomate” – toasted bread, poured with olive oil and grated fresh tomatoes.


tomatoes (canned, chopped) – 150 g,

feta cheese – 30 g,

eggs – 2 pcs.,

garlic – 1 clove,

ciabatta – 1 pc.,

vegetable oil, pepper


We boil the kettle. Wash eggs, put in a ladle, pour boiling water and put on high heat. We leave for 6 minutes.

Put a dry frying pan on high heat and heat. Cut the ciabatta in half and place in the pan. Fry for 1 minute on each side. Remove from heat and transfer to a plate. Rub each ciabatta half with garlic.

A frying pan from under the ciabatta with 1 tbsp. l. rast. oil (tastier with olive) put on high heat and heat. Tomatoes and 0.25 tsp put the pepper in the pan. Stir for 2 minutes. Remove from heat and place in ciabatta halves.

When 6 minutes have elapsed, remove the eggs from the heat. We drain the water and fill it with cold. We leave for 2 minutes. We peel the eggs from the shell, cut in half and put on the ciabatta with tomatoes. Put feta cheese on top.

Catalan Tomato Breakfast, Bacon Corn Fritters and Two More Easy Weekend RecipesCorn pancakes with bacon

Not a classic, but very tasty recipe – pancakes are perfect for a hearty breakfast or snack.

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Ingredients: ⁣⁣⠀

egg – 1 pc. ⠀

wheat flour – 30 g⁣⁣ ​​⠀

bacon – 30 g⁣⁣ ​​⠀

chili pepper flakes – 1 g ⁣⁣

lime sauce with chili – 30 g⁣⁣ ​​⠀

corn (frozen) – 200 g ⠀

fresh herbs (parsley and green onions) – 20 g⁣⁣ ​​⠀

vegetable oil, salt ⠀


Wash fresh herbs, finely chop and put in a bowl. For lime sauce with chili, mix and beat with a blender: lime juice, olive oil, Jerusalem artichoke syrup and chili pepper. Wash the egg and break it into a bowl. Corn (no liquid), bacon, wheat flour, some chili flakes, 2 tbsp. l. water at room temperature and 0.25 tsp. add salt to a bowl. ⁣⁣ Mix well. For a spicier dish, add more chili to taste, or sprinkle on pre-made pancakes.

A frying pan with 1 tbsp. l. rast. put the butter on a strong fire and heat it. ⁣⁣ 1 tbsp. l. Put the corn mass in a skillet. Fry for 1 minute on each side. Remove from heat and place the corn pancakes on plates. We complement the dish with lime sauce and chili. ⠀

Catalan Tomato Breakfast, Bacon Corn Fritters and Two More Easy Weekend RecipesPizza Neapolitan

Incredibly flavorful pizza. DIY dough and delicious filling with anchovies, olives with capers and olives, mozzarella cheese, champignons and tomato sauce. ⁣⁣⠀


wheat flour – 270 g⁣⁣ ​​⠀

arugula – 10 g⁣⁣ ​​⠀

mushrooms champignons – 120 g⁣⁣ ​​⁣⁣

mozzarella cheese – 100 g⁣⁣ ​​⠀

topping (olives, capers, olives) – 40 g⁣⁣ ​​⠀

anchovies – 10 g⁣⁣ ​​⠀

tomato sauce with basil – 150 g⁣⁣ ​​⠀

dry yeast – 4 g⁣⁣ ⠀

parchment, vegetable oil, salt, pepper⁣⁣ ⠀


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Turn on the oven to 50 degrees. 1 tbsp. l. Pour wheat flour on the table, on which we will knead the dough. The rest of the flour is placed in a bowl (not plastic). Dry yeast, 1/2 tsp each salt and sugar, 3 tbsp. l. rast. add oil and 160 ml of warm water to a bowl. Mix with your hands and put on the table. Knead the dough with your hands for about 5 minutes, until the dough gathers into a lump and stops sticking to your hands. Shape the dough into a ball and put it back in the bowl. Cover with a towel. Put in the oven for 10 minutes at 50-55 degrees. Or leave it for 20 minutes at room temperature. ⁣⁣ ⠀

At this time, we wash the mushrooms and cut them into slices. Cut olives and olives from topping into pieces or in half. ⁣⁣ ⠀

We turn on the oven with a baking sheet for a maximum of 220-250 C. When the oven has warmed up, turn the baking sheet over and put it on the table. Spread the parchment on the flat side of the baking sheet. Put the dough on a baking sheet and stretch it with your hands so that there are plump edges and a thin center (about 0.3 cm thick). Quickly and evenly grease the dough with tomato sauce with basil (so that it does not have time to get wet). Sprinkle mozzarella cheese evenly. ⁣⁣ ⠀

Spread the mushrooms, topping and anchovies evenly over the cheese. We water 1 tbsp. l. olive. butter and sprinkle with a little pepper. We send to the oven for 9 minutes. ⁣⁣ Wash arugula and decorate the finished pizza. ⠀

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Catalan Tomato Breakfast, Bacon Corn Fritters and Two More Easy Weekend RecipesRolls with tuna, corn and chuka

The easiest recipe for breakfast rolls or snacks on the run.


tuna (canned) – 80 g

corn (canned) – 75 g

lavash – 1 sheet

granular mustard – 10 g

Chuka seaweed – 40 g

sour cream – 45 g

salt pepper


Tuna (without liquid), sour cream, granular mustard and 0.25 tsp each. put salt and pepper in a bowl. Mix the filling. Spread the lavash on a flat surface and cut it in half. Lubricate each half of the pita bread evenly with the filling. Put the corn (without liquid) evenly on top of the filling. Lay the chuk algae (without liquid) on top of the corn.

We fold the roll: bend the bottom edge of the pita bread and scroll, bend the left and right edges of the pita bread to the middle, twist the pita bread into a tube, cut it in half obliquely and repeat the same steps with the second part of the pita bread.

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