How to establish a diet in the fall: features of the right diet

ABOUTthe canopy is already in full swing – there are less and less sunny days, the air is getting colder every day, the first frosts and snow are not far off. In such weather, our immunity is especially weakened, and the body needs more vitamins and nutrients. This means that now is the time to take care of your diet and give up some of your summer habits for next year.

Maintain a nutritional balance

This is especially important in autumn, because constant changes in the weather, when the bright sun can shine today, and a heavy downpour starts tomorrow, significantly affect our immunity. That is why it is important that during this period our body receives a sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals. A well-designed diet will help you survive the off-season without health problems. And if you don’t have time to think about how to balance every day, our Grow Food delivery service has everything thought out in advance – this will save time and help you not to worry about what to cook for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Include vegetables in your diet

How to establish a diet in the fall: features of the right diet

The off-season is the time of the fresh harvest. This means that now is the perfect time to eat more vegetables. They can be eaten raw, baked in the oven, or boiled or stewed. Now is pumpkin season – there are hundreds of delicious and healthy recipes with this ingredient, so don’t be afraid to experiment! Recipes from BeautyHack columnist Lada Shefler can be found here.

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Eat more dairy and fermented milk products

How to establish a diet in the fall: features of the right diet

Dairy and fermented milk products are an excellent option for nutritious, but not too high-calorie food. In order not to miscalculate, give preference to products of medium fat content – include cottage cheese, kefir, yogurt, natural cheeses and yoghurts in the diet. Fermented milk products also help prevent dysbiosis in the intestines, so make it a rule to consume at least one of these foods a day.

Do not overuse fatty foods

How to establish a diet in the fall: features of the right diet

In the fall, I especially want unhealthy foods – cakes with whipped cream or a juicy burger. Indeed, in cold weather, our body begins to store fat during difficult times, so wait a little with high-calorie foods. Instead, look for foods that contain healthy fats. For example, avocados, olive meat, nuts, turkey and white fish. We wrote more about such products here.

Make soups more often

How to establish a diet in the fall: features of the right diet

With the onset of cold weather, soups are becoming more and more relevant. However, I recommend giving preference to vegetable rather than rich soups, since the former have fewer calories. Also add a minimum amount of salt to the soup, because it retains fluid in the body. Add spices, herbs and herbs instead of salt. And also give up fatty additives in the form of sour cream or mayonnaise. By the way, use warm soups, not hot ones, because the body spends more time and energy on digesting warm soup, and you will feel full for much longer.

Observe the diet

How to establish a diet in the fall: features of the right diet

Last but not least, eat fractionally 5-7 times a day. It is very dangerous to stay hungry in autumn, because later you will eat much more than you need, and most likely, these will be more high-calorie foods. Eat full meals at least three times a day. And the other three or four times, opt for healthy snacks, it can be a handful of nuts, an apple, natural yogurt, or a smoothie.

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