Food for mind: what is there for those who work hard

Heat slow carbs and why is it important to keep a food diary if you work hard? Valeologist Snezhana Kavrigo told BeautyHack how to build a diet when there is no time for food.

Snezhana Kavrigo

Snezhana Kavrigo

valeologist, nutritionist and metabolic prophylaxis specialist

To be active, you need to monitor your regime. Catering is very important. Many foods stimulate the brain, but some of them (for example, with sweets) need to be careful. By eating a chocolate bar, you will get a quick but short-term effect.

Keep a food diary

The main advice for those who want to organize a diet in conditions of constant employment. Take a pen, a notebook and write down what time you get up, when you have breakfast, how long it takes for your first meal, what time you have lunch and dinner. The habit is formed 21 days, so if you keep a food diary all this time, such a diet will become the norm.

Don’t skip your meals

Every meal is important. Take breakfast for at least 15 minutes. Have a snack after 3-3.5 hours. Lunch – from 13.00 to 14.00. Don’t miss out on afternoon tea and dinner. If there is an appointment for lunch or dinner, invite your partner to eat with you. According to WHO standards, a person should consume about 400-500 grams of fruits and vegetables per day (5 servings).

Fast and slow carbohydrates

It is a well-known fact: glucose is the main source of energy for the brain. It is, but it is effective when you need instant results: before a public speech or meeting, a piece of dark chocolate does not hurt. Instead of chocolate, I can take with me a marshmallow, a granola bar. I do not recommend repeating this technique often. Fast carbohydrates are bad for the pancreas. The best time for them is the first half of the day.

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To increase efficiency and improve brain function for a long time, eat nuts, muesli, legumes, rice. They contain complex carbohydrates with polysaccharides.

Food for mind: what is there for those who work hard


Protein is involved in the production of adrenaline, norepinephrine, which transmit nerve impulses, are responsible for metabolic processes. Cottage cheese, chicken fillet, lean fish also increase mental alertness.

Zinc, calcium, magnesium, iron, vitamins C, D, group B

Zinc is found in turkey, bread, fish. Calcium and magnesium transmit nerve impulses, so they are important for brain activity. Iron and vitamin C increase concentration. They are found in rose hips, red peppers, black currants, Brussels sprouts, herbs, apples, pomegranate. B vitamins (found in buckwheat, liver, walnuts, sweet potatoes, rye bread) are responsible for the normal functioning of the nervous system. But in order for them to be absorbed and work, you need to consume Omega 3 and polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Food for mind: what is there for those who work hard

Healthy snack

There should always be drinking water, baby juice and dried fruit in the car or bag. Dried fruits contain glucose, and it is also a good option for a healthy snack: during a stressful period, it will replace chocolate or a bun.

Drink water

Drink water if tired. Fatigue is the first sign of dehydration.


Cardiologists allow 2-3 cups of coffee or tea a day, provided that you have normal blood pressure. If you have problems, it is best not to consume caffeinated drinks.

Interview and text: Yulia Kozoliy

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