How to Post: 5 Tips from the BeautyHack Editor

RBeautyHack editor Natalia Kapitsa shared why it is important to include high-protein foods in the diet during fasting, how to avoid skin rashes due to dietary restrictions, and what supplements can help maintain health and wellness.

“Once during a sermon, the priest said:“ The main rule during fasting is not to eat each other. ” Over the past few years, the number of fasting people has increased exponentially. Most regard this period as an opportunity to lose weight and cleanse the body, forgetting about the main component – the spiritual one. For me, fasting is a time to work on myself, my actions and thoughts. During this period, I try to be more attentive to others and their problems. I also limit food. Not to lose weight. Avoiding meat, milk, cheese and other prohibited foods gives you the opportunity to look at many things from a different angle. But I don’t forget about my health either. I carefully select the diet and take supplements that help maintain the body during the period of deficiency of micro- and macroelements. I will share my secrets on how to fast and not harm the body. “

CTip # 1: keep the balance of KBZHU

The most common question for beginners is: “What is there if nothing is impossible?” Worldly fasting (it should be “within the power”) differs from monastic fasting. For the last first three days, they have not eaten anything at all, except bread and water. The church does not require this from people who go to work every day: they are allowed both cereals and vegetable oils. During the period of spiritual “veganism”, many begin to eat only carbohydrates and by the end they gain a lot of weight. Observe the balance of KBZHU! It remains the same as before the post (calculated individually). If you don’t eat fish (I know some people leave fish and seafood in their diets), look for plant-based sources of protein. These can be nuts, chickpeas, wheat products (pates, vegetable “doctor”), lentils, tofu. My main source of protein during fasting is spirulina. The protein concentration in this alga reaches 65%. Buy as a powder and add to cereals, soups and smoothies.

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CTip # 2: take dietary supplements

How to Post: 5 Tips from the BeautyHack Editor

During the fast, fermented milk products containing lactobacilli and positively affecting the microflora are prohibited. This can lead to problems with the intestines and the functioning of the digestive tract: bloating due to the high fiber content in the diet, pain and heaviness. Take medications with bifidobacteria – you will find it at any pharmacy. My choice is “Bifidumbacterin” in the form of a solution. Remember: microflora disturbance is a common cause of facial rashes.

CTip # 3: keep track of your amino acid composition

How to Post: 5 Tips from the BeautyHack Editor

Some essential amino acids are found only in animal products (for example, methionine in red meat). They are not synthesized in the body, but can be found in dietary supplements – ask your pharmacy. The rich amino acid composition of sprouted cereals (oats, barley, rye) – include in the diet!

Tip # 4: don’t eat raw vegetables at night

How to Post: 5 Tips from the BeautyHack Editor

Fasting is a great opportunity to train yourself to eat a lot of vegetables (scientists recommend at least five servings a day, including cooked ones). Do not eat them raw at night. Unprocessed vegetables contain a lot of acids that can lead to bloating. And one more thing: fiber is healthy, but in moderation. Its excess in the diet is the cause of digestive disorders.

CTip # 5: exit the post correctly

How to Post: 5 Tips from the BeautyHack Editor

Gastroenterologists are sounding the alarm: after Easter, the reception departments are overcrowded with people with exacerbations of cholelithiasis, cholecystitis and pancreatitis. The reason is the wrong way out of the post. In no case should you pounce on meat and cakes. Introduce your favorite foods gradually. Start with egg whites – they are digested best, then dairy products and chicken breast, and only then everything else.

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