Eating Less: 20 Ways to Tame Your Appetite

BeautyHack tells you what size your lunch portion should be and how to overcome the cravings for sweet snacks.

Swap the base of the dish and the filling

Instead of your morning bowl of muesli, eat yogurt sprinkled with a little muesli. At lunchtime, put the vegetables on a plate first, and then add a quarter cup of brown rice to them.

Eat soup

Start your lunch with soup or vegetable stock. Studystudy by the US National Institutes of Health found that people who eat soup first cut their calorie intake by 20%.

Smoothies can be high in calories

A 500 ml breakfast smoothie is almost 400 calories. The best option is oatmeal with banana and a cup of black coffee.

Make popcorn at home

A large glass of popcorn in a movie theater is 1,000 calories. And made at home in the microwave without additives – 300 calories.

Choose fresh fruit over dried fruit

For comparison, 3 tablespoons of grapes are equal in calories to a cup of raisins. 100 grams of dried apples has 231 calories, and one fresh apple has only 47.

Eat fiber foods

It takes more time for the body to digest fiber, so you won’t feel hungry for a long time. 25 grams of fiber per day is more than enough. This reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Replace harmful ingredients with vegetables

Spinach can be the basis for a healthy sandwich, mushrooms can be added to minced meat filling, and apples can be diced into oatmeal.

Eating Less: 20 Ways to Tame Your Appetite

No complicated salad dressings

A harmless vegetable salad is high in calories if you add cheese, caramelized nuts, bacon, avocado, or croutons. Limit yourself to extra virgin olive oil.

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The 50/25/25 rule

Fill 50% of the plate area with vegetables or salad, 25% with lean protein, 25% with carbohydrates. You simply won’t have room for grilled meats or unhealthy snacks.

Use smaller cookware

Instead of large plates, take salad, replace deep soup with bowls for cereal.

The plates will be filled to the brim with food, and the portions will be reduced.

Put some food in containers

If you have prepared dinner and plan to take some of the food with you to work, put it right in the container. You won’t be tempted to eat a double serving in the evening.

Divide portions in restaurants

Share large meals with your interlocutor. If you are dining alone, ask the waiter to set aside half of the serving before serving it.

Delicious tea instead of dessert

Have you also accustomed yourself to sweets after eating? Change the ritual to a decaf, mint, cinnamon, or fruity tea.

Eating Less: 20 Ways to Tame Your Appetite

Don’t overeat at the buffet

Having seen the variety of dishes on the buffet, you can forget about all the warnings and promises. Take a circle, consider all the food and decide what you really want. Remember to stick to the plate filling rule.

No TV and phone

Do not watch TV during dinner. When you are passionate, it can be difficult to control how much you eat.

Eat every 4 hours

If you eat a balanced meal every 4 hours, you won’t feel like snacking. For snacks, take unsalted nuts and fruits, which are high in fiber and water.

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Eat “complex” foods

Oranges, pistachios, soybeans – all of these need to be peeled, which means you will eat more slowly and do not want additives.

Divide snacks into portions

Instead of eating nuts or other snacks straight out of the bag, divide them into small portions ahead of time.

Eating Less: 20 Ways to Tame Your Appetite

Coffee without syrups or whipped cream

Sometimes coffee is a complete dessert with up to 670 calories. Instead, drink regular espresso.

Control yourself when dining with friends

Dinner in the company of a large number of people is a trap. As a rule, a person eats 97% more food than planned.

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