How not to lose weight – Useless diets. All about diets

Many people want to lose weight. Women and men torment themselves with diets, not even suspecting that many of the “miraculous” ways to lose weight are completely useless, and some are simply unhealthy. In this material, we have summarized the information on this score, voiced by various nutritionists.

Kremlin sufferers

The famous “Kremlin” diet once captured the minds of many in our country. Fortunately, now its popularity is not so great. However, it is still “afloat”. After all, you so want to look slim, fit, like some prominent party and government officials or TV stars. The old women on the bench claim that they are all “sitting” on the “Kremlin”. Your close friend, who loves magazines like “Liza”, echoes them. In general, what doubts can there be? “Kremlevka” will help us!

Let’s remind, if someone has forgotten or does not know at all – the so-called “Kremlin diet”, in fact, consists in a complete rejection of carbohydrates. Bread should never be eaten. Forget about fruit! Eating sugar is almost a criminal offense … Greater idiocy is hard to imagine. It turns out that carbohydrates are generally superfluous in our food chain. And those who do not know this are backward people.

But it’s not that simple. Existing experience proves that after “sitting” for some time at the “Kremlin” people finally stop toil themselves and make an appointment with a nutritionist. Because the result of such a diet can be only one – a sharp weight gain after its completion. The fact is that the body will not last long without carbohydrates, so it is impossible to completely abandon them. Many understand this literally: after “serving” the prescribed period on the above-mentioned diet, people begin to eat everything. Naturally, after that, they gain weight dramatically. Some add 10-15 kilograms each, having thrown off only five before that … And it’s still good if you can lose five kilograms. Often, this diet, which is difficult to follow, generally leads to minimal results. Torment turns out to be 10 kilograms, and the scales indicate that you have lost a kilo and one and a half kilos: “this joy with tears in your eyes,” forgive me for not quite appropriate quotation of a beautiful song. In general, one can only believe in the “Kremlin diet”, but faith in this case will not help to advance towards the cherished goal – a slender figure.

The whole truth about diets.Bloody diet

Do not be alarmed – this is not about drinking a glass of chilled Christian baby blood in the morning. This refers to the very popular “blood type” diet. Oh, this is one of the favorite brainchilds of dietetics charlatans! If the “Kremlin” is inherently stupid – do not eat carbohydrates and that’s it, then in this case a whole legend has been invented that justifies and explains everything.

So, there lived our ancestors. At first, according to fans, “bloody”, there were only hunter ancestors. They killed mammoths, prehistoric rabbits, and other meat – and ate. From this (because they were meat eaters) the first blood group “formed” in their veins. That is why, it turns out, all those with the first blood group need to eat more meat.

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Over time, people began to cultivate the land, grow something there, eat more plant foods. This led to the formation of the second blood group. Hurray, comrades! Of course, those who have the second group should eat more of any vegetation.

About dietsIf you have a third blood group, your ancestors were nomads, herders. Did not know? Now, say thank you to the blood type diet, if not for it – they would have lived in ignorance. You should limit your consumption of chicken, duck and, for some reason, pork. Don’t eat tomatoes, pumpkins and olives. Buckwheat is also prohibited. Run away from seafood, as you will see. Where have you seen nomads feasting on shrimp?

People with the fourth group are generally categorized as “Riddle”. At the same time, it is true that they are still given recommendations: what to eat and what not. Finish.

In general, it seems that our readers are educated people and know perfectly well that the numbering of blood groups shows only the sequence in which they were discovered by scientists. Moreover, the reader is undoubtedly aware that it is still not clear which blood group was, for example, Ivan the Terrible or Peter the Great. How then, interestingly, was it established that all ancient meat-eaters had the first blood group? Further a snowball of questions that will remain unanswered can only grow … It is also not explained why, in fact, our metabolism depends on the lifestyle of some very distant ancestors. And in general, no scientific research on this subject (on the connection of blood type with food) has never been carried out. Draw conclusions.

On a dietFlies – separately, cutlets – separately

Another myth, the popularity of which will never come to naught, is the benefits of the so-called “separate nutrition”. The story is the same as with the “bloody diet”. Show me at least one worthy scientific study on this subject, the results of which would prove that, for example, proteins should be eaten separately from carbohydrates. How then to be with products that combine both: milk, bread, peas, beans, most cereals? You can continue the list … In response – silence. Proponents of this method usually mutter something about the “specific effect on metabolic processes in the body” that occurs during “separate feeding”. Well, yes, well, yes: there are more clever words, good and different, and things will definitely go – our people are trusting.

