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How much water should you drink per day for weight loss, or 10 facts about the benefits of water

Water is a source of energy and strength. How much water should you drink per day for weight loss? How does water benefit the body? And what should you pay special attention to when using it. Read all this below.

The benefits of water can hardly be overestimated. On average, each person should consume 1.5-2 liters daily. To accurately calculate how much water you need to drink per day, use the following formula:

  • For men: 35 x body weight
  • For women: 31 x body weight

For example, if you are a girl and your weight is 60 kg, then your daily water intake rate is (60 x 31) = 1860 ml. On the day of training, the figure should be increased by at least 500 ml. The benefits of water during sports are obvious: it helps to restore the body after physical exertion, and also promotes the flow of amino acids into muscle cells and the absorption of proteins.

How much water should you drink per day?

Probably everyone has heard about the huge benefits of water consumption. Let’s take a closer look at the beneficial properties of water and its effect on the body.

10 facts about the benefits of water

  1. Water is a nutrient medium for cells, with its help all chemical processes in our body take place. Blood contains 90% water, brain 85%, muscles 75%, bones 28%.
  2. Water plays a vital role in the weight loss process. If there is not enough of it in the body, then the kidneys cannot function normally. And then the liver comes to their aid, which means its ability to participate in the metabolism of fats is sharply reduced.
  3. With insufficient water intake, the skin, intestines and joints suffer. It is from them that our body takes fluid for the normal functioning of such important organs as the liver, brain, heart and lungs.
  4. Sometimes we mistake the brain’s signal of dehydration for feeling hungry. If you feel like grabbing a bite to eat, drink a glass of water and you’ll almost certainly satisfy your hunger.
  5. Another benefit of water: it is rich in mineral salts. Its composition will differ depending on the region and the rocks through which it passes. Some have more magnesium, others have more sodium and potassium.
  6. Due to insufficient water intake, many diseases develop, because the body itself cannot resist dehydration. It will begin to take water from the cellular and extracellular fluids, and then from the bloodstream.
  7. The water contains 0 calories, so you can drink it without worrying about your figure.
  8. A dehydrated body cannot timely cleanse the organs from harmful substances, and they enter the bloodstream. This instantly affects the condition of the skin, which becomes dry and flabby, begins to peel off, and acne appears on it. By the way, if you care about your health and beauty, then do not forget to monitor your oral hygiene. Quality services for the prevention and treatment of dental diseases are offered here:
  9. Water is a kind of vehicle for the delivery of vitamins and enzymes to all cells of the human body.
  10. It also contributes to normal bowel function. A regular lack of fluid can provoke constipation and digestive problems.
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How much water should you drink per day for weight loss, or 10 facts about the benefits of water

How to force yourself to drink water?

When a person feels thirsty, then this is already a serious call from the body, signaling his dehydration. You shouldn’t bring it to this state. But how can you force yourself to drink water during the day? We recommend that you follow some simple tips:

  1. Start your day with one glass of water. If you like to lie in bed in the morning, put a bottle of water next to your bedside table and drink it immediately after waking up.
  2. Always bring a 1.5L bottle of water to work or school. Keep it always with you, and you will not notice how you empty the container sip after sip.
  3. If you forget about regular fluid intake, download a mobile application to your phone, which will promptly remind you how much water you need to drink per day. For example, Water Balance or Water Your Body.
  4. In the evening, a glass of water saves you from extra portions for dinner. If you want to save yourself from eating at night, quench your thirst in a timely manner. But it is not recommended to drink water right before bedtime: it can overload the kidneys and cause swelling.
  5. Add a few drops of lemon juice to the water to enhance the taste.

After a week, you will not force yourself to drink water – your body will get used to it and itself will remind you of its need.

However, everything must be done wisely. Do not exceed the prescribed amount of water, because its excessive use can also be harmful, namely, put stress on the kidneys and heart.

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Rules for drinking water:

  • Do not drink water with meals: it makes it difficult to digest food. Also, do not drink it less than 20 minutes before meals and within 45 minutes after.
  • On the day of training, increase the water intake by 0.5-1 liters and do not forget to drink it before, during and after classes
  • Consume pure water. Tea, coffee, lemonade, juice do not count!
  • Coffee picks up moisture from the body. For 1 glass of coffee, there should be 2 glasses of water to restore water balance.
  • The ideal drinking water temperature is 20 ° C. This will help increase the calorie expenditure, which is spent on warming the body. However, do not overuse, too cold water can provoke sore throat.
  • It is undesirable to use tap water: it contains bleach and other harmful impurities.

It is very simple to calculate how much water you need per day. There is little to do: start observing it, because the benefits of water for the body are not in doubt.

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