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What kind of diets have not been invented by mankind in pursuit of strict canons of beauty! Losing weight women are ready for almost anything: give up bread and butter, sit on buckwheat porridge and unsalted rice for weeks, take miracle pills. In fact, there is only one reliable and effective way to lose weight – spending more calories than you consume. It sounds simple, but it can be difficult to implement this rule: you need to reconsider your views on nutrition, on playing sports and in general, to start a new life. This is where we come to the topic of our article – how to lose weight with tea. KEDEM.RU “Culinary Eden” will tell you why such a simple drink like tea can become our ally in the fight against excess weight, how to choose and brew it, what and when to drink it.

green tea

What tea helps to lose weight

Let’s make a reservation right away – in this article we will talk about the most common traditional Chinese tea – puerh, as well as green, white tea and oolong tea. We will not recommend special slimming teas that are sold in pharmacies and through questionable sites on the Internet. We recommend not to believe loud promises and not to pursue a quick result, but to enjoy life and gradually tidy up your figure while drinking delicious, aromatic and completely natural tea.

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So, what kind of slimming tea will help you lose weight without side effects and with benefits for the body? The answer is obvious – the one that has been drunk in his homeland, in China, for over three thousand years. A small immersion in the history of tea leaves no doubt that pu-erh tea has always been such tea. Since time immemorial, people have collected the leaves of tea trees, processed them in a certain way and pressed them tightly for storage. Until now, nothing has changed in the manufacture of pu-erh tea: the same leaves of tea trees, the same processing and pressing. For a long time, other types of tea simply did not exist, so the main information about the benefits of tea refers to pu-erh, moreover, to sheng pu-erh (green or raw), since shu pu-erh (black or aged) was invented quite recently – in 1972. Sheng pu-erh has been a staple medicine in China. It was used for colds, inflammations, headaches, with its help they treated the stomach, liver, spleen, strengthened memory and cheered up before responsible work. They did not care about losing weight before – there were other problems – however, the property of tea to facilitate digestion and remove toxic substances from the body was noticed for a long time.

Puer tea

Shu pu-erh (black, accelerated fermentation) has the properties of shen, but to a lesser extent, as it goes through more processing stages. It is less active, but due to this, it has a more gentle effect on the stomach and intestines. The taste of shu pu-erh is liked by those who like “regular black tea”. It is good to start your acquaintance with the world of pu’er with it. The main thing is to choose a quality product and brew correctly.

Other types of tea: green, white, oolong and black (or red according to the Chinese classification) are undoubtedly also useful in losing weight, and you do not need to give them up – these are excellent drinks with a bright taste and aroma. But, unfortunately, they are good only fresh, and a year after harvest, and white tea – after a few months, lose most of their properties. Black tea from Indian and Kenyan plantations is roasted and is good only as an accompaniment to pies, you should not expect help in losing weight from it. If you have the opportunity to buy fresh quality tea, your chances of a slim figure increase, but you should not rely on granular, packaged and flavored tea from the store.

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green tea

Puerh properties

Puerh’s ability to lose weight was first scientifically proven by the French organization ARMA. In 1990, a large international study was conducted on obese patients. For 3 months, they drank puer three times a day and eventually lost 4 to 10 kg. Of course, these numbers cannot compare with what many fashionable diets promise, but no side effects were noticed, and the weight of the participants continued to decrease after the experiment, the well-being of many of them improved significantly, they became more active, more confident, stopped eating stress with sweets and gradually developed the habit of eating right.

Emir Korobi, head of the clinical department of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Paris, found out exactly how Pu-erh tea affects the human body. His experiments showed that regular consumption of pu-erh tea lowers the level of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood. The effect of pu-erh tea is comparable to medications for lowering blood cholesterol. The antioxidants, which tea is rich in, reduce the oxidized form of cholesterol – the so-called “bad cholesterol”, which is the cause of vascular damage by cholesterol plaques. The complex of vitamins and microelements that make up the tea accelerates metabolism, improves food absorption, normalizes fat and carbohydrate metabolism, stabilizes blood sugar levels, lowers blood pressure, strengthens muscles and bones, supports thyroid function, and reduces the risk of cancer. Theine (the so-called tea caffeine) activates oxygen metabolism, regulates the circulation of cerebral circulation, increases muscle tone and dilates blood vessels, due to which a person feels vigor, a surge of strength and inspiration. Agree – pleasant bonuses to weight loss.

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How to choose shen pu-erh tea

All of the above applies only to a high quality product. Unfortunately, in the modern Russian tea market there is a lot of puer of dubious quality, which not only will not help you lose weight, but can also harm your health. It takes a lot of effort to find a real – healthy and tasty pu-erh. For example, study the range of the leading tea factories in China and buy only their products. Of course, there is always a chance to buy a fake (yes, tea is counterfeited in China!), But with experience you will learn how to identify a quality product by smell and taste. Good tea has a delicate pleasant aroma with hints of nuts, tree bark, chocolate, coffee, meadow herbs, honey, old books from a wooden cabinet – all have their own associations. If tea smells like mold, soot, fish – this is a reason to be wary. The shape of the pressing is not an indicator of the quality of the tea: any raw material can be pressed into pancakes, mushrooms, briks (bricks), tochi (nests) and minitochi. Remember that many sellers like to talk about the age of pu-erh, but this is not at all an indicator of its quality and any special properties. Everything is determined by the quality of raw materials and storage conditions. As a rule, it is impossible to determine the quality of tea from a photograph on the website.

