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Increasingly, people are making decisions about fasting. However, everyone’s motivation is different. Someone perceives fasting as an opportunity for spiritual cleansing and rapprochement with God, while someone refers to fasting as an excellent opportunity to get rid of the extra pounds accumulated over the winter. Whatever the motive, every year the number of people observing Great Lent is growing. Of course, from the point of view of the church, fasting for a believer should consist of sincere prayers, good deeds and abstinence in everything, including food, i.e. bodily and spiritual fasting are inextricably linked, and without a spiritual component, restriction in food should be perceived as one of the many diets.

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Although fasting and losing weight are absolutely incomparable concepts, many believers are interested in the question of how to lose weight during fasting. After all, it has long been known that lean food is approved by many nutritionists, who believe that in addition to improving the soul, fasting can help improve physical health. However, during fasting, many are faced with the opposite problem – a set of extra pounds. Why is this happening? We limit ourselves to our favorite treats, we refuse many products and instead of losing weight, we find extra centimeters at the waist! There can be many reasons for gaining weight, so before returning to the topic of how to lose weight in fasting, it is worth paying attention to some of them.

bread with vegetables1. Unbalanced diet. During fasting, the main thing for our body is variety, do not focus all your attention on potatoes and mushrooms, so you will definitely not lose weight. Making the right diet, making it balanced is a rather difficult task, so you should at least try to make your lean menu as varied as possible, make it a rule to eat more vegetables and fruits so that your body does not lack vitamins and nutrients. Then health will be in order, and the question of how to lose weight during fasting will not be so acute.

vegetables in tarekla

2. The risk of overeating. Few people begin to prepare for the fast in advance, more often we find ourselves face to face with an unusual diet. Many are simply lost, not knowing what can be prepared from vegetables alone without adding eggs, meat and dairy products. It seems that there is simply nothing to eat, and after a couple of fresh cucumbers, the stomach starts to rumble in a couple of hours, and we again reach for the refrigerator or start actively snacking on nuts, candied fruits or dried fruits. By the way, constantly eating fruits during the day is also not recommended, you can significantly stretch the stomach, and then, as soon as you return to your normal diet, the extra pounds will not keep you waiting long.

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dried fruits3. Slowdown of metabolism. Some believers, especially those who are fasting for the first time, decide to strictly follow the canon and the strictest rules, according to which food is allowed only once a day, and if this is not a holiday or a day off, then you will have to do without oil. … If you strictly adhere to the canon, then the question of how to lose weight during fasting can not be asked. Such a restriction leads to a slowdown in metabolism, which means that you will gain excess weight from just looking at an extra carrot or apple.

banana porridge

4. A sharp increase in the amount of carbohydrates. We will remove meat, fish, eggs and dairy products, and what will be left? Vegetables, fruits, lean bread, durum wheat pasta and cereals. In their desire to make lean dishes more satisfying, many begin to bake pies from lean dough, eat pasta, eat everything with dryers, halva, nuts and dried fruits. All this leads to an overabundance of carbohydrates, and our thrifty body will not miss the opportunity to turn them into fat and carefully store them on our stomachs, sides and hips.

vegetable soup5. Lack of protein. Everyone who is losing weight has long known that the less protein in the diet, the higher the likelihood of gaining weight. Protein food is essential for our body to speed up the process of burning calories. Of course, many may argue that limiting ourselves in animal protein, we compensate for its lack of plant protein. But here it is worth remembering the point about nutritional balance. Even experienced nutritionists find it difficult to balance the diet and calculate the required amount of, for example, legumes, in order to compensate for the lack of animal protein with their help. Therefore, in order to get rid of thoughts about how to lose weight during fasting, it is worth reviewing your diet and increasing the amount of protein foods.

rice with vegetables

6. Restriction of mobility. The introduction of restrictions on food inevitably leads to a decrease in our activity, and in some cases to a breakdown. And here motivation plays an important role, if fasting for a person is a means of spiritual self-improvement, then it will be much easier to cope with such a state, if fasting is perceived solely as a diet, then get ready for increased irritability, lethargy, and as a result – to decrease activity and increase fat reserves.

