Editors’ Choice: 5 Best Moscow Restaurants for Healthy Breakfast

RHere are five locations where you can meet the BeautyHack team on weekdays and weekends.

Avocado queen

Editors' Choice: 5 Best Moscow Restaurants for Healthy Breakfast
Choice of BeautyHack Editor-in-Chief Karina Andreeva

We go to Avocado Queen with friends on weekends, although on weekdays you can get here for breakfast before work: the institution opens at 9.00 (and closes at midnight). It is comfortable here both for those who are not fixated on healthy lifestyles and for those who are used to counting the daily calorie content. You can have breakfast with porridge, pancakes, salad, eggs. But the main character of the restaurant is avocado, it is present in almost all dishes (avocados are fried, mashed, served in slices with poached egg and made into ice cream). My favorite item on the menu: gluten-free bread, avocado, edamame, lime, greens.

Since the authorship of the project belongs to restaurateurs Arkady Novikov and Anton Pinsky and Australian chef Glen Ballis, I have no doubt about the success of the establishment. And full boarding on weekends is proof of that.

Address: st. Malaya Bronnaya, 20, building 1
Instagram: @avocado_queen_restaurant

Saxon + Parole

Editors' Choice: 5 Best Moscow Restaurants for Healthy Breakfast Editors' Choice: 5 Best Moscow Restaurants for Healthy Breakfast
Choice of the senior editor of BeautyHack Anastasia Speranskaya

My favorite place from one of the most photogenic terraces in Moscow (you just have to wait until it gets warmer and the windows open). At Saxon + Parole, not only the breakfasts are excellent, but also the brunch: the best eggs Benedict and cheesecakes with lemon sour cream and blueberry jam! If you don’t allow yourself such liberties even in the morning, you can always take porridge, granola with coconut yogurt or eggs (they can be prepared in any way).

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On weekends, the restaurant opens at 11:00 – it’s time for a brunch!

By the way, the Moscow Saxon + Parole is a copy of the New York restaurant with the same name. Even the menus in the establishments are almost the same. The decor is so well recreated that sometimes it really seems like bustling New York is outside the window.

Address: Spiridonyevsky per., 12/9
Instagram: @saxonandparole_msk

Corner How to Green

Editors' Choice: 5 Best Moscow Restaurants for Healthy Breakfast

Editor’s Choice BeautyHack Natalia Kapitsa

How to Green – another project of a healthy lifestyle adherent Sasha Novikova… The institution is located on the territory of the Vokrug Sveta gastronomic market on Nikolskaya (in addition to How to Green, there are 23 more restaurants and cafes).

Guided by the slogan “Less worries more berries”, the project team led by Sasha invites guests to assemble their own breakfast, lunch or dinner at the salad bar, try a hot bowl or a healthy dessert. You can eat on site or take food with you to the office. The menu turned out to be really varied: due to the fact that you “collect” the dish yourself, you can choose (or, conversely, exclude) meat and fish components, supplement them with quinoa, hummus. You won’t find refined sugar and white flour anywhere else.

Address: st. Nikolskaya, 10

“City Garden”

Editor’s Choice BeautyHack Sofia Vorobyova

Project Daria Lisichenko growing every year. Now there are 12 Gorod Sad stores in Moscow, where you can not only buy groceries at home, but also have a full meal. There are more than 10 items in the breakfast menu: cereals, smoothie bowls, cottage cheese or tofu pancakes, casserole. My favorite dish is chia pudding (Daria herself advises start culinary research): A full breakfast and an alternative to the classic dessert you want to enjoy sometimes. If I have breakfast at home, I prepare a similar pudding: all you need is vegetable milk, your favorite fruits and chia seeds.

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Sadovaya-Sukharevskaya, 2/34
Bolshoi Patriarshy per., 12
B. Dmitrovka, 16
Sivtsev Vrazhek, 6
Ostozhenka, 27
Pokrovka, 15/16
Presnenskaya nab., 2, “Afimall”
Mytnaya, 74, “Danilovsky Market”
Michurinsky pr., 5
st. Krasin, 7, building 1
st. Poklonnaya, 3, building 1
Kutuzovsky prospect, 32
Instagram: @gorodsad


Editors' Choice: 5 Best Moscow Restaurants for Healthy Breakfast

The choice of BeautyHack editorial assistant Arina Zarudko

At the beginning of 2019, a large food mall with an area of ​​11 thousand square meters was opened in the restored Miussky tram depot. Inside there are 75 corners and grocery shopping arcades. For the first month, it was not possible to walk calmly around the “Depot” – there were a lot of visitors, crazy queues. And even now I advise you to come here early: some of the establishments are open from 10:00. Several projects have been developed in the HLS format: Balifornia smoothie bar, vegan Raw To Go with salads, rolls and burgers, Slall, where simple and tasty food is prepared from seasonal products, and Vegan.

Address: st. Lesnaya, 20
Instagram: @

“Over the counter”

Editors' Choice: 5 Best Moscow Restaurants for Healthy Breakfast

Editor’s Choice BeautyHack Julia Kozoliy

Cafe “Without a recipe” opened in the Friends Social Club space – project Vera Abel and the Veter team. The guys make avocado and shrimp toast (my all-time choice), chia puddings, salads, healthy desserts. Now there is a full seating here almost every day, there are not many tables, and they cannot be booked, but I strongly advise you to try your luck, because the place is literally saturated with the love of its creators for their work! You can also come here with animals.

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On weekdays, the Friends Social Club is open from 8:00, on weekends from 11:00. An important point: the guys very much ask you not to work at the tables, because then there are not enough of them for everyone – better enjoy the morning in a great company!

Address: Kutuzovsky pr., 1/7
Instagram: @friends_social_club, @bez_recepta

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