Don’t part with your loved ones: 8 rules of family etiquette for losing weight

INRach-nutritionist, member of the National Society of Nutritionists Albina Komissarova told BeautyHack why you need to let everyone know that you are on a diet, and how to transfer family members to proper nutrition.

Tell everyone about your plans!

By telling everyone about your intention to lose weight, you reduce the risk of food disruptions several times. Even at a party, you can refuse a treat without offending the owners (weight loss is a serious argument!).

Support from loved ones is 50% of success. You automatically set yourself up for the result. The desire not to let down those who believe in you is a good motivation.

“Clean” the refrigerator

There should always be wholesome food and healthy snacks at home. If there are only high-calorie cutlets with mashed potatoes in the refrigerator, there is a high probability that you will eat them at the first acute feeling of hunger. You should have an alternative: breast instead of sausages, cottage cheese cake instead of cake, whole wheat quiche instead of bun.

Find PP Recipes Everyone Will Love

Subscribe to the PP recipes pages. I only feed my friends the “right” food, and not a single person has complained about the taste yet. Get creative. Replace harmful ingredients with useful ones: whole grain wheat flour, animal milk with vegetable milk, sugar with Jerusalem artichoke syrup (we talked about superfoods here). This will not affect the taste in any way, and the calorie content of the dish will decrease several times.

Don’t go to extremes

As a nutritionist, I am glad that today people have a correct understanding of healthy eating. PP is not a punishment when you need to limit yourself in everything. It’s not just steamed fish and stewed vegetables! The menu should be balanced, varied and include proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

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Don’t faint at the word “banana” – eat it in the morning. Making sauces, experimenting with seasonings, and serving everyone in the family from your plate will help you develop healthy eating habits.

Prepare additional meals

Just because you decide to lose weight doesn’t mean that everyone needs to do it. If you’re not eating cheese, don’t sprinkle it on your pasta, but be sure to put the Parmesan on the table. Do not put butter in the common pot, but invite everyone to add it to the dish.

Don't part with your loved ones: 8 rules of family etiquette for losing weight

Be an example for your children

Children copy the eating habits of their parents. When mom and dad eat everything, do not expect that at the snap of a finger, children will give up starchy and fatty foods.

An alternative to sweets is candied fruits, store sausages are a cooked product from chicken breast.

Involve children in cooking! Talk about healthy and unhealthy foods, explain why they need vitamins and minerals. Turn the switch to eating right into a fun game: works – tested.

Move from simple to complex

Start your transition to a healthy diet by increasing the amount of vegetables. Replace the traditional side dish for dinner with a delicious salad. Add less vegetable oil. Use an electric grill instead of a frying pan – this makes the dishes tasty, but less nutritious.

Don't part with your loved ones: 8 rules of family etiquette for losing weight

Come up with an interesting feed

Even an ordinary omelet can be served in such a way that you instantly want to eat it: bake in muffin tins, cook like a pancake with a filling, lay out vegetables in the form of emoticons. It has been proven that the appearance of a dish influences appetite no less than its taste.

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Master the art of serving, buy beautiful dishes and take your time. Let breakfast, lunch or dinner become a good tradition when you can not only eat, but also discuss important family issues.

Interview and text: Natalia Kapitsa

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