Fried cheesecakes are bad for health and body shape: myth or truth

Cheesecakes are part of the country’s genetic code. We ate them, sprinkled with sour cream, in kindergarten. They dragged them out of the frying pan while mom or grandmother ran out of the kitchen for a minute. They dipped them in condensed milk, jam or honey when the days were so-so. And then they learned how to make low-calorie, healthy ones – from rice flour, fat-free cottage cheese, with bananas and pumpkin seeds. Perfect breakfast. And it is easy to cook, and does not harm the figure. In any case, it seemed to us so.

But more and more often on forums dedicated to proper nutrition, they say that this is not such a dietary dish. From it, they say, not only the waist suffers, but also the heart, and bones, and kidneys. In eggs, there is solid cholesterol, in a crispy fried crust – a carcinogenic “bomb”, some of the vitamins and amino acids in the curd lose their usefulness when heated. And if you also cook in fatty oil, eat with sour cream and drink coffee, then it’s generally easier to order fries. There is no difference for the body. In addition, caffeine supposedly interferes with the absorption of calcium: there will be a deficiency in the bone tissue, and an excess in the kidneys and heart, which can form stones and plaques.

By the way, because of this opinion, some stars refuse syrniki. For example, the lead singer of the group “VIA Gra” Erica Herceg admitted to BeautyHack in an interview that she loves this dessert. But because of its dubious benefits, it eats only on holidays.

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Are the cheese cakes now on the black list? No more flashbacks from childhood and hearty breakfasts in the morning?

Elena Orlova


I’ve read a lot of research on this topic and the results are completely opposite. Therefore, I am a supporter of the culinary theory of relativity: everything is good in moderation. While some doctors advise eating red fish to get omega-3 fatty acids and prevent heart disease, heart attack and stroke, others grab the head. There is also mercury, metal salts, growth hormones, antibiotics, microplastics. The same with eggs. Cholesterol is evil! But listen, the liver produces more cholesterol every day than ten eggs contain. And in moderate doses, the body needs it to maintain immunity. Two or three cheesecakes at breakfast will not add extra pounds to you. But jam or condensed milk can.

If you eat right, get all the necessary trace elements from the products, then you can sleep peacefully and indulge in your favorite dessert, the doctor is sure. To get some negative consequences from it, you need to fry the cottage cheese in oil day after day to the state of “coal” and pour sour cream with 48% fat and sugar syrup on top. The main thing here is not to get carried away. In moderation there, in moderation to keep on fire. You can generally bake in the oven or steam, use olive oil, do not add nuts and dried fruits. Remember that the bulk of the vitamins in fried curd is retained. For example, the same calcium and vitamin D.

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Fried cheesecakes are bad for health and body shape: myth or truth

But with the fact that it is better to give up the habit of drinking sirniki coffee, the doctor agreed. And she added that if you fanatically follow all the rules of dietary nutrition, then only air will remain on the menu. But, given the ecological situation, there are even more harmful substances in it than in a burnt crust. So keep enjoying your breakfast, but don’t get carried away with the quantity.

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