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The egg diet is exactly the case when among the variety of diets existing today, there are many original ones that everyone who wants to radically change their weight certainly wants to try on themselves. And I want to try, and they take doubts: is it really so safe and good, as they say about it. They say that all means are good in achieving the cherished goal. However, one should not forget all the same that before immediately “sitting down” on a diet, you should consult with a specialist and find out more about it.

The egg diet is a highly restricted diet. Surely many immediately thought that eating a large number of eggs would negatively affect health. But this, paradoxically, is not at all true. For people without health problems, it is not at all dangerous, but it is strictly prohibited for those who have cardiovascular diseases, since eggs are quite high in cholesterol. For those who are allergic to eggs, such a diet is contraindicated.

Like many other diets, the egg diet has its pros and cons. So the pluses include the fact that it is designed for as much as 4 weeks, that is, it is quite long. Strictly following all the recommendations, you can lose up to 10 kg of weight in a month. And this, you see, is a lot! In addition, this diet does not allow you to get very hungry, that is, your body will be in working order, and this is important. It is known that eggs are a fairly satisfying product, so even a small amount of them is enough to fill you up for a long time.

Egg Diet

Attention: information for those who are afraid of the number of eggs. It is scientifically proven that chicken eggs are an excellent source of niacin, a brain-boosting substance, and a substance like choline that flushes toxins from the liver and pancreas. In general, eggs are very nutritious. During an egg-based diet, there will be no lack of essential vitamins, because you can eat fruits and vegetables. Fish allowed, but low fat. In addition to coffee and regular black tea, it is allowed to drink herbal tea. Herbs such as oregano, lemon balm, mint contain many vitamins, and tomato juice and fresh tomatoes used in the egg diet are beneficial for blood formation. Due to the fact that fruits, vegetables and meat are involved in the egg diet, and not in small quantities, it can rather be considered a diet with a balance knocked down towards protein, than a mono-diet, as nutritionists do.

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The downsides to the egg diet are much less, but they are, and it cannot be said about it. It is believed that eggs are too heavy food. Well, there is some truth in this. But the point here is not at all in the eggs, but in the methods of their preparation. It turns out that the longer you cook eggs, the longer they are then digested by our body. And, as a result, digestive problems are not excluded. That is why nutritionists are advised to alternate between eating boiled and raw eggs. The second minus is that there are no carbohydrates in eggs, respectively, a bad mood and lethargy follow from here. And the third disadvantage of the diet is the difficulty in eating so many eggs every day, especially if you do not have a taste for them.


After weighing all the pros and cons, pros and cons, think: is the egg diet suitable for you, will you master it? If you are determined, then let’s talk about the strict rules of the egg diet, which must be strictly adhered to, otherwise there will be no benefit from the egg diet:

  1. The diet of the egg diet is not based on satiety, calorie content of food, but on chemical reactions that occur in the human body when various foods are fed into it. Therefore, if you suddenly wanted to remove some product from the proposed diet, in no case replace it with another;
  2. Drink plenty of water. Mineral water is allowed in any quantities, both with gas and without, tea without sugar and milk at any time of the day;
  3. Boil vegetables in water, not broth. You can add salt, pepper and even garlic, but the addition of animal and vegetable fats is strictly prohibited;
  4. If you feel hungry, you can eat carrots or cucumbers, but not earlier than 2 hours after eating;
  5. Do not swap meals. If there was a mistake in observing the regime, start all over again;
  6. Physical activity is welcome!
  7. If the menu does not indicate the amount of a product, this means that it can be taken in unlimited quantities, up to saturation;
  8. Repeated egg diet is recommended not earlier than after 5-6 weeks;
  9. You need to start a diet from the Monday menu, and regardless of what day of the week you decide to start it.
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Raw eggs

So we got to the egg diet for a week. This is a simplified version of the egg diet, and not the most difficult. There are egg-based diets, for which menus are calculated not only by week, but also for every day, and the diet of each of the four weeks of the diet can change radically. We offer you a simpler menu, with enough food and no fasting days.

Breakfast throughout the week will be the same: 1 grapefruit, 2 eggs, boiled in a bag, black coffee without sugar.
Dinner: 2 eggs, 1 stack. tomato juice or 1 medium tomato, tea brewed with mint or lemon balm.
Dinner: 2 eggs, 1 medium grapefruit, vinaigrette made from 1 potato, 1 carrot, 1 medium onion, 250 g sauerkraut, 1 sauerkraut. Boiled potatoes and carrots, can be steamed. Herbal tea completes the dinner.


Breakfast the same as on Monday.
Dinner: 2 eggs, 1 grapefruit.
Dinner: boiled beef, salad of 2 medium-sized tomatoes or 1 stack. tomato juice, 1 medium fresh cucumber, 1 celery and lettuce.

Breakfast the same as in the previous days.
Dinner: 2 eggs, spinach, herbal tea.
Dinner: 100 g of cottage cheese, seasoned with 1 raw egg, the second egg can be fried. Cabbage and beet salad, tea.

Breakfast remains the same.
Dinner: the same as Wednesday. Only instead of herbal tea – unsweetened coffee.
Dinner: any low-fat fish, vinaigrette prepared in a known way and coffee.

Boiled eggs

Breakfast the same as on Monday.
Dinner: 2 eggs, spinach and coffee.
Dinner: any low-fat fish, vinaigrette, where we replace sauerkraut with fresh, and coffee.

Breakfast:1 grapefruit, 2 eggs, black coffee.
Dinner: salad of 1 apple, 1 banana, 1 kiwi, 1 pear and 1 orange.
Dinner: beef steak, salad made from 1 celery root, lettuce, 1 tomato, 1 cucumber, 1 medium onion and 1 boiled egg, coffee.

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Breakfast: 1 grapefruit, 2 eggs, coffee.
Dinner: half boiled medium chicken, 1 tbsp. tomato juice or 2 medium sized tomatoes.
Dinner: half boiled chicken, 1 glass of tomato juice or 2 tomatoes, 1 medium-sized carrot, 300 g of fresh cabbage and coffee.

In between meals, you need to drink water, sometimes unsalted vegetable or low-fat broths.

Like this. Complicated? Of course! Those who have gone through the entire diet often complain of a deterioration in well-being due to a lack of carbohydrates. For some, it was difficult to play sports – again from carbohydrate starvation. But after all, everything that we so desire is often given through great suffering. So, the egg diet is also an opportunity to build willpower, fortitude and prove to yourself and others that you can handle any mountains. And yet, do not risk your health, and if you feel a deterioration in well-being, quit the diet.

Successful, healthy weight loss and easy victories on the way to your cherished goal!

Larisa Shuftaykina

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