Fasting days for weight loss: are they needed?

PPersonal trainer Polina Shirvel (@polina_shirvel) told whether fast days help to reduce weight and why it is better to refuse them. 10 facts about “detox” – in the material BeautyHack.

Pauline Shirvel

Personal trainer

Fact number 1: there are “right” and “wrong” fasting days

Fasting days for weight loss: are they needed?

Fasting days, as well as detox diets, are legendary! Not all of them are useful. There are “right” and “wrong” fasting days. The first are those that are prescribed by a specialist, taking into account the individual characteristics of the body, as well as the presence / absence of diseases of the digestive system. “Wrong” are imposed on us by opinion leaders and “sellers” of slim figures from pages in social networks. Needless to say, you don’t need to react to ads for smoothies and slimming teas?

Fact number 2: fasting days – stress for the body

The main danger of fasting days is stress (read how to get rid of stress here). When you deprive your body of important macronutrients, it switches to storage mode and stops giving up fat, storing them.

Fact number 3: muscle tissue destruction occurs on fasting days

Fasting days for weight loss: are they needed?

The body needs energy for the normal functioning of systems and organs. When it is not there, he takes “fuel” for work from another source – protein, starting to destroy it. First of all, the muscles “burn out” – and this happens very quickly! During fasting days, you lose muscle mass, but at the same time retain adipose tissue.

Fact number 4: when switching to a regular diet, the body still stores fats

After a fasting day, the process of storing fat lasts for several more days – from one to five. Even if you carefully monitor your diet, do not overeat and keep the balance of KBZHU! After severe stress, your body will switch from “emergency” to “normal” mode for a long time.

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Fact # 5: if you overeat, increase your activity

Fasting days for weight loss: are they needed?

If after a trip to your grandmother or the holidays with cakes and all the ensuing you have a desire to unload, give up this thought in favor of physical activity. You don’t need to starve yourself. Cut back on carbs slightly without creating a severe deficiency. I would like to draw your attention to the following: if you eat “correctly”, the weight will not grow from one day of “gastronomic bacchanalia”.

Fact number 6: puffiness may appear after a fasting day

The effects of stress are not limited to fat storage. The body retains everything: water, and even decay products. The result is swelling and deterioration of well-being.

Fact # 7: fasting days are a possible cause of insomnia

Fasting days for weight loss: are they needed?

Are you surprised? Lack of energy negatively affects the central nervous system. Even after one day of fasting, many people experience sleep problems, excessive irritability, and increased fatigue.

Fact no. 8: fasting days provoke overeating

Strict prohibitions are not the best way to lose weight. The more “taboo”, the higher the chances of overeating. In addition, fasting days provoke laziness – there is a high probability of skipping a workout (and even more than one!). Activity is declining – that’s a fact.

Fact number 9: on fasting days there is a chance to eat more calories

Fasting days for weight loss: are they needed?

There are no zero calorie foods! Kefir and apples also have energy value. The calorie content of the first is about 59 kcal, fruit – 52. That is, 1 kg of apples + 1 liter of kefir – about 1,100 kcal. And with such an energy value, you can make an excellent diet!

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Find ways to burn calories without sports here.

Fact number 10: “correct” fasting days – a decrease in calories by 10-15%

If you overeat, reduce the energy value of the diet by 10-15%! The next day after that, you can return to your normal diet. This will pass without consequences for the body and help to avoid puffiness.

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