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porridge with apples

With so many opportunities to gain weight, how to lose weight in fasting? Despite everything, it is quite possible to lose weight during fasting. Considering all of the above, it turns out that fasting is a completely natural way to put yourself in order and part with the hated folds on your stomach and sides. With the right approach, fasting can become a kind of respite for the body, a time for unloading and cleansing. So, to lose weight while fasting, it is important to follow a few simple rules. Lean recipes will help you with that.

1. A varied menu. Vegetables are not limited to potatoes, cabbage, beets and carrots, and fruits are not limited to apples. On the pages of Culinary Eden, you will find many lean recipes from a variety of vegetables, fruits, cereals and mushrooms. Cook something new every day, this will help not only diversify your diet, but also cheer you up.

the vinaigrette

2. If possible, eliminate “fast” carbohydrates, which quickly create the illusion of satiety, supply the body with a whole load of extra calories, and after 1-2 hours we already feel pretty hungry again. To lose weight during fasting, it is enough to include in your menu “slow” carbohydrates, which will keep you feeling full for a long time and will not overload the body with extra calories. Do not be lazy to cook porridge, cook dishes from vegetables and legumes, and limit your intake of sweets.

vegetables with rice3. Don’t overeat. The call to eat more vegetables and fruits should not be taken literally. This does not mean at all that you can eat them uncontrollably in any form and quantity at any time of the day or night. It is unlikely that your body will pass this test. Vegetables and fruits must be present in the diet, it is they that saturate the body with vitamins and microelements, therefore it is worth eating them in a limited amount fresh and not subject to heat treatment.


4. Try to eat more protein. Focus on legumes, they are great at satisfying hunger and helping the body process the calories they receive, which will undoubtedly help you lose weight during fasting.

5. Reduce the number of snacks. Changing to a new diet can be very difficult. By eliminating animal products and switching to plant foods, many people feel hungry. As a result, we constantly eat something, be it nuts, candied fruits, dried fruits or other seemingly healthy, but very high-calorie foods. It is better to add them to the main course and make it more satisfying and nutritious than to make a huge number of snacks throughout the day.

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stewed potatoes 6. Move more. In order for the carbohydrates that form the basis of our diet during fasting to not have time to turn into fat and firmly settle on our thighs, they need to be converted into energy and expended. It is not necessary to go to the gym, walking for at least an hour a day is enough. Then the question of how to lose weight during fasting will be solved by itself, and you will get a charge of vigor and good mood.


In addition to the basic rules, answering the question of how to lose weight during fasting, you can give some more tips. If you are determined to lose weight, you will have to switch to homemade food, it is not only tastier and healthier, but this way you can control the composition and monitor the balance of your diet. Do not give up soups, they do not take a lot of time to prepare and at the same time combine an impressive list of vegetables and herbs. And the salad during the fast can be not only tasty, but also very satisfying, you just need to add rice, legumes, mushrooms or nuts to it. Cooking homemade food takes time and patience, however, homemade food is our best assistant in the fight against extra pounds. And in the lean table section, you will find many articles that will help you prepare delicious lean dishes quickly and easily.

soup with vegetablesIt can be difficult for many to start a fast, especially if there is no preparation and a sudden change in diet, however, it will be much more difficult to complete it. Along with fasting, the need for food restrictions will end, and it will be very difficult for many to resist and not try all possible treats on the very first day. In order to preserve the result achieved during the fast, and not to gain on the very first day everything that was dropped with such difficulty, you should not eat everything at once, it is better to gradually introduce new foods into the diet. If you decide to lose weight in fasting, do it tasty, healthy and right. Let your weekly menu remain varied and full of vitamins, and keep you feeling well and in good spirits!

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