Healthy foods that are considered harmful: dealing with a nutritionist

PThe health food department is full of new foods and superfoods. PP adepts bypass ordinary potatoes and butter, considering them the main enemies of the figure. BeautyHack has compiled a selection of foods that are unfairly considered harmful that cannot really be eliminated from the diet.

Olga Shumskaya


“Indeed, we eliminate some foods from our diet for no reason at all. Some of them are healthy and should be on the menu.”

Red meat

Fans of healthy eating refuse beef, pork or lamb. It’s in vain! Pork is an excellent source of iron, lamb is rich in B vitamins, which are involved in the regulation of the nervous system. Red meat must necessarily be in the diet during the rehabilitation period after heavy operations.

And for athletes, meat is also a rich source of creatine, an acid that allows you to quickly deliver oxygen to your muscles and restore them.

“I believe that red meat should definitely be in the diet, no matter what adherents of vegetarianism say. It is the main source of hemoglobin, which delivers oxygen to cells, ”says the nutritionist.

White bread

Most baked goods are really bad. This is due to the content of processed (refined) flour in them. However, today there are many varieties of not only tasty, but also healthy whole-grain baked goods on store shelves. Peeled flour is a real storehouse of vegetable protein, vitamins of group B, E, H, calcium, iron and chromium.

“Most white breads are really bad. However, there are also exceptions. Look on the shelves for varieties that include second-grade crushed flour – they really will only benefit, ”says Olga.


The controversy about the benefits of butter does not subside. Traditionally in Russia, this product was very highly valued, but with the advent of the fashion for proper nutrition, many have excluded it from their diet. Such measures are completely unreasonable. There is a lot of milk fat in butter, which is a supplier of vitamins A, PP, E, D to the body. It is also a champion in the content of vitamin E (aka “beauty vitamin”). When purchasing oil, pay attention to the fat content: it must be at least 82.5%!

“The benefits of butter have been proven for a long time. It should be present in small amounts in everyone’s diet. I recommend alternating its use with the use of vegetable oils. For example, linseed, ”Olga advises.

Ice cream

According to many nutritionists, ice cream is the best dessert. But here we are talking about a real and quality product made from whole milk and cream.

Modern manufacturers have long learned to fraudulently obtain a snow treat by adding refined fats, sugar and dyes to it. It is best to learn how to make ice cream yourself – this way you can be sure of its naturalness and usefulness. This dessert improves motility and intestinal microflora and has a positive effect on the immune system. Vitamin B12, contained in the delicacy, is involved in metabolic and metabolic processes, and in moderate quantities ice cream even contributes to weight loss.

“Most of the ice creams sold in our stores contain trans fats and a lot of sugar. But the homemade delicacy with a high fruit content is an excellent dessert, ”Olga sums up.

Text: Anna Khobotova

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