Gluten-free, calorie-free and egg-free: what psyllium is and what it is eaten with

Psyllium is the new black losing weight. If the recipe is aimed at weight loss, then one of the ingredients will definitely be this supplement. For vegans, psyllium is a must have. But what is there, and Natalia Pikus, editor-in-chief of, always has it on the shelf. Now I will tell you what it is and what it is eaten with. ⠀

How psyllium helps you lose weight

Psyllium – the husk of the Indian plantain, 80% consists of soluble fiber. Psyllium contains practically no digestible carbohydrates, but it absorbs moisture and becomes a gel-like mass that can replace gluten. For this psyllium is loved by vegans – it is used as a binder in dishes instead of eggs. It is suitable for adherents of a gluten-free diet – because, as you know, there is no gluten in the plantain.

Our expert explains:

Andrey Nevsky


We all know about the benefits of fiber for our body. Psyllium, due to the fact that it consists of dietary fiber, lowers the level of sugar and “bad” cholesterol in the blood, helps the healing of ulcers and erosions in the intestine, improves its motility, has a beneficial effect on digestion, relieves dysbiosis.

When dealing with obesity, psyllium can be beneficial for several reasons. First, psyllium satiates faster and decreases appetite – that’s how fiber works. Secondly, it allows you to leave your favorite dishes in the diet, but reduce their calorie content through flour. Psyllium husk absorbs moisture and turns into gel balls that add viscosity to the dough, replacing gluten.

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But does everyone need to include psyllium in their diet? Every day, a person needs to add 25-29 grams of fiber to food. And if the diet is balanced, there are enough vegetables, fruits and cereals, there is no need to specifically add psyllium.

Gluten-free, calorie-free and egg-free: what psyllium is and what it is eaten with

To whom and how much

I don’t use the supplement every day – maximum once or twice a week. But in any case, there is an important rule to follow when you have psyllium in your diet.

A gram of psyllium absorbs up to 45 grams of water – this property makes it “sticky”. Therefore, not replenishing body fluids can lead to dehydration. So on the day you add psyllium, remember to drink.

Well, do not exceed the norm – excessive consumption of psyllium leads to a decrease in the absorption of certain substances, for example, vitamin B12.

You can buy psyllium without any problems now in all health food stores or on your favorite healthy lifestyle website iHerb. There are seeds – they are good to add to plant milk or soy yogurt instead of bran if you need to get fiber. And there is flour (or powder) – it is great in baking. I have the last one.

There is no difficulty in preparing dishes with psyllium. Just let the dough stand for at least 10 minutes before cooking to allow the psyllium to absorb moisture and swell.

Psyllium Diet Cheesecake Recipe

Gluten-free, calorie-free and egg-free: what psyllium is and what it is eaten with

Actually, psyllium can be added to all dishes where flour is used: with it in half, reducing the calorie content, or completely replacing it. Most often, I cook something curd with this additive. For example, cheesecakes – then there are only three ingredients in the dish, such cheesecakes are perfect for dinner.

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Ingredients for three servings:

  • 500 gr. curd
  • 2 eggs
  • a tablespoon of psyllium


I mix all the ingredients and put such a dough in the refrigerator for at least 20 minutes. It is better to let it stand for 30 minutes. Then form the cheese cakes, fry in a dry frying pan on both sides, cover with a lid and leave for another 2 minutes over low heat. Let them cool down a bit – and a hearty, but light dinner is ready.

In general, eggs can be easily removed from this recipe – psyllium will fulfill their function. I add them deliberately for more nutrition.

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