Good nutrition as a way of life: 5 simple principles of a healthy diet

Hand today thousands of studies are devoted to diets, but every time we try to once again become adherents of newfangled “keto” or “paleo” diets, we often cannot wait for a positive result on the scales. What is the reason? As it turned out, the main thing is to build your healthy diet, and stick to it for more than one week or month, but observe it on an ongoing basis. How not to leave the “healthy” path and what principles of proper nutrition to follow, will tell the ambassador of the healthy food delivery service Grow Food, Maria Sokolova.

The biggest mistake many of us make is to think of diet as a short-term phenomenon (we asked 30 common gastroenterologist questions about dieting here). Initially, you need to understand what exactly to include in your daily diet. It is advisable that these are healthy, natural foods that you love and are ready to eat on a regular basis. For example, if you hate celery with all your heart, then it is better, in principle, not to include it in your diet and not to use it through force, thereby risking ruining your mood.

Prefer seasonal foods

Good nutrition as a way of life: 5 simple principles of a healthy diet

It is not for nothing that in summer we enjoy eating fresh juicy watermelons, peaches and strawberries, and in winter we cannot do without tangerines. Seasonal fruits and vegetables are always packed with vitamins and nutrients that you can absorb most effectively at the time of year when they ripen.

Don’t copy other people’s diets

We are all different, so the diet of each of us can be significantly different. So you should not copy your friend’s diet, because you may need completely different nutrients and, accordingly, different foods than her. Listen only to your body and do not try to please other people’s interests (we wrote more about how to switch to proper nutrition here).

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Load up on polyunsaturated fats, not sugar

Good nutrition as a way of life: 5 simple principles of a healthy diet

The healthy polyunsaturated fats found in avocados, fatty fish, nuts, and dark chocolate are important for our diet. They can be eaten without fear of extra calories. But products with refined sugar must be completely excluded. Don’t be afraid to eat foods that contain natural sugars, such as fruits, natural honey, or maple syrup. But products such as crackers, tomato sauce, condiments and yoghurts should be wary of, as manufacturers add very large amounts of “harmful” sugar to them.

Beware of artificial flavor enhancers

Good nutrition as a way of life: 5 simple principles of a healthy diet

They need to be completely eliminated from your diet, because artificial additives slow down metabolism and harm our digestive tract. Taste enhancers are now added almost everywhere, we are so used to them that we have lost the ability to feel the real taste of products. Therefore, if you understand that you cannot eat your favorite dishes without sweeteners, give preference to honey, Jerusalem artichoke syrup or molasses, and if your favorite salad is difficult to imagine without sauce, then prepare the dressing yourself from natural ingredients.

Don’t stop at one diet, try a new one

Good nutrition as a way of life: 5 simple principles of a healthy diet

Don’t get used to one single diet – constantly ask yourself: what exactly do I want to try? Remember how you feel after consuming certain foods, and analyze what you could refuse and vice versa. Go vegan or pesketerian for a couple of weeks and look at how you feel – is there energy, or on the contrary, have you become more lethargic and tired? Find your balance and get the most out of your food.

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Good nutrition as a way of life: 5 simple principles of a healthy diet

You can use healthy food delivery services such as Grow Food to easily adjust your diet and easily stick to the right diet. All you have to do is choose the right menu for the week and enjoy healthy food every day.

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