Everyone is crazy about buckwheat tea: why did it become popular? Who is driving these beverage trends?

At first we were fans of herbal teas, then everyone switched to matcha, and now buckwheat tea is in trend. It is increasingly recommended by bloggers and stars (Vera Brezhneva, for example, in an interview with our portal said that lately she has only been drinking it, for more details see the link). Why this tea has become so popular, how tea trends are generally determined and who influences it, we learned from Yulianna Belskaya, an expert at the tea club “I don’t have tea” ( and Anna Shipilova, founder of the Teadora Tea company (teadora-tea. com).

Why is buckwheat tea so popular

Yulianna Belskaya, an expert at the tea club “I don’t have tea,” believes that buckwheat tea has become so popular not only due to its characteristic gingerbread taste, but because of the countries from which it was brought – China, Japan and Korea.

– These regions are interesting not only for tourists, but also for doctors. Traditional medicine of eastern countries has long and successfully used herbs and infusions from them for the prevention and treatment of various diseases. So Ku Qiao (this is how buckwheat tea is called in China, by the way!) Is no exception, – notes Yulianna Belskaya. – It is useful in cleansing the body of toxins and excess fluids, improves metabolism, strengthens the heart and blood vessels, increases blood clotting, helps to strengthen the immune system and fight inflammation.

Anna Shipilova, the founder of Teadora Tea, agrees with Yulianna. At the same time, she emphasizes that in buckwheat tea, unlike many others, there is no caffeine and, therefore, it is suitable for absolutely everyone – both children and people who are addicted to blood pressure or suffer from diabetes.

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“Ku Qiao also has a pleasant caramel taste,” emphasizes Anna Shipilova. “Basically, a small teapot of this tea can replace an afternoon snack or dessert. Given the modern mass focus on proper nutrition, this is what is needed in our time.

Another interesting life hack from Anna: eat Ku Qiao grains after drinking tea.

– Do not waste vitamins! – jokes the founder of Teadora Tea.

The only point: balance is important in the use of buckwheat tea, it has contraindications.

“If you drink this tea every day, then after a month you definitely need to take a break for at least two weeks,” warns the expert of the club “I don’t have tea”. – Ku Qiao has a large mix of vitamins and microelements (B1, B2, B6, C, E, magnesium, iron and many others), so too much of them may not have the best effect on the body. Also, do not get carried away with buckwheat tea and people with gastrointestinal diseases in the stage of exacerbation (for example, a stomach ulcer or 12 duodenal ulcer).

What other teas are currently in trend

According to Anna Shipilova, in recent years, conscious consumption and environmental friendliness have reached all spheres of human life. People have become more likely to read formulations and choose extremely healthy and proven ingredients. This also applies to the choice of tea. In addition to buckwheat, it does not lose popularity and matcha tea (we talked about its useful properties here).

Everyone is crazy about buckwheat tea: why did it become popular? Who is driving these beverage trends?

“Probably all bloggers already have a selfie or a photo with this drink in their feed,” says Anna. – Matcha, by the way, is incredibly photogenic. But it is important to note that this is the closest tea in properties to coffee, so it is better to drink it only in the morning and, like with coffee, no more than 2-3 cups a day. Also, due to the demand for matches, a lot of fakes have appeared, so you should order this tea only through specialized stores, and, if possible, bring it directly from Japan.

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Yulianna Belskaya added a list of other popular drinks to matcha tea:

  • pressed teas (white pressed, pu-erh with flowers, pressed ossanthus flowers),
  • granulated teas – “resin” (pu-erh, red tea),
  • teas from south asian countries (Thai, Nepali).

Each of these drinks has its own spectrum of useful properties, but they all improve mood, cleanse the body of toxins, and help the kidneys work.

How trends are determined

The expert of “I don’t have tea” is sure that the popularity of tea depends on general trends in the world and the popularity of this or that place.

– As soon as the area becomes popular (for example, in terms of tourism), local drinks become in demand all over the world, – says Julianna. And he adds: trends also depend on technologists who regulate quality and experiment with tastes.

The best experimental results often become tea trends (shu pu-erh, for example).

The founder of Teadora Tea, Anna Shipilova, assures that advertising plays an important role. The same stars and bloggers, advising this or that product, make it popular and trendy.

What is the healthiest tea

– The healthiest tea is delicious! – Julianna Belskaya laughs. – But seriously, everyone has their own healthy tea, because all drinks differ both in chemical composition and in their effect on the body. Someone is not allowed light teas, someone – certain herbs. If you carefully drink tea, periodically try something new and observe yourself (following the recommendations of doctors, of course), you can find your personal “best tea”. And it is not at all necessary that he will be the same forever.

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Anna Shipilova also believes that it is worth choosing tea according to individual needs, but herbal preparations will always be useful. True, here it is also important to read the composition, choosing only the mix suitable for your body.

“Herbal mixology has strict rules for combining different herbs. It’s a whole science, – explains Anna. – Herbs complement each other, increasing the beneficial properties, others are incompatible. You also need to take into account the personal request of each consumer. Some fees have a calming effect, others, on the contrary, invigorate. A number of herbs are contraindicated for pregnant women. There is also a type of herbs that are considered feminine – they have a positive effect on the skin, hair growth, there are those that are more suitable for men. To find the right drink, sometimes you can’t do without the advice of a specialist.

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