Detox: 10 mistakes you make

INRach-nutritionist Juliana Popeka told how long the detox should last for an unprepared person, whether it is possible to practice physical activity at this time, and whether a complete transition to exclusively liquid food is permissible.

Mistake # 1: you misunderstand the concept of “detox”

Many people put in the concept of “detox” not quite the right meaning. This is a natural process of the body’s self-purification from toxic substances through the kidneys, skin, and lungs. There is no unequivocal opinion among experts about toxins and slags. Our body is designed in such a way that in a normal state it copes with harmful substances from food and water.

Waste is generally an industrial term and does not apply to health.

Mistake # 2: You Don’t Prepare For Your Juice Detox

Juice detox is one of the options for cleansing the body. It works, but it needs the right approach. Almost everyone who practices juice detox does not prepare for the program. The result is serious stress for the body, which manifests itself in the form of migraines, weakness, drowsiness, and poor health. Many systems and organs begin to work in an emergency mode. Even a short-term full transition to liquid food can negatively affect the work of the digestive tract – it is designed so as to digest food of different consistency.

If you do intend to try juice detox, reduce the amount of solid foods gradually.

Juices should be drunk 6-7 times a day. It’s better to start the morning with a smoothie. For those who have increased acidity of the stomach and problems with the gastrointestinal tract, this method is not suitable at all.

One more nuance. For proper detoxification, juices need to be prepared just before consumption. 15-20 minutes after preparation, the concentration of vitamins and nutrients in them decreases several times. When coming out of detox, don’t overload your body with heavy foods. Start with steamed vegetables, gradually returning to your usual diet.

Mistake # 3: You Leave Unhealthy Foods in Your Diet

I would recommend detoxifying fresh fruits and vegetables by removing all baked goods, rice, pasta, coffee, dairy products from the diet. Prerequisite: the use of vegetables of different colors. So you will ensure maximum vitaminization of the body. Be sure to include iron-rich green vegetables in your diet (prevention of anemia): spinach, broccoli, Brussels sprouts. For a person who is not prepared for detoxification, a one-day program is sufficient. Better to start at 6-12 hours. This time is enough for the body to take a break from digesting heavy food. With regular practice, the time of the detox diet can be extended to several days.

Mistake # 4: you don’t know your physiology before starting a detox

Before starting any unusual action, it is better to consult with a specialist. Absolute contraindications for detoxification: pregnancy, lactation, disorders of the digestive, endocrine and cardiovascular systems, diabetes mellitus, kidney disease. It is important to know what exactly the body lacks, to determine the state of the intercellular fluid, the metabolic rate. Only then can you choose the correct program.

There are different types of detox that you need to prepare for in different ways. But there are general rules as well.

Remove meat, coffee, baked goods, rice from the diet during the week. Eat more vegetables and don’t forget about water – this is important when cleansing!

Do not detox after the holidays – too much stress for the body.

Mistake # 5: you don’t feel good.

During detox, it is important to listen to your body, no matter how trite it may sound. If during the day you feel sluggishness, rapid fatigability, a headache appears, the chosen program does not suit you. When detoxing in the afternoon, it is better to give preference to vegetables: stew, bake, prepare salads from them. After 20:00, it is better to refuse food (if your program is designed for several days).

Mistake # 6: You Don’t Eliminate Salt

Salt retains fluid in the body. And if it is not excluded, metabolic processes are not so intense. It is also better to completely abandon seasonings. Firstly, they may contain salt, and secondly, they can cause undesirable phenomena from the gastrointestinal tract, irritating the mucous membrane. Keep extra virgin olive oil in your diet. It has an excellent antioxidant effect – it improves digestion and helps to cleanse the body. Add to vegetables, salads and smoothies.

Mistake # 7: you don’t get enough sleep

Detox is a “vacation” for the body. To achieve maximum effect, you need to give it the opportunity to completely reboot. Sleep at least 8 hours a day, limit the usual physical activity (especially strength training), preferring walking. Oxygen helps to improve metabolic processes – they proceed much faster.

Mistake # 8: you don’t see the difference between detox and diet

During detox, calorie reduction occurs automatically. But this is not a diet. The main goal of detox programs is to improve the intestines, on the work of which the state of the immune system directly depends. Getting rid of body fat will not work. The body cannot break down more than 150 grams of adipose tissue per day. On the first day of fasting, this figure does not exceed 100 grams.

Mistake # 9: Your Detox Time Is Wrong

Detox is best done in the off-season – spring or fall. In summer, in conditions of high temperatures, gassed air and dust, it will not be possible to fully cleanse the body. Ideal if you have the opportunity to go out of town during the detox program.

Mistake # 10: Trying New Treatments While Detoxing

I would not recommend doing this. It is not known how the body will respond to such interventions. Many experts advise to accompany the detox with a lymphatic drainage massage. I am not a supporter of this. Allowed activities are bath and sauna. Take a cleansing herbal tea with you to the steam room.

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