How not to lose weightDiet “by computer”

First, you donate blood for analysis (blood again!). The point is that your blood is mixed with various food extracts. An interaction occurs: the erythrocyte sedimentation rate and some other parameters are taken into account. The data in the appropriate form is entered into the computer. He, allegedly, taking into account the test results, issues the so-called “hemocode”, and to it – a list of products that can be eaten, as well as those that should be abandoned. It’s pretty simple, although not cheap. But on the other hand, modern technology works – certainly there can be no mistake.

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True, the client is usually not informed that the blood does not contain absolutely any substances for which such a detailed analysis and such recommendations could be made. Nutrition, metabolism in different people, any nutritionist will tell you, do not shine with such individuality at all … There is a certain range of diseases in which it is really worth giving up certain foods (with atherosclerosis, animal fats must be excluded, stomach ulcers do not tolerate spicy foods , diabetes – sugar …). However, he (the circle), whatever you say, is still limited. In general and on the whole, people are omnivorous. And that’s okay if you eat everything in moderation.

About dietsBy the way, there is one more point by which the thinking reader will immediately understand everything. The same blood, donated for analysis to different laboratories, offering to “issue an individual hemocode”, for some reason gives different results. Simply put – product lists are very different from each other. You can also check the “hemocoders” in a different way – bring the same blood with an interval of several days. The finale will surprise you – the list of allowed and prohibited foods will also undergo noticeable changes. In general, blessed is he who believes.

Other horrors

Actually, in order to lose weight – which is not invented. Alas, most of these inventions are either not effective at all, or can lead to dire consequences.

What diets can harm your health. Take at least medicines, in other words, “diet pills.” They are sold at any pharmacy. With their help, as a rule, it is really possible to achieve a certain effect – because they most often contain stimulants that suppress appetite, or weak diuretics – they remove “excess” fluid from the body. Or both. However, this effect is always short-lived. The pills have no effect on getting rid of excess fat from the body. As soon as you finish taking them, the weight will go uphill again. It’s good if this “medicine” doesn’t cause side effects (such as increased blood pressure or cerebral hemorrhage, deaths are also known – an interesting side effect, right?). And it is not difficult to get used to it, to become dependent on such drugs. Some of them contain substances that contribute to this. Well, how, dare you?

Alas, pills are just the beginning of the list of “uselessness for weight loss”. Fasting is generally a dangerous undertaking. Of course, sometimes fasting is indicated, but it must be carried out only under the supervision of a doctor. Most of the starving people on their own have no idea that this process initially leads to a decrease in muscle mass. Fats are not “burned” in the first place. And with prolonged fasting, a blow is generally struck on immunity, on the work of some vital internal organs. Moreover, such a blow, the consequences of which may be irreparable.

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The whole truth about dietsEven if you are a trained person with no health problems, it is better to limit yourself to fasting days, and do not starve for a week. However, if you are quite healthy, why “unload” at all, and even more so starve? It’s better to just eat rationally. We have already written about this in one of our materials, here on the Culinary Eden website.

Absolutely crazy crazy – magnetic clips for weight loss. Those people who try to sell them to you usually claim that the action of the product is based on the secrets of Chinese acupuncture (acupuncture). Like, you put a clip on your ear, and there, it turns out, there is a special point that is “responsible” for suppressing hunger and even for the production of hormones necessary for the rapid burning of fat in the body. Eh, downright perfect remedy! Put it on – and you don’t think about anything else. However, do not forget that neither the benefits of acupuncture in general, much less the ability to lose weight with its help, have no scientific justification. Moreover, in the USA not so long ago a study was conducted that proved the complete failure of “clips for weight loss”. Actually, a slight reduction in weight can be achieved, but not by all and not at all thanks to acupuncture. Rather, the placebo effect – self-hypnosis – may or may not work here. This can also include completely useless slimming patches sold without any accompanying documents and quality certificates.

Bad diets and everything according to themAnother fashionable fad of our time is muscle electrical and myostimulants. Of course, they have nothing to do with diets, but they cannot be ignored. In short: no muscle contraction provided by such devices, acting by sending electrical impulses, can lead to weight loss, to the burning of fat in the body! This is an axiom! You should not compare the effect of using such devices with the effect of exercising in the gym. They can maintain the muscles in a “good” condition, they can even improve blood circulation, but they will not in any way affect the division to which the arrow will reach on the scales.

In general, more and more doctors, alas, no longer even nutritionists, note that often the cause of this or that disease is various methods of weight loss that are harmful to the body. It can be an idiotic diet or fasting, uncontrolled and generally unnecessary use of various medications, supposedly promoting weight loss … So before embarking on an epic called “Down with excess weight!” – be sure to consult a nutritionist. In general, a better way than playing sports to keep yourself in good physical shape has not yet been invented. So, if there are no contraindications, combine sports and good nutrition. However, in this case, it is still better to spend a little time on a medical consultation – a nutritionist will tell you how to eat properly, depending on the level of sports activity. Good luck!

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