How to lose weight quickly – Fast diets. Tips on how to lose weight quickly

Have you noticed that lately we are always in a hurry somewhere? The rhythms of modern life do not allow to stand still. Events change one after another, and we strive to do everything in time. In other words, “we are in a hurry to live and in a hurry to feel.” We want everything here and now. We even want to lose weight quickly in an incredibly short time. We start looking for ways and methods and, of course, we come across endless arguments about whether fast weight loss is harmful or not. The versions and arguments on this matter are incredible.

But after all, we need to lose weight quickly, it is very necessary if in the near future the long-awaited summer and vacation looms, a trip to the sea on vacation or another equally important event. How to lose weight quickly and preferably without harm to health? – this issue becomes almost the main one on the agenda. If the goal has been set, then it is time to take decisive action, otherwise the dream may remain a dream. Remember, if excess fat has been accumulating for more than one year, then you will certainly not be able to quickly lose weight and lose weight in a few days without harm to health. That is why, in order to quickly lose weight, you need to act wisely.

Fast dietsThe first thing to do is to consult with a specialist and find out if you have any contraindications for fast weight loss. If you are healthy and can afford it, you need to seriously start choosing a fast diet, choosing the option that suits you. Please be patient while studying all the pros and cons of how you can quickly lose weight, because we are talking about your well-being. For such emergencies, short-term unloading fast diets are suitable. In addition, such diets have a beneficial effect on the body as a whole and at the same time help to lose weight quickly. But first, let’s highlight a few important points that need to be considered when deciding to lose weight quickly:

1. Decide what time of the day it is more convenient for you to eat and stick to this schedule without breaking it. This will relieve you of acute hunger.
2. Drink a glass of warm water half an hour before meals. This will promote fast satiety with the use of a minimum portion of food. Speaking of water, it should be noted that you need to drink 1.5-2 liters per day. A lack of water in the body can lead to a number of troubles, while a sufficient amount of it contributes to the normal metabolism and cleansing the body of toxins. Therefore, in order to lose weight quickly and without harm to your health, drink enough water throughout the day: 1 glass in the morning, immediately after waking up, then – before each meal, and in the evening – before bed.
3. Eat more fiber found in most common vegetables. Eat them more often raw for more benefits. Vegetables are known to promote weight loss and speed up the body’s metabolism.
4. Another important secret of how to lose weight quickly without harming your health is the use of boiled, stewed and steamed food.
5. Exclude from your diet everything fried, salty, smoked, flour, rich, completely give up carbonated drinks.
6. Prepare yourself for fast unloading diets not only physically (for example, by giving up dinner the day before), but also mentally, because these days are not so easy. However, you do not need to tune yourself to this, look at everything that happens positively and slim your health!

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cottage cheese with appleDiet “Four fasting days”

The diet of this diet is strictly regulated and includes only 4 foods and 4 drinks that you can eat and drink as much as you like. There are other restrictions: green tea and apple juice should be drunk without sugar, rice and chicken should be cooked and eaten without salt. Perhaps such a strict diet without salt and sugar will seem tasteless and unbearable to you, but believe me, the newfound feeling of lightness that will give you four days of such a diet will compensate for all your hardships and suffering.

First day: boiled rice, freshly squeezed apple juice.
Second day: boiled chicken fillet, apple juice and green tea.
The third day: low-fat cottage cheese, low-fat kefir.
Fourth day: any kind of low-fat milk cheese, green tea.

Diets, diet foodDiet “Summer”

It is better to use this diet, or rather, most effective in the summer. It is during this time of the year that store counters and markets are teeming with an incredible amount of vegetables and fruits. Therefore, without denying yourself the pleasure, in 4 days for which this diet is designed, you can easily lose 2-3 kg. In addition, the “Summer” diet is also a kind of cleansing diet, as it removes harmful substances and toxins from the body.
1st day You can only eat fruits, drink natural fresh juices.
2nd day Preference is given to herbal teas: chamomile, raspberry, St. John’s wort, blackberry and many others, which are incredible in pharmacies.
3rd day On this day, it is recommended to lean on vegetables, both raw and stewed in their own juice.
4th day. Eat a vegetable broth made from different types of cabbage (cauliflower, broccoli, kohlrabi) with the addition of pepper, onion, parsley, and garlic. Moreover, you can eat as much of such broth for the whole day.

Three-day diet

Remember, 3 days of this diet must be followed by 4 days of normal (moderate) nutrition. The hope that three days of deprivation and restraint will be followed by four “normal” days helps to survive these three days almost painlessly. And due to the balance of products, this diet is tolerated quite easily. Subsequently, after 4 days following the diet, it is important not to break loose, eat wisely, and the body will eventually learn to keep itself in check.

chicken with vegetables

1st day
Breakfast: black coffee or tea without sugar, a slice of bread, 2 tbsp. jam or preserves.
11.00 hours: ½ grapefruit, 75 g of tuna, 1 slice of bread, 4 radishes, 1 cucumber.
Dinner: 100 chicken without skin and fat, 1 stack. green boiled beans, 1 stack. boiled chopped beets, 1 slice of bread. Slice the chicken thinly, add 1 tsp. soy sauce and, stirring constantly, quickly fry in a pan without adding oil.
Dinner: 1 small apple.

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2nd day
Breakfast: black coffee or tea without sugar, an egg in any form, 1 slice of bread.
11.00 hours: 1 banana, 100 g low-fat cottage cheese, 4 radishes, dill, 3 dry biscuits.
Dinner: 100 g ham, 100 g cabbage, ½ stack. chopped carrots, 1 slice of bread.
Dinner: tea, 50 g prunes.

