How to choose PP bars and what’s wrong with them

Dethologist Alla Manaykina – on how to choose PP-bars and are they really as harmless as the manufacturers promise?

Everything, of course, depends on our goals. Do we just want to make our diet healthier, or do we want to lose weight? In the first case, replacing desserts with a huge amount of sugar will definitely be a plus. There are nuances with the second goal. Let’s figure it out.

All such PP snacks are divided into two types: muesli bars, which include oat or corn flakes, dried fruit nuts and flaxseeds (the main component is flax seeds).

Alla Manaykina

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Muesli bars

They are most often problematic – many consider them a good and healthy snack, but this is not always the case. Finding a granola bar with the perfect composition is very difficult. Ideally, it should look like this: whole grain flour, oatmeal, whole grains. If you see premium flour in the composition, then this bar is far from ideal.

Most often, sugar and sweeteners (fructose, glucose, corn syrups) are used in such snacks – this is also not very good.

See what oil is in the bar. It’s great if these are vegetable oils: olive, coconut. If you see hydrogenated vegetable fats, confectionery fat, palm oil, it is better not to buy such a bar.

There should also be no colorants, artificial flavors or flavor enhancers among the components.

Nut-dried fruit bars

These bars can be attributed to healthy lifestyle nutrition. They contain only nuts, dried fruits, seeds, maybe cocoa, chocolate, coconut flakes. Sugar, oils, flour are not in them.

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You can buy:

You can not abuse the bars

No matter how useful the bars may seem to you, I do not recommend eating them (like any other food) in large quantities. An excess of calories in the diet will lead to excess weight. I would like to note that nut bars, in principle, are considered to be quite high-calorie – 200-300 kcal per 100 g. But their weight, as a rule, is less.

Protein bars

Soy protein is most often used for the production of bars – it is considered the cheapest. Ideal if it contains milk or egg protein. The most common problem with these snacks is artificial sweeteners. They are harmful to health and disrupt carbohydrate metabolism. Therefore, be sure to pay attention to sweeteners. Regular sugar will be even healthier than artificial sweetener.

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