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How to brew sheng pu-erh

Let’s say you managed to find a real quality sheng pu-erh. What to do next and how to lose weight with it? First of all, start the dishes for brewing it. Ideally, this is a small clay teapot with a volume of 100-200 ml or gaiwan. A French press, and even a mug with a lid will do. The small volume of the container for brewing sheng pu-erh tea is so important because these teas are brewed many times – up to 10, and some successful specimens remain tasty even after 15 brews. You can drink 10 cups of pu-erh tea only if the cups are small – 30-40 ml. Brewing pu-erh less times means transferring the product – the flavoring and aromatic substances will not have time to enter the infusion. Therefore, when sitting down to drink pu-erh, have half an hour of free time in stock. This is not a tea to drink on the run.

tea ceremony

Making pu-erh is easy. Find the softest, tastiest water. Boil, pour into a thermos, heat the teapot and cups. Use an awl to break off some tea from a pancake, brick or tochka and put it in a teapot. Pour hot water over the tea and drain immediately – you do not need to drink the first tea leaves. Pour hot water over the tea again and pour immediately into the cups – you can start drinking tea. Repeat brewing until the flavor remains in the tea. Usually 2-4 infusions are the strongest, then the strength of the tea decreases, and subsequent infusions can be infused longer. Sheng pu-erh should have a mild, slightly astringent taste. Excessive bitterness means too much tea or too long brewing.

The same technology applies to shu pu-erh tea and green and white teas. The only difference is that less hot water is needed for delicate teas, and the first brew of green and white teas does not merge. In addition to brewing, pu-erh can be prepared in the ancient way – boiled in a teapot or in a Turk.

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How to lose weight with tea

Don’t expect an instant effect from pu-erh. Its effect accumulates gradually and only with constant use. Drink properly brewed tea at least once a day, accompany it only with natural sweets: honey, dried fruits and nuts, and gradually you will notice changes in yourself. Firstly, vigor will appear and efficiency will increase, it will be easier for you to do your daily activities, and if earlier you lacked strength and motivation to go in for sports, then after “puerotherapy” they will certainly appear.

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Second, good tea teaches good taste. After a long tea with a fragrant tasty pu-erh, you will hardly want to spoil the experience with mayonnaise salad or butter cake. On a hot summer day, there will be no thought of sweet soda or high-calorie ice cream if you took chilled green tea with you. Many tea lovers admit that they have completely abandoned fast food, convenience foods and store baked goods and started cooking more on their own. An amazing thing is that homemade cakes and meat dishes do not affect the figure in any way, provided that you have daily tea drinking. By the way, pu-erh may well replace alcohol at friendly parties. He reveals the best sides in people, and conversations at tea drinking always turn out to be rich, full of new ideas.

green tea

Thirdly, regular consumption of puerh structures our circadian rhythms, in other words, it sets the biological clock. Good tea and hearty breakfast energize for a long time. Just in time for lunch, an appetite appears, which will be quenched with a hearty snack and a new portion of tea. In this mode, dinner simply cannot be dense – a glass of kefir or vegetables is enough. As a result, we do not go to bed with a full stomach, get enough sleep and wake up ready for a new portion of pu-erh.

Fourth, if you happen to be in trouble in the form of a sudden overeating, do not beat yourself up and do not go on a strict diet, but rather teach yourself to drink good tea. He will fix nutritional gaps and keep you in balance. If you are invited to a barbecue or pilaf, do not refuse the invitation for fear of extra calories. Take with you the brewed pu-erh in a thermos and drink fatty foods.

Fifth, it has been noticed that drinking tea allows you to quit smoking and at the same time not gain weight.

varieties of teaAttention!

Like any effective remedy, tea has its own peculiarities of use, a kind of safety technique. In no case should you drink green tea and pu-erh on an empty stomach. If you are going to have breakfast with pu-erh, then one sandwich is not enough – you need a full breakfast. The active substances of tea stimulate the digestion process, and when there is nothing to digest, unpleasant sensations in the stomach and intestines are possible. Avoiding food in favor of tea will not speed up your weight loss process.

Do not have an evening tea less than 4-5 hours before bed. If you have already committed this rash act, then do not be surprised that you cannot sleep, it is better to find something to do for the next 2-3 hours.

Pregnant women need to drink tea with caution: in small quantities and very weak – they do not need extra tone. It is recommended for nursing mothers to drink tea with milk, which is also not very strong.

With a reasonable approach and without fanaticism, using tea, you can solve several problems at once: lose weight, get rid of bad habits, become more active and more cheerful. Drink only the best tea and be healthy!

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