Complete guide: 25 home delivery services we tested

New Year’s Eve is the perfect time to spend time at home, in bed, without fuss and rush. Order groceries, choose delivery with recipes and ingredients for them, or containers with a ready-made ration for the day – in the BeautyHack selection there are 25 convenient food services, thanks to which you can have cozy January dinners without leaving your home.

Services and large stores with food delivery

To keep you on the street, most hypermarkets and small farm produce stores offer grocery delivery. You can order a grocery basket for a week for yourself or your loved ones directly by phone, which can be delivered in 15 minutes!


Large selection of groceries and household goods, but delivery takes several days. A good option for those who know how to plan their grocery basket “for the future.”

Delivery: 2-3 days
Minimum amount: any, from 2700 rubles free


“Your house”

In the hypermarket, you can order furniture, plants and even everything for repairs (we know that in quarantine, the desire to “change something” does not leave you). Huge selection of grocery baskets and the entire assortment of the store.

Delivery: during the day
Minimum amount: from any amount, express delivery – from 3000 rubles

avatar METRO


A large international hypermarket delivers food and related products, ranging from low-cost products from local producers. The store offers good discounts on bulk purchases, but due to loading, delivery will have to wait several days.

Delivery: 3-5 days
Minimum amount: from 2500 rubles




Delivery Yandex.Food , in addition to ready-made meals in restaurants and establishments, it offers grocery delivery. Everything is stored in one warehouse, so delivery is carried out in record time, which justifies the modest assortment.

Delivery: from 30 minutes
Minimum amount: from 300 rubles, during peak hours – from 700 rubles

avatar LavkaLavka


A popular service of farm products with a large selection of meat, fish, cheese and dairy products, fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs, groceries, there is a small section with semi-finished products.

Delivery: next day
Minimum amount: from 2000 rubles, delivery cost 400 rubles



A real market in the online space where you can choose products and goods at wholesale prices, thanks to the cooperation of the site with local product manufacturers.

On the OTKOROBKI website, you can find dozens of promotions and discounts every day.

Delivery: 1-2 days
Minimum amount: from 1000 rubles


“Alphabet of taste”

IN online store “Azbuka Vkusa” is the usual assortment of finished products, pastries, fresh food, vegetables and fruits.

Delivery: from 45 minutes
Minimum amount: 2990 rubles



On the Perekrestok website there are all kinds of products, discounts of the day, promotional items and a special offer for those who order in bulk.

Delivery: next day
Minimum amount: from 3000 rubles



In addition to the usual products in “Platypus” there is a section “Pharmacy”, where you can order lenses, vitamins, antiseptics and some medicines, pet supplies and products “Vkusvilla“.

Delivery: during the day
Minimum amount: from 2500 rubles


“Kick scooter”

The new service delivers products in just 15 minutes! The choice is not as big as in hypermarkets, but if you are thinking of a cake and forget that you ran out of flour and eggs last week, Samokat will help out. Also, you can place an order 10 minutes before the store closes.

Delivery: from 15 minutes
Minimum amount: 200 rubles

avatar Family Friend

Family friend

Family Friend’s delivery service offers fresh seasonal vegetables, herbs, berries and fruits, as well as meat and milk, fresh baked goods and farm products.

Minimum amount: from any amount
Delivery: Within 2 hours

avatar EcoMarket


Popular fresh food service, with a large selection of fresh vegetables and fruits, with meat, fish and poultry, large groceries, excellent fresh bread, a large section with farm products and a tab “everything for home”.

Delivery time: day to day
Minimum amount: from 2000 rubles, delivery – 299 rubles

avatar Cheese-Cake


For those who really miss delicious desserts, the Cheese-Cake service offers delivery of all kinds of delicacies. The online dessert store from all over the world sells frozen croissants, cakes and even ice cream sundaes.

Delivery time: next day
Minimum amount: from 690 rubles

Food delivery with recipes

When the fantasy for a varied menu for the whole family is over, peeling vegetables, measuring the amount of spices and sauce is tired – services come to the rescue, which offer to choose a menu and bring a box with ingredients that need to be mixed and cooked in a matter of minutes

avatar Chef Market

Chef market

The popular service offers a balanced and functional menu from 18 chefs, technologists and nutritionists. You choose the menu and dishes that
suit you, choose the number of people and get a box of products and photorecipes that are easy to repeat.

Delivery: in within 3 hours
Price: from 2601 rub for 4 dishes for 2 persons

avatar Elementaree


A varied menu for all tastes – Elementaree has a dinner constructor, quarantine offer and special dishes from the chef.

Delivery: in within 3 hours
Price: from 1850 rub for 5 dinners for 2 persons

avatar Dinner Home

Dinner at Home

Original menu, family set, choice for vegetarians and cuisine from different countries. Every week “Dinner at Home” offers many options for different menus, not only for main courses, but also for soups, desserts and snacks.

Delivery: in within 3 hours
Price: from 2790 rub for 5 dinners for 2 persons

avatar Avocadocook


Avocadocook’s menu includes ready-made meals, smoothies, breakfasts, salads and snacks, soups, a large selection of main dishes, buffet menu and desserts. The price of the finished Caesar is 390 rubles, a set for cooking popular salad will come out at 325 rubles.

Delivery: in within 3 hours
Price: from 100 rubles per dish

Delivery of ready meals

This option is for those who like consistency in everything. Services bring containers of ready-made meals for the day, and you only need to open and warm up the ready-to-eat meals. In addition, in such services, you can find special food for those who follow the figure, with a calculated KZHBU.


“Garden City”

In addition to a thorough product selection at “Garden city»There are 9 food options for network lovers, vegetarians and even adherents keto diets

Delivery: 1.5-2 hours
Price: from 1250 rubles per ration per day

avatar MF Kitchen

MF Kitchen

The ready-made rations service with home delivery offers balanced meals, and programs for different purposes, designed for different KJBU. In addition to ready-made rations, the service offers nutritionist support and chatting.

Delivery: 1.5-2 hours
Price: from 1100 rubles per ration per day

avatar YamDiet


The service has programs for reducing, gaining or maintaining weight, menus for vegetarians and vegans, gluten free, lactose-free and keto food… The menu is so big it can get confusing!

Delivery: from 20:00 the next day
Price: from 990 rubles per ration per day

avatar justfood


The service menu is suitable for both beginner fitness lovers and experienced athletes: oatmeal porridge, buckwheat noodles, vegetable salad, cod with sauce and chicken unagi… A varied menu, compiled by experienced nutritionists, changes every 2-3 months and does not have time to bore you.

Delivery: within 3 hours
Price: from 1000 rubles per ration per day

Ready meals from cafes and restaurants

To feel at home, like in a restaurant, you need to arrange delivery on one of the popular services. Sushi, pizza, pastries and fast food: you just need to choose a cuisine and a restaurant.

avatar Delivery Club

Delivery Club

Most popular in search engine queries, no introduction needed, delivers orders from hundreds of popular restaurants in a short time. By the way, bonuses are awarded with each purchase, which can then be exchanged for food.

avatar Yandex.Food


The service cooperates only with trusted restaurants, controls the quality of food and closely monitors the punctuality of couriers. Another service for those who want a restaurant dinner at home.

avatar ZakaZaka


ZakaZaka constantly conducts various promotions, on the map you can see the nearest delivery points to your home. Convenient order form, menu by category and more than 3000 cafes and restaurants to choose from.

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