Fruit, yogurt, sauerkraut: top appetite-boosting foods

Some of us are dieting and starting to choose foods that should cut our daily intake. calories, help you lose weight and stop going to the refrigerator every hour, but the system does not work. You drink smoothies or juice, eat healthy and low-calorie sauerkraut or snack on yogurt, and your hunger does not go away. Together with experts, we figured out which foods should be excluded from the diet, because they increase appetite (or add if you want to gain weight).

Elena Manovska, therapist, nutritionist, Coral Club expert:

An important factor in “tuning” appetite is the frequency of meals. The more structured your schedule and smaller portions, the more often you feel hungry. Remember that the calorie content of a product is not at all a guarantee of saturation of the body. In order for the cells to receive nutrients, you need to monitor the BJU.

Leonid Arkadievich Elkin, doctor of the highest category, surgeon, doctor of integral medicine, author of his own patented technique for weight correction and bioenergy therapy:

It is worth giving up carbonated drinks and juices, which are high in sugar and preservatives – they only increase the appetite. Sushi is one of the most dangerous foods for losing weight. The Japanese dish contains four incompatible foods – fatty fish, rice, soy sauce and seaweed. For a person who grew up in the middle lane, such a diet is uncommon, and in Asian countries (Japan, China) sushi and rolls are quite expensive dishes, so they are consumed in limited quantities. In our case, a portion can hold up to 8-10 pieces, and often dinner is not limited to one set.

Another product that should go to the black list of losing weight is pasta. Wheat variety (even if the package contains durum wheat varieties) does not play a role in the rounding of the figure: when pasta is cooked, “pure starch” enters the body – this is even more dangerous for the figure than potatoes.

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If you want to maintain your weight or reduce it, you need to give up sweet, starchy foods and limit the use of fruits, choosing unsweetened varieties – apples, plums, and eating them only once a day, as a separate meal. Juices and monosodium glutamate products with it in the composition) should also be excluded, and seasonings and spices should be reasonably limited. Finally, and most importantly, you need to drink plenty of water. Water with the correct mineral composition (not mineral, but simply table water with trace elements) will be correctly “perceived” by all our internal environments, therefore, removing thirst, we will start eating less.

There are foods that have a small calorie content, but they awaken the appetite and provoke us to go to the refrigerator half an hour after a snack

Salted cucumbersincrease the sensitivity of taste receptors located on the tongue. Therefore, I want to try more of all kinds of dishes.

because of sauerkraut do not get fat (19 calories per 100 grams), but it provokes the stomach to produce increased juice, which significantly increases the feeling of hunger. Even small portions of the product contain a huge amount of valuable components – vitamins A, B, C, K and E, fiber and organic acids. Therefore, we recommend that you do not remove sauerkraut from the diet – you can include it in the diet instead of a side dish.

Boiled carrots and carrot fresh activates the work of the pancreas, which instantly awakens the appetite. There are pluses – carrot juice also strengthens the immune system and improves vision.

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Yogurt is a liquid food that does not have enough fat or carbohydrates to saturate the body for a long time. And from a lack of energy, our stomach wants to eat faster and stronger. Moreover, most yoghurts contain sugar.

Fruits very enzymatic – they increase appetite due to the fact that the digestive juices begin to be actively secreted, irritating the mucous membranes and receptors.

Benefit juices in general is questionable because this product is concentrated fructose. Plus – this product is very sweet – even freshly squeezed juices lead to the release of insulin into the blood. Gradually, his concentration decreases, and an acute feeling of hunger appears.

Condiments and spices irritate mucous membranes, cause an increased amount of gastric juices and increase appetite, on the other hand, they make food tasty, so we overeat. That is, the feeling of hunger is no longer there, but simply “delicious”. If we conduct an experiment and prepare a dish without salt, pepper, and other spices, we will eat as much as is needed to saturate the body.

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