How to Gain Mass Fast: 12 Foods That Skinny Needs

TRener of the reality show “Transformation” Yulia Pogotskaya (@julymaevskaya) told at what body mass index you need to gain weight, how to do it right without harming your health, and what foods help you get better, but not lose shape.

Julia Pogotskaya

Personal trainer

“The main indicator of underweight is not clothing size, but body mass index. If it is below 18.5, it’s time to think! From a physiological point of view, being too thin is dangerous for your health. The metabolism and the menstrual cycle are disturbed, memory and sleep deteriorate, hormonal dysfunction is observed. Before you start gaining weight, you need to exclude pathologies and undergo a full examination by a specialist in order to find out the reasons for excessive thinness. Only then can the diet be adjusted! “

Basic rules for gaining mass

How to Gain Mass Fast: 12 Foods That Skinny Needs

– When gaining body weight, the balance of KBZHU must be observed in the same way as when losing weight. The calorie surplus should be about 10-15%.

– You need to gain about 2 kg per month – this rate is considered safe for the body.

– The daily calorie intake for weight gain is calculated individually. For some it is 400 kcal, and for someone – 600. There is no universal figure.

– The result of weight gain must be recorded every week. If it is not there, the calorie intake must be recalculated again.

– The ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates when gaining mass looks like this: carbohydrates – 40-60%, proteins – 25-35%, fats -15-

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– The energy value of the diet should be increased gradually – there should be no sharp jumps. This simple rule will help you avoid gastrointestinal problems.

– When gaining mass, you do not need to eat everything – nutrition should be balanced, and food should be healthy.

– Try to avoid stress and lack of sleep – this can negatively affect the process of gaining mass.

Foods needed for mass gain

Fatty sour cream… Going to the store, walk past the shelves with low-fat products. Your choice is sour cream 26% fat!

Butter… Add it wherever you want: in cereals, soups, or simply spread on bread (whole grain, of course). Just do not forget that the oil contains a lot of fats, the rate of which must be observed.

Nuts… Nuts are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and beneficial lipids, which have a positive effect on the condition of the skin, hair and nails. Be sure to include them in your diet as a complementary meal.

How to Gain Mass Fast: 12 Foods That Skinny Needs

Rice… Rice is considered by many to be a dietary product. But it has nothing to do with this category. Rice contains a lot of starch – I do not recommend getting carried away with it when losing weight. But in the process of gaining body weight, this is an excellent side dish! And don’t forget to add canned corn or green peas to it.

High Glycemic Vegetables… Boiled beets, carrots, potatoes – these vegetables are healthy and promote weight gain. But there is one caveat. They raise blood sugar levels – you need to be careful. Especially for those who suffer from diabetes.

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Chocolate… Cocoa butter is very high in calories – as much as 884 kcal per 100 grams. Choose dark chocolate varieties. And pay attention to the composition. In real chocolate, the cocoa content must be at least 75%. Leave trans fats on the store shelf.

How to Gain Mass Fast: 12 Foods That Skinny Needs

Porridge… Give preference to whole grains – when gaining mass, the diet should be complex carbohydrates.

Smoothie. Did you know that smoothies are very high in calories? If you mix banana, avocado, pear, cashew and raspberry, you get as much as 350 kcal per 100 g! This is a delicious and healthy snack or a breakfast addition – take your pick.

How to Gain Mass Fast: 12 Foods That Skinny Needs

Eggs… For those who want to get better, the norm is 3 eggs a day. Eat with the yolk – this is the most high-calorie part.

Bran bread… A delicious and healthy source of extra calories. It provides the body with useful micro and macro elements and normalizes the digestive tract.

Avocado. Avocado is the most nutritious vegetable in the world. Its energy value is 322 kcal per 100 g. Add it to smoothies and salads, to pasta and rice, or eat it without anything.

How to Gain Mass Fast: 12 Foods That Skinny Needs

Cyr… Dairy products help you gain weight – a fact. But it is better to eat them in the morning to avoid swelling. Cheese is one of my favorite foods. Choose firm varieties with a high percentage of fat. It is a great source of animal protein and beneficial lipids.

  • Chocolate… It is better to choose expensive natural chocolate made from natural cocoa butter. Chocolate foods containing trans fats will only harm your health.
  • Porridge. A real treasure of health! Cooked in milk, they stimulate weight gain. And if you add a slice of butter, you create a truly healthy product for your diet and weight gain.
  • Fruit juice with pulp. By consuming it with meals, you will saturate your body with additional calories. Hard fruits like persimmons, bananas, apricots, and melons can also stimulate weight gain.
  • Season fresh salads with olive or soy oil. The increased content of vitamin E will help you stimulate the metabolic process. In addition, it is not for nothing that these substances are called beauty vitamins.
  • Drink up to 2.5 liters of water per day. Moreover, add to the diet not only mineral water, but also healthy drinks.
  • Stimulate your appetite with fruit or vegetable juice. Many suffer from low acidity, so non-alcoholic beer can also easily cope with this problem.
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