3rd day
Breakfast: black coffee or tea without sugar, 30 g of cheese, 3 dry cookies.
11.00 hours: 1 small apple, 1 boiled egg, 1 fresh or pickled cucumber, 1 slice of bread.
Dinner: 50 g tuna, 100 g boiled beets, 100 cauliflower, 1 slice of bread.
Dinner: half a small melon or apple.

boiled egg coffeeExpress Weekend Diet

It’s no secret that weekends are not unloading days for all of us, but rather stressful ones, these days we strive to eat all the most delicious. The time has finally come to devote the weekend to working on yourself. Start using this diet on Friday, giving up at least starchy foods and sweets that day, then restrictions on food on weekends will not seem too heavy to you.

Breakfast: 1 stack. 2.5% kefir, 1 rye bread sandwich with cheese.
Dinner: vegetable salad with the addition of green peas or canned corn, seasoned with vegetable oil.
Dinner: 150 g of lean (better sea) fish, 1 stack. kefir.

Breakfast: 1 stack. green tea, 2 crackers.
Dinner: 2-3 small potatoes and cabbage salad (fresh or sauerkraut) with corn, seasoned with vegetable oil.
Dinner: 100 g chicken breast, vegetable or fruit salad, 1 egg, 1 stack. kefir.

dill potatoesPotato diet for 3 days (not an option for the weak-willed)

Potatoes, as you know, are good for satisfying even a very strong appetite. This diet will help you lose 500-700 grams per day. These are advantages, but there are also disadvantages – the potato diet does not contain vitamins, therefore, during its use, it is recommended to take vitamins in tablets.

Breakfast: 1 stack. milk.
Dinner: 300 g fresh mashed potatoes in water.
Dinner: potato salad, for which you need 250 g of boiled potatoes, 1 hard-boiled egg, salt, vinegar, vegetable oil and a mixture of ground pepper – to taste.

Is such a strict diet beyond your power? Then try a milder version of the potato diet. Boil 1 kg of jacket potatoes and divide into 5-6 receptions. Eat potatoes without salt, but always with herbs: dill, parsley, green onions, basil. For breakfast, you can eat 1 slice of rye or bran bread with butter, and for lunch add some fresh vegetables to the potatoes: carrots, cabbage, onions, cucumbers, boiled beets, bell peppers, with the exception of tomatoes, eggplants, zucchini. Drink unlimited amounts of warm water, green tea without sugar, weakly brewed herbal infusions.

vegetables with potatoesDiet “Cabbage miracle”

Sauerkraut is the most affordable product in Russia. Sauerkraut contains bacteria that stimulate the digestion process, as well as substances that remove toxins and toxins from the body. Therefore, this diet is very useful and allows you to lose weight by 2 kg in 3 days.

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Breakfast: oatmeal, 250 g of fruit, 1 glass of unsweetened yogurt (or 1 slice of wholemeal bread, a slice of boiled meat, sauerkraut brine).
Dinner: sauerkraut pancakes according to the following recipe: 1 grated potato, 2 tbsp. l. sauerkraut, 1 egg. Sauerkraut salad (or sauerkraut salad with 1 apple and 1 carrot).
Dinner: sauerkraut stewed with fish and beetroot, or sauerkraut soup with 2 potatoes and herbs.
If you feel hungry between meals, eat more cabbage and be sure to drink water.

Egg and honey diet

A person who “sits down” on this diet must first thoroughly weigh everything. Firstly, not everyone likes raw chicken eggs, and even more so in combination with honey. Secondly, eggs for a diet need the freshest, better homemade, purchased from trusted people. These precautions are necessary in order to exclude the possibility of contracting salmonellosis. So think about it. Although on this diet it is possible to lose 2-2.5 kg in 3 days.

fruits with berries

1st day
Breakfast: 2 egg yolks and 1 tsp. Beat honey with a mixer (you get something like a mogul). A cup of tea with lemon or coffee.
Dinner: 90 g low-fat cheese, tea or coffee with 1 tsp. honey.
Dinner: a cup of broth, 1 slice of black bread. Apple, pear or orange.
At night: tea with lemon.

2nd day
Breakfast: egg with honey (mixing mixture), coffee or tea with lemon.
Dinner: egg with honey, 100 g of cottage cheese, tea with lemon or coffee.
Dinner: 150 g fish, fried without fat (on a wire rack), fresh vegetable salad, tea with lemon.

3rd day
Breakfast: egg with honey, apple, tea with lemon.
Dinner: 50 g of cheese, 1 slice of rye bread, 200 g of salad seasoned with lemon.
Dinner: 300 g of boiled vegetables (not starchy), an egg, tea with 1 tsp. honey.
During the diet, it is necessary to eat half a lemon every day in any form: with tea, in the form of juice diluted with water, you can add lemon to the yolk-honey mixture.

tea with lemon and applesDiet for determined women

Any woman who decides to go on a diet can rightfully consider her act a heroic deed. The proposed diet is no exception. It is designed for a week, but you will find a feeling of lightness already on the 4th day. The most important rule is dinner no later than 18.00.
Breakfast: 100 g fat-free cottage cheese with fresh fruit pieces, tea without sugar.
Dinner: lean fish, vegetable salad, for dessert – any fruit.
Dinner: kefir, 1-2 black bread toasts.

In conclusion, I would like to remind everyone who wants to quickly lose weight and lose weight that no diet leaves a trace for the body. That is why all fast diets are designed for no more than 3-5 days, after which a break of at least 2 months is required.

It is said that the end justifies the means. So, in our case, the goal must be real, and the right means are chosen. Only in this case you will be able to lose weight quickly and without harm to your health.

Good luck and great results!

Larisa Shuftaykina

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