Fat around us: what New Year’s salads is time to forget and how to replace them

TOHow to prepare a dietary “Olivier”, how to replace “Mimosa” and is it possible to make “Herring under a fur coat” less high in calories? BeautyHack has collected five alternative pp-recipes to traditional New Year’s dishes.

“Herring under a fur coat”

The history of this salad began much earlier than you think. The author of the recipe is Anastas Bogomolov, the owner of a chain of once popular Moscow taverns. In the revolutionary times, fights were the favorite pastime of visitors to drinking establishments – there was no other way to argue about the fate of the homeland. In order to somehow calm down the raging compatriots (and at the same time preserve property – chairs were often used), the merchant decided to come up with a recipe for a “folk” uniting salad. And he came up with it. “Herring” under a fur coat was first served on the New Year’s table on the night of January 1, 1919. The salad consisted of ingredients simple and understandable to the proletariat. Needless to say, the beets symbolized the red banner? The appetizer’s name was also appropriate – “Chauvinism and Decline – Boycott and Anathema” or abbreviated “SH.U.B.A”. Over time, everyone forgot about the patriotic principles of Anastas Bogomolov and began to prepare a salad as a traditional Russian dish for the New Year’s table.

For the salad:

Lightly salted herring – 1 pc.
Apple – 1 pc.
Onions – 1 pc.
Quail egg – 5 pcs.
Red beets – 1 pc.
Carrots – 1 pc.

For the sauce:

Sour cream 10% – 200 g
Mustard powder – 1 tsp

Wrap the vegetables in foil and bake in the oven. Boil the eggs. Peel the herring of bones. Cut the onion into small pieces and scald with boiling water. Grate vegetables on a coarse grater. Layer the ingredients: herring, onion, eggs, apple, carrot, beet. Season with sauce and let stand in the refrigerator for 1-2 hours.

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Fat around us: what New Year's salads is time to forget and how to replace them

What a New Year’s table without your favorite salad invented by the French chef Lucien Olivier back in the 19th century? True, the recipe that we inherited from our mothers and grandmothers has been greatly modified. The composition of the classic “Olivier” consisted of crayfish necks, and the main ingredient was hazel grouse meat. The salad was decorated with pressed caviar and thinly sliced ​​veal tongue slices. True, the guests instantly mixed the ingredients, not appreciating Lucien’s design impulses.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the famous Russian chef Ivanov made minor changes to the recipe, calling the dish “game salad”. And in the days of the USSR, the ingredients became as simple as possible.

“Olivier” (or “Capital”) is the “nail” of almost every New Year’s table. It would seem that there is nothing harmful in its composition, except for mayonnaise. This is not entirely true. Boiled carrots and potatoes have a high glycemic index – the body instantly reacts to them with high sugar levels. The daily norm of cholesterol for an adult is 300 mg. 100 g of your favorite salad – 163. What to do: “execute” or “pardon”? Have mercy by preparing a useful alternative.

For the salad:

Shock-frozen green peas – 500 g
Boiled carrots – 1 pc.
Green apple – 1 pc.
Chicken fillet – 500 g
Fresh cucumber – 4 pcs.
Quail eggs – 6 pcs.

For refueling:

Canned White Beans – 200g
Olive oil – 50 g
Mustard – 1 tablespoon
Yolk – 1 pc.

Defrost the peas and pour over with boiling water. Boil chicken fillet and eggs. Peel the apple. Dice all ingredients and mix in a salad bowl. Prepare the sauce: To do this, place all ingredients in a blender and beat until smooth. Season the salad. Sprinkle with herbs and serve.

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Fat around us: what New Year's salads is time to forget and how to replace them

This festive salad with canned fish appeared during the Soviet era. The dish got its name because of the rich yellow color, which is achieved thanks to the sprinkling of yolks and cheese. In the late 1980s, the salad was so popular that it managed to move Olivier, taking away the leadership positions. Alas, for adherents of proper nutrition “Mimosa” is not the best option. 274 kcal per 100 g is too much for a snack. BeautyHack figured out how to make it easier by making it more useful.

For the salad:

Canned tuna – 1 can.
Egg white – 6 pcs.
Onions – 1 pc.
Cheese 17% fat – 150 g
Carrots – 1 pc.

For refueling:

Natural yogurt – 100g
Sea salt

Hard boil the eggs. Separate the whites from the yolks. Mash canned tuna with a fork. Bake the carrots in the oven and peel them. Cut the onion into small pieces and pour over with boiling water and apple cider vinegar. Put tuna on the bottom of a salad bowl, then a layer of onions, then grated proteins. The next layer is chopped carrots and the last is cheese. Lubricate with dressing and refrigerate for 30 minutes. The calorie content of such a salad is almost two times lower than the classic one – only 138 kcal per 100 g.

Crab salad

Fat around us: what New Year's salads is time to forget and how to replace them

This “attribute” of the Russian feast appeared on festive tables in the late 90s, when crab sticks were sold in stores. True, there was only a name from “crab” – the product is made from cod fish species, but this is already a healthy lifestyle. In fact, this salad is more years old than “Olivier” and “Fur coat”. They say he was a favorite dish of the French king Louis XIV, and he was especially fond of delicacies.

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In the classic version, white rice is added to the salad, which is forbidden for adherents of proper nutrition (“fast” carbohydrate). There is no alternative to it. We will tell you how to “neutralize” your favorite dish.

For the salad:

Shrimps – 300 g
Corn – 200 g
Egg – 2 pcs.
Cucumber – 1 pc.
Brown rice – 50 g

For refueling:

Natural yogurt – 2 tablespoons

Boil rice until tender. Fry the shrimps in a dry frying pan with the addition of lemon juice. Boil the egg. Rinse the corn under cold water. Chop vegetables. Mix all ingredients, salt and season with yogurt. And now about the main thing. The calorie content of such a salad is only 87 kcal per 100 g. Eat – I don’t want to!

“Garnet bracelet”

Fat around us: what New Year's salads is time to forget and how to replace them

Almost nothing is known about the history of the origin of this dish. According to one version, it was invented by a Soviet housewife, who, in a fit of inspiration, came up with a recipe and showed imagination in the design. The dish has many variations – there are no general rules for its preparation. Our choice is a “bracelet” with beef.

For the salad:

Steamed beef – 300 g
Pomegranate – 1 pc.
Fresh cucumber – 1 pc.
Beets – 1 pc.
Canned beans – 100 g
Pine nuts – 15 g

For the sauce:

Natural yogurt – 150 g
Soy sauce

Boil the beef until tender (the meat should fall apart). Bake the beets in the oven. Disassemble the pomegranate into grains. Grate all the ingredients and start decorating. Place an empty glass in the center of a large dish. Layer all ingredients, starting with the beef. The last layer should be beets. Brush the salad with the sauce, sprinkle with nuts and pomegranate seeds.

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