Food for vitality: 7 foods that energize

HWhat will help keep you awake throughout the day and is it necessary to drink coffee at the same time? – about products that will help you recharge your batteries.


Bananas help to quickly recharge energy without coffee – it’s not for nothing that they are held in high esteem by athletes. This nutritious fruit is rich in magnesium, potassium – a trace mineral essential for the normal functioning of the body, as well as vitamins E, C and B6. Bananas also contain fiber – that’s why they saturate for a long time, giving energy and a feeling of vigor. But do not forget about the presence of fructose and glucose: if you want to lose weight, eat no more than one or two bananas a day in the morning.


The benefits of spinach are endless: it strengthens the immune system, slows down aging, helps in weight loss, and even fights some types of cancer. If you have seen the American cartoon about the sailor Popeye, then remember that it was spinach that helped him become stronger. This leafy vegetable is high in iron and protein, which helps the body produce more energy.


Red beans are much more nutritious than white beans and contain more beneficial trace elements (iron, zinc, potassium, magnesium and vitamins B6, B9 and PP). And most importantly, you need a very small portion to get full and energized for a long time. This product takes a long time to digest, which means that energy will be spent gradually. Beans are especially recommended for those who do not eat meat – vegetable protein can replace animal protein (what to eat if you fast, find out here). And thanks to complex carbohydrates, you are provided with vitality throughout the day.

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Sudden fatigue can be the reason for the drop in blood sugar levels. If tests confirm this imbalance, include more protein-rich foods such as eggs in your diet. It is no coincidence that they are eaten for breakfast: nutritional properties have a positive effect on metabolism and improve energy metabolism, and iron and choline help the brain function better.


Protein, magnesium, vitamin B1 and phosphorus are just some of the nutrients found in oatmeal. And they all affect energy: slow carbohydrates and fiber are absorbed for a long time, which means that fatigue will not fall on you during the day. And oatmeal will help you not to be sad – scientists have proven that B vitamins have anti-stress effects.


Almonds are also rich in protein – almost as much of it in nuts as in lean meat. In addition, this product helps to normalize metabolism and stimulate the brain, and its high energy value also makes it an excellent option for a snack. In addition to protein, almonds contain copper, magnesium and riboflavin, another B vitamin that the body needs for energy. But remember that this is a high-calorie product: a small handful or a few nuts will make up the daily norm and will give you vigor.


Water is certainly not a product, but it is still a very important source of energy (perhaps the most important). The fact is that it saturates the body with oxygen and prevents dehydration – and this is the main culprit of chronic fatigue and drowsiness. The blood thickens and begins to flow more slowly, while the cells are less supplied with oxygen and nutrients. Even if you sleep 8 hours a day, but drink little, the body will still tire faster. Therefore, if you feel very tired, instead of coffee, pour yourself a glass of plain water. Read about errors in drinking regime